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  1. Just now, BungeeLemming said:


    (and damm I was a tiny bit too late)

    to my eyes that looks like a ship fresh out of the shipyards. at least a 2nd rate (looks like 98 to me)

    Ofc to celebrate such a massive launch they will flag her like on parade.

    Also as said above you launch a ships hull without masts. Depending on the methods even without full planking. And ofc without any cannons attached.

    Thank you! Thank you very much for your anwser! :D I really wanted to know! :) 

  2. Hii there, I am sorry for robbing your time, yet I have one simple question.

    I saw a drawing of a ship without masts but like 4-5 flags uppon the ship, HUGE flags. The ship was for the rest, completely good and ready to sail. I dont know why they did that, but I am sure one of you know.

    Thanks for your time, have a great day :)



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  3. On 26-11-2017 at 11:12 AM, Quineloe said:

    Are you all chinese people? No, he's talking about you, and you only.

    But hey, let's pile on if you want to make this about the Chinese in general.


    Very easily offended.

    The word "Chinese" is not once written in the first post. Your accusation is unfounded.


    Hey buddy, thanks for standing up for me, as you say: I was only talking about him. I hope I will see you more in the game, people like you are amazing! :) 

  4. On 26-11-2017 at 7:08 AM, AdmiralWang said:

    Hello this is AdmiralWang, I am sorry for bad english.

    I want to say that this person GreatTimo say very bad things about Chinese people.

    Chinese people are good and nice people. I have good friends from game that are round eye people like KingofCrowns who seen this GreatTimo say very bad racist things. He say Chinese peoples stupid and do not know to build boats and call us yellow disease for planet. 

    I want to be friends with all people like all nice people. My friend show me this message board to see GreatTimo say lies from me. He say lies against me and Chinese people. We just laugh at him for being so racist and say he is stupid after he say all this racist things like Chinese people stupid and Europese people superior in colony. 

    I want to be friends and will not let game spoiled by one stupid racist Netherlands people. 

    I want to say I like all most everyone and I will be playing the game for a long time to come. 

    You are telling lies. I have made screenshots about what hapenned. And I never said anything like: yellow disease for planet. Personally, I love chinese people, they are overal hard workers, which I really like, and they are very funny. No hate against Chinese people. Yet you are one hell of an abomination. Once you started running for the cirkel (Which gives no xp) we asked you nicely if you please couldnt because it would make the game end and there would be no fun. Then you started saying mean things like: Haha, you stupid, you round eyes dont know how to build ships. And you said even more insulting matters. I have taken screenshot from this matter and posted it. Multiple people agreed that you were acting like a dick. So dont come with lies saying I was saying mean things to you and that I started, because I didnt. And you saying you like almost everyone, then why were you being so mean to everyone in that very chat? I dont wanna be mean to anyone at all personaly.. but you asked for it. And I wassent even mean. You were just insulting uss and then you say we dont no shit about ships. So i corrected you there. Even more lies: I never said things like: 

    say he is stupid after he say all this racist things like Chinese people stupid and Europese people superior in colony. 

    I want to be friends and will not let game spoiled by one stupid racist Netherlands people. 

    I have NEVER said these things. I have screenshots from what hapenned, and it shows that you were the one being violent. I really wish people like you werent on this planet. Saying bad things about others and spoiling the game, then lying about it. I really wish that everyone jus loved.. that would be amazing. I hope personally I will never see you again. I hope that you see your mistakes by now. And dont ever lie again AdmiralWang, because I am not very violent in that matter. But one day you will lie again like this to people who wont take it as easily as me. And getting hurt I wish to nobody. 

    Have a nice day. 

  5. Hey everyone, I have a question about Solo Challenge. I know its solo, which I am very happy with, yet if I go in battle there, will I get xp and gold for fighting? Or is it just a test for the real fights? Where you get no xp or gold? :)

  6. 48 minutes ago, TheHaney said:

    So... in a game designed primarily around killing people, that models some of the most brutal form of ranged combat in history... you're mad because people are mean?

    I am not mad because people are mean. I am mad because this game issent playable wen someone goes first the cirkel in one minute. If this stays.. i pray to god no one will ever buy this game. On steam 66% of the users dont like naval action. That says enough. Mine is till now positive , gotta change that tomorrow.

