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  1. Thank you! Thank you very much for your anwser! I really wanted to know!
  2. Thank you! Thank you very much!
  3. Hii there, I am sorry for robbing your time, yet I have one simple question. I saw a drawing of a ship without masts but like 4-5 flags uppon the ship, HUGE flags. The ship was for the rest, completely good and ready to sail. I dont know why they did that, but I am sure one of you know. Thanks for your time, have a great day -GreatTimo
  4. Yes, I know that. Yet I want to play NAL singleplayer, because there I cant lose ships. But still thanks for your reply, thanks for your time
  5. Yes, thats from a long time ago ;p. I do remember fighting besides you.. yet that was years ago ;p. Do you maybe have steam :D? I am trying to locate loads of old friends from years ago in naval action ;p. AdmiraalTromp is among them, he was in the clan DAS. I miss him. My steam is GreatTimo Maybe we can add eachother, do you have total war games :D?
  6. Oh, yes, probably thats it ! I dont know why.. I just always remember your name.. once I think about naval action.. I think about these few names.. ScipioTortuga is among them. Such an amazing name!
  7. Thanks buddy! I will ! And... I remember your name.. werent you with me and Dynagrum in the Watergeuzen clan :D?
  8. Hey everyone, because of my "problem" (which you may have seen on a topic in 2017) I wassent really myself.. and quite angry... there just hapenned to many things at once. I am sorry for if I have bin a bit rude. But.. for the question: Will there be naval action legends: Singleplayer? Because of the whole cap cirkel and game is over thing, I still love naval action, but I would like to play it in singleplayer. And I see it as this: You play against NPC with NPC and you get gold and xp for fighting and all. Is this already a thing in naval action legends? Or is it not? And if not.. is there a possibility singleplayer will be a thing?
  9. Haha! Quite funny! Thanks for sharing ! ;p
  10. Hey everyone! Just a quick question: Wen does Excange officially work? (Transferring Silver to gold) Maybe I have missed a post about it, then please send me the link, otherwise.. you know what to do Have a nice day!
  11. Alright, thanks buddy! Just wanted to know
  12. Hey buddy, thanks for standing up for me, as you say: I was only talking about him. I hope I will see you more in the game, people like you are amazing!
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