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  1. Borch

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Yes, we need a lot more perks. Currently we got battle perks and some of them are a must have while others are not used at all. Crafting perks could be renamed as Alt Crafting Perks. We need balance and more variety here, possibly allowing 2 rows of perks to use for players at the same time - crafting and battle.
  2. It was a good idea but dropped too soon and not even adjusted a bit to NA gameplay. Make the mats for said refit drop also from battles happening around the port. Give the opportunity to buy the mats from admiralty for balanced sum of dubloons (not too hard not too easy - although that could be too easy). Besides that give a small chance of a drop regardless where you are and that should fix it. Still crafting at port the easiest way but other players can get it too with a bit of trying (even creating action around port not necesarilly focused on creating PB).
  3. Borch

    Empty sea

    Its the combination indeed. Step 1 - Finnaly the game got content with missions and dubllons needed for further developement but theese changes are more directed towards casual players not centered heavily on PvP. Step 2 - Devs remove all enemy fleets from nation waters and move them towards borders forcing these casuals to play more around PvP hotspots. If they dont have much time they can only do missions not fun in long term. Step 3 - More casual players according to devs need to leave to Peace server if they want to enjoy more PvE part of the game. They either do this or leave the game because on PvE there is no PvP they enjoy from time to time. Step 4 - PvP players do not enjoy increased emphasis on PvE aspect and dubloons influence. Step 5 - PvP players cant find PvP due to more PvE centered crowd leaving to Peace server or the game alltogether. PvP players stop playing. Step 6 - Population drop under the level able to sustain healthy and interesting game for any group of players. Population drops even more. Edit: Forgot to mention one of the most important aspect. Dubloons gain is not consistent so players got days without earning any making them feel like they didnt made any progress during their game. Because of that they dont want to spend dubloons on teleporting between OP's so everything in game takes more time for them, the worst kind of time when they do nothing (sailing cutter to menage their warehouse).
  4. I would say yes but working only with neighbouring provinces.
  5. Borch

    National identity

    Well, ships usable only by 1 nations are bad idea but instead devs could do ship skins they could sell as well. For example skin for Bucantaure imitating: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_Ville_de_Varsovie
  6. Borch

    How can a new player start?

    Then the war server starting experience looks more like you described in this second quote. Lobby based dead games. This is huge mistake.
  7. Borch

    How can a new player start?

    Please read it all together. Is my english that bad?
  8. Borch

    How can a new player start?

    To get what? Enemy Ai only at nation borders? Missions are ok. Every content counts but you need more than only missions.
  9. Borch

    How can a new player start?

    Why then you create first game experience almost the same like all theese lobby based games? Take mission, sail to mission, go back. Wash, rinse, repeat. Lobby without lobby. This kind of first experience is not very interesting. Why not sending some small enemy ships/small fleets 6th/7th rate around capitols to get new players also an experience of hunting in OW instead of brainlessly sailing to missions? This way they can learn to tag, chase with or without wind, fight more than 1 opponent. That would make huge change when it comes to first experience of a new player. And dont worry about your rear admirals sitting in capitol zone clicking attack button. Nobody high rank is going to sit there counting the payout from 6/7th rate ships. Also, if you want really people to have instant action think about giving them an option to free teleport to Bahamas and experience PvP from the very start. Alone. Sending them into clans straight away after start will only teach them how to hide behind mommys skirt. They need to learn how to deal with the game alone before being thrown into team battles.
  10. Borch

    How can a new player start?

    In basic cutter? Which hour in the game was that? I guess you started as US? Where did you go beside Pacific in first hours? When I first started in KPR, Pedro Cay was miles away. In fact I didnt even know I can sail there.
  11. Borch

    How can a new player start?

    Did you explore this gigantic map in basic cutter as your first game experience? Should Frenchies, Dutch even GB's be sailing first to Bahamas to start the game properly?
  12. Borch

    How can a new player start?

    Sail to where? Where to get small ships? Where to learn how to fight in shallows? Bahamas?
  13. You post a video of one of most experienced player in the game suggesting that newbies will be fine since Reverse can do this. I suggest that you ask fresh player to get true feedback about starting phase of the game. Why am I not making sense here? + Why do you question me about something I didnt even mentioned? Where did I said I'm doing something different than Reverse, that I'm playing diferent game or that I'm constantly unhappy? Btw even if I'm unhappy, isnt that early access game? Where else should I be to try to make it better with my feedback if I already paid for it?
  14. @admincould you ask tottaly new NA player to do the same please? Also brutally honest doesnt mean good.
  15. Borch

    Cannot progress on War server

    See, thats the problem for me here. Everything in the game encourage players to join a clan, gather your friends, sail together etc etc. I know that helps a lot in terms of staying in game but it also creates lazy and tottaly unskilled players as soon as they are playing alone. When there is nobody to play with players are just becomming cannon fodder and then venting their frustration on the forum. Gank, hard mode, unable to sail out, port hugging. This all is the result of players scared to sail because of this or that reason, mostly because they are sunk when sailing alone. In turn they become even more scared and pushed towards sailing in groups ending up only playing when they have someone they can group up with. This topic only prooves that devs want to push people even deeper into group play: I'll tell you this. No player will fully enjoy the game as long as he wont learn how to deal with he problems on his own. This is currently one of the bigger problem with progression in NA. Not in terms of rank and wealth but in terms of skill and confidence. As long as this wont be fixed, the game wont be enoyable for most of the players and game will be rated poorly. I know that players will always cry about something and @admindoesnt care about reviews but potentially worst game in company portfolio is no small thing especially when the game had huge potential ruined only by game planning and mechanics. To fix that before players are pushed into groups, they need to learn how to sail alone. Some progression in queued small battles at lowest ranks would be good since we can get anyway M&C rank from tutorial. Small safe "safe" zone wouldnt hurt as well along with 6-7th rate opponent AI ships sailing near starting areas.