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  1. I don't mean to sound rude or ungrateful this game has a great concept but it seems that the developers lost touch to what players want. Today as I was doing the event at 67.00 23.00 north of la mona I noticed that a bunch of pirates got the dead-mans chest few Brits got some and few US as well. I find it hard to believe that out of 50 pirates that got the chest only 1 blue print dropped and out of 4 US that got the chest 2 of them had the blue prints. Not only that but as a leader of my own clan on US PVP (COM) most of my guys have quit the game entirely due to the decisions that the developers made. The biggest issue I have is the total lack of communication by the devs to the players. For example when is the outlaw class patch supposed to come? I also personally sent multiple bugs report but the bugs are still in the game. Here is a picture of a bug that we encountered and reported multiple times but nothing was done about it.
  2. What about free towns I have a base in Cabo on the PVE USA will that affect me trying to get my Santi in and out of there?
  3. Hello We have two different clans on two different nationalities. We were talking about having a fleet alliance so we can join the groups together so we can do epic event missions. We are on the US PVE and we are Americans and Great Britain.
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