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  1. Just now, BungeeLemming said:


    (and damm I was a tiny bit too late)

    to my eyes that looks like a ship fresh out of the shipyards. at least a 2nd rate (looks like 98 to me)

    Ofc to celebrate such a massive launch they will flag her like on parade.

    Also as said above you launch a ships hull without masts. Depending on the methods even without full planking. And ofc without any cannons attached.

    Thank you! Thank you very much for your anwser! :D I really wanted to know! :) 

  2. Hii there, I am sorry for robbing your time, yet I have one simple question.

    I saw a drawing of a ship without masts but like 4-5 flags uppon the ship, HUGE flags. The ship was for the rest, completely good and ready to sail. I dont know why they did that, but I am sure one of you know.

    Thanks for your time, have a great day :)



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  3. Just now, ScipioTortuga said:

    hahah thanks, I think I do remember your name from something too, but I guess thats from a long time ago ;) 


    Yes, thats from a long time ago ;p. I do remember fighting besides you.. yet that was years ago ;p. Do you maybe have steam :D? I am trying to locate loads of old friends from years ago in naval action ;p. AdmiraalTromp is among them, he was in the clan DAS. I miss him. My steam is GreatTimo :D Maybe we can add eachother, do you have total war games :D?

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  4. Hey everyone, because of my "problem" (which you may have seen on a topic in 2017) I wassent really myself.. and quite angry... there just hapenned to many things at once. I am sorry for if I have bin a bit rude. But.. for the question: Will there be naval action legends: Singleplayer? Because of the whole cap cirkel and game is over thing, I still love naval action, but I would like to play it in singleplayer. And I see it as this: You play against NPC with NPC and you get gold and xp for fighting and all. Is this already a thing in naval action legends?  Or is it not? And if not.. is there a possibility singleplayer will be a thing?


  5. On 26-11-2017 at 11:12 AM, Quineloe said:

    Are you all chinese people? No, he's talking about you, and you only.

    But hey, let's pile on if you want to make this about the Chinese in general.


    Very easily offended.

    The word "Chinese" is not once written in the first post. Your accusation is unfounded.


    Hey buddy, thanks for standing up for me, as you say: I was only talking about him. I hope I will see you more in the game, people like you are amazing! :) 

  6. On 26-11-2017 at 7:08 AM, AdmiralWang said:

    Hello this is AdmiralWang, I am sorry for bad english.

    I want to say that this person GreatTimo say very bad things about Chinese people.

    Chinese people are good and nice people. I have good friends from game that are round eye people like KingofCrowns who seen this GreatTimo say very bad racist things. He say Chinese peoples stupid and do not know to build boats and call us yellow disease for planet. 

    I want to be friends with all people like all nice people. My friend show me this message board to see GreatTimo say lies from me. He say lies against me and Chinese people. We just laugh at him for being so racist and say he is stupid after he say all this racist things like Chinese people stupid and Europese people superior in colony. 

    I want to be friends and will not let game spoiled by one stupid racist Netherlands people. 

    I want to say I like all most everyone and I will be playing the game for a long time to come. 

    You are telling lies. I have made screenshots about what hapenned. And I never said anything like: yellow disease for planet. Personally, I love chinese people, they are overal hard workers, which I really like, and they are very funny. No hate against Chinese people. Yet you are one hell of an abomination. Once you started running for the cirkel (Which gives no xp) we asked you nicely if you please couldnt because it would make the game end and there would be no fun. Then you started saying mean things like: Haha, you stupid, you round eyes dont know how to build ships. And you said even more insulting matters. I have taken screenshot from this matter and posted it. Multiple people agreed that you were acting like a dick. So dont come with lies saying I was saying mean things to you and that I started, because I didnt. And you saying you like almost everyone, then why were you being so mean to everyone in that very chat? I dont wanna be mean to anyone at all personaly.. but you asked for it. And I wassent even mean. You were just insulting uss and then you say we dont no shit about ships. So i corrected you there. Even more lies: I never said things like: 

    say he is stupid after he say all this racist things like Chinese people stupid and Europese people superior in colony. 

    I want to be friends and will not let game spoiled by one stupid racist Netherlands people. 

    I have NEVER said these things. I have screenshots from what hapenned, and it shows that you were the one being violent. I really wish people like you werent on this planet. Saying bad things about others and spoiling the game, then lying about it. I really wish that everyone jus loved.. that would be amazing. I hope personally I will never see you again. I hope that you see your mistakes by now. And dont ever lie again AdmiralWang, because I am not very violent in that matter. But one day you will lie again like this to people who wont take it as easily as me. And getting hurt I wish to nobody. 

    Have a nice day. 

  7. On 25-11-2017 at 2:24 PM, Banished Privateer said:

    Since we don't have official "report" function in-game yet, I would like to start this topic following @GreatTimo .

    Shagarath player rushed to capture circle while everyone wanted to ignore it. I asked him in chat not to capture it, just fight. He started talking about PB, ganking and that is how the game is supposed to work. He started calling his team idiots and insulting. 4 of us followed him into the circle, he ran away from the circle and his team lost. He was flaming us for a couple of minutes in chat. Very toxic behaviour and no respect. Because of him, his team lost after 5 minutes and we got only 33 exp.


    Hey! Thanks for posting! I am really happy someone is talking about these things. And, for if I have ever bin mean to you, I am sorry if I have bin mean, I cant controll myself once I get angry because of my Dyscalculie. Once there happens too many things at once.. I cant handle it and get angry.. Its like a other person controlls me then. I have no controll over myself then. Yet, I am very happy you told the community about Shagarath. Thanks! I hope I will see you some more in naval action legends soon! :) 

  8. 48 minutes ago, TheHaney said:

    So... in a game designed primarily around killing people, that models some of the most brutal form of ranged combat in history... you're mad because people are mean?

    I am not mad because people are mean. I am mad because this game issent playable wen someone goes first the cirkel in one minute. If this stays.. i pray to god no one will ever buy this game. On steam 66% of the users dont like naval action. That says enough. Mine is till now positive , gotta change that tomorrow.

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