  7. Ofcourse i do. This world is f*cked. Because of people. Good thing there are nice people out there , I miss those people though. People who understand that people are different. And people who understand that you just cant be mean to people for fun and thinking its just.. funny. Its called: Feeding on the ego. Would people just love more.. and it would be great.

  8. Just now, Cmdr RideZ said:

    What would be the point of having faster ship then?

    In the end you have nothing against circles, but in your opinion rewards are not in balance?

    Having a faster ship would make sure that someone cant put a knife in your back. Yes , the rewards are unbalanced , if you lose you get twice as less then wen you win , i understand some xp has to go away wen you lose , but half of it? or even more? The way to make this dissapear is to make the cirkels dissapear. Whats so great about them anyway?

  9. 1 hour ago, Cmdr RideZ said:

    2 things, circle and wang.

    I really don't understand why you even care about Wang?  They removed "Ignore" from NAL?  If not, then just ignore ffs.  To be great you have to understand different kind of people and cultures or use ignore ;)


    Circle is good.  Why?  Ask from yourself, why you have to sail out?  Why people sail out?  What is so hard that people don't stay in the circle?  Why and how that circle can be so small that people cannot fit in?

    The answer is that they don't understand that those are sailing ships and there is something called wind.  They cannot manage wind, why they just sail downwind.  While they sail continuously downwind -> They naturally in the end are out.

    In a sailing game, basic concept called wind should have it's purpose.  If you don't understand it, you lose.  It is not much to learn so what is the issue?

    You should get more points from circle cap, this is true.

    I am not talkiing about tha cirkel , i am talking about the A or B cirkels. I have bin at a fight , where someone played really good and had 5 kills , he was really happy , then this last player was way faster than him and captured the cirkel , he lost. He got litterly 387 XP. For 5 kills? 5? Thats nothing. Its just so mean to put a knife in someones back like that. 

  10. 59 minutes ago, Lord Bomgordel said:

    Grow up. If that offends you, there is something wrong with you more than there is with him.

    As for the other things you say, I completely agree. But walking away is not the answer. This game is in development, and the devs are doing a better job with each patch. Stay, constructively contribute on the forums.

    So you find it okey that everyone should be mean to eachother? This is the reason why this world will NEVER get good. People find it okey that people are mean to eachother. God , the ego is bigger the love itself. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Peter Goldman said:

    I've seen games in Alpha/Beta Development usually for 2-4 years, sometimes longer. Examples:

    Minecraft, Robocraft (4 years in early access), The Long Dark (still in development, getting close to release), Empyrion Galactic Survival (over 2 years in development, everyone loves the game as early access) and much more examples...

    @Hethwill no one is defending toxic behaviour, what I pointed out is that at this point it should be ignored by following the rule "don't feed trolls". I also pointed out that there is no "report" function yet.

    Yes , there are much examples , but those games were GOOD games wen they were in alpha/beta. I played minecraft in the Alpha/Beta version , it was a good game , didnt find much wrong about it. Ofcourse , i needed to become better , but it was playable , and it was fun to play.. this.. this issent fun.

  12. Just now, Peter Goldman said:

    Someone seems to be pretty salty, maybe wait until release? No offence, but you don't seem to fit for alpha/beta testing. 

    I understand that you say that.. but this game has bin for years and years in beta... how long till full release? I see games that are in beta one month and get millions and millions of players.. why is the difference so big between those games and naval action? Dont get it. Fifa network is giving each year a new version out.. they dont find it hard? How can it be naval action has a hard time improving and other games dont have that problem? I would like to know that?

  13. 1 minute ago, Peter Goldman said:

    Toxic players are in every MMO game. Report button will be added in the future after testing is done and before game release, that's pretty obvious. Circles issue is already known by Devs.

    Yet nothing is done by it? I wouldnt even care if someone ells stole this game and made it better , would just play that game. But its fine. This game wont work out. :)

  14. 1 minute ago, Aegir said:

    Played a few rounds this morning, there's sort of an unspoken agreement (or maybe ignorance :P) that people just don't go for the circle.

    Even so, sure, it's a quick win, but as long as it's contested it seems to allow for a proper fight.

    If you mean that capturing the cirkel in the first minutes , is a proper fight. I can tell you its not , its over in a few minutes.. and you get... what.. 10 xp? Sorry.. not fun. Allthough i do agree on the fact of the unspoken agreement. But there are some people who just wanna be mean to others... like AdmiralWang. Who says everyone is a piece of shit except for chinese.

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