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  1. HOLY MOSES ! I guess I didnt get the GRAND total of 5 memo , I bought a Niagra and a base cutter late last nite , I thought it was 5 per port I apologize to everyone who helped , And for that you all get a shipwreck .....
  2. So your telling me I cant move between MY nation cities ?? I have less than 5 ships in all ports , I have been able to teleport to all my nation cities just fine until today . And now your telling me we cant cap a AI T-brig on the PvE server , strange ...
  3. HOLY COW ! OK , First of all , I am not MOVING SHIPS , I am moving ME ! second , 3 ships in C-Town , 2 in Brunswick , 2 in All Saints And Hodo , Battle won , zero speed , "X" only appears for a millisecond and I cant get it back , cant inspect contents , CANT CREW CAPTURED SHIP , this is a known bug !
  4. LOL ! Again REAR ADMIRAL here , PvE C-town , Brunswick and All Saints , Started after the 6-8 patch , says I need "more space" also I cant crew a captured ship cuz the "X" never appears after I win !
  5. After the 6-8-17 patch I cant teleport between my own cities , YES I am a RA , I have been playing since July of 16 ! I know the rules !! This is a FATAL BUG FOR ME , Is there a way to get a refund ??
  6. If you really like this game like I do then you will MAKE TIME to play . I play 4-6 hour marathons on the weekends and get stuff done .
  7. Just another thing for Lowlife Gankers to exploit !
  8. Crew Space will become more important with xtra Hamms to combat the big crew losses
  9. Off topic , A bigger warehouse would be nice with the new "Fine" woods and all , I just spent 1,500,000 to expand 8 slots
  10. What will I do with all my Gold Hammocks and Gold Powder Monkeys and Gold Boarding Parties ...... LOL !
  11. This is THE BEST FRICKEN GAME EVER PRODUCED !!!! And it keeps getting better , Awesome job Devs !
  12. I have had 3 bottles since the patch , not much really except for some bermuda cedar .
  13. I am starting to see the fine woods become available around Fla. Except for the bermuda cedar . I have been doing nothing but trying to find fine woods for 4 days its been hard .
  14. Wow ! For me the Gold mods are the easiest to read , I even have trouble with the crossed swords when very far away
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