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  1. Ad hominem attack is now usually understood as a logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself
  2. only 42 port battles ? im somewhere between 200 and 300 with rus alone, i don't even know how many portbattles i have been in all together =) that's what mean with " Chosen your opponents wisely " if you only go after weak opponents its not hard to claim to be the best. the danes have been fighting everyone we dont care how strong they are or how many more players they got and to my knowledge the only campaign where we did not retch our goal was Bermuda. war is not win ratio and its easy to claim your undefeated if you hide every time the going get rough like when the pirate nation got o
  3. nahh not the battle i thinking about. it was right before the wipe but might have been your British clan toxic i just remember you leading it =) i might be wrong but i don't remember Sorry ever winning against the rus/rdnn fleet
  4. maybe you do but most of the people in my clan has work and family's and cant stay up every time some people from another continent want to play, which is why servers is good thing so we don't have to any more
  5. no they stayed up late at night losing out on family and work life because of a video game, how long do you think it would be before they would find another game where they did not have to give up there personal life to play it ?
  6. but you had people in your alliance that could fight for you in that time zone and we did not
  7. sure that why the devs dedicated to spit the servers because it was fair for both sides. US and there alliance had people in all the times zones and we did not, meaning they could attack us when we where asleep and we could not do the same.
  8. as a old diplomat for rdnn i like it more as well, but i just believe there is to much bad blood right now to make the 2 side stay on 1 server if we want it to change. i hope they will merge the servers when they find a solution to the differed problems.
  9. yea but nations can still give away ports and screen to help there unofficial Alliances though ts. if we stay it will the same story again, we tried to make to work with meeting and deals, to find fair solution but in the end it all just words and there no way to force the other side to keep there word on any deal we make
  10. how ? its very clear to me that right now there is no way that denmark can find any common ground with us/dutch/brits with all the hate/accusations i see in global and we are tried of it. i think its best to let the 2 side cool down while the devs focus on making the game better and finding a solution for the night flips/timezones so we all can play together again without getting butt hurt about getting looked out of the game or having to get up in middle of night.
  11. there is to much bad blood between us and i don't think the no allys will change anything tbh. the brits/us/dutch and dk/swe/french/spain will band together and we will be in the same situation as now but unable to help in port battles.
  12. rus and rdnn together can put 1 full fleet out so we could never defend more then 1 port if the other nations judge that we have grown to big just to answer your example. i do thank you for the compliment in thinking that we could rule the the world =)
  13. if everyone just joins pvp eu then you will have your wish =)
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