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  1. Controling overpopulation wouldn't be needed if NA wouldn't focus so badly on RvR only. Basically everyone want to be in most successfull nation just to be able to craft overpowered ships. If you would provide other means of obtaining bonuses it would be easier for people to stay in their nation. Adding PvP ranks, admiralty achievements and making OW more alive would help with that a lot as well. You have focused too much on group play and neglected almost entirely solo players. In situation like that only 2 scenarios happen almost every time: you're ganked by big group or you gank smaller group. Creating content for players to sail in OW would make PvP more spontaneous and more often as small battle engagements. Sailing would have a lot more sense even in smaller nation as they would have much more targets and the interest in game would stay for longer. You tackle overpopulation in the wrong way.
  2. Can you honestly tell us then why did you rushed release with so many unfinished features and only RvR as significant game content? If you knew that RvR never helped with retention before, why did you release the game where only thing you can do is RvR ( and even that wasn't properly tested after port bonuses introduction ). Why didnt you introduce raids first, PvP ranks, some admiralty achievements etc etc? I'm afraid that those 5000 new players are gone for good now since the game is released already. Btw, can you tell us what size is the team working on NA atm? I mean you guys got serious cash injection after release and DLC's introduction. 6v6 in Potbs is equivalent of your RoE balancer. How can't you see that?
  3. It is not about one or all nations. It is about how the game is (not)working.
  4. Well, if you want to treat it that way then sure. I on my part want only to make sure that when somebody compares NA to other game tittle, the comparision is accurate. In this case I don't think it is. As for your argument, I agree that it takes too much time to PvP and PvE. In fact I have given up on WAR server just before release because I didn't had time to participate in NA's PvP. Simply it takes too much time to do something here. Yet, I accept how this game works regarding time contribution. I understand that if some changes would be made NA wouldn't be NA anymore. I don't want to take that away from people who among all the other games following current trends decided that NA is the one they want to play exactly because it is different. Yet, helping new players survive beginning should be NA's main goal to sustain healthy server population. Is it currently fun for new players? I think dropping players numbers answer that question.
  5. So, no for LoL. Dark Souls sounds painfull indeed. Do you compete against other players there? Can they kill you and take everything from you or just against AI? Do you loose your own stuff as well? How fast you can get back on track after loosing your equipement? Do you have to farm, build, craft to be copetitive in this game? Is this game succesfull?
  6. Never played these. Do they loose everything when defeated?
  7. - expand capitol zone to about 3-4 nearest towns - revert enemy AI changes ( make it more availible around your nations ports ) - introduce pvp ranks where low ranks drop significantly less marks
  8. You're late with the question. You should ask back then.
  9. So, you learned and yet again according to your own words you're trying to implement equal fights (this time across whole OW) and that is a success. The game is getting deserted again so at least you're right with this one. I dont even understand how sailing with 5 friends and having 2mins entry RoE is against group play while 20mins where all your 5 friends wont even get in due to equall BR is a pro. Mind you, even if they all get in and the last one in 18th min of battle, they certainly didnt sail together.
  10. Any negatives you noticed? For example such nuance as dropping population? This is sandbox game. You create something around arena game where vets with gear and skill will always win against newer players because BR is equall. @Wyy is on point with everything in his post. Even single dura with how currently game work is against you and I thought this was a good change as well. Back then we didnt know where you want to take your game. By the way Did you missed all the complaints about loot stealing on Peace server due to RoE?
  11. RoE is a succes but short term one. It does increase no. of PvP encounters. In long term though it is one of the biggest reasons for players loss. We got sandbox game with a hybrid of sandbox and arena RoE. If you're long time in the game you know well how to play to make it 100% arena RoE. This way the game supports vets instead of new players and less skilled players. It should be other way around for the game to keep its playerbase. Another from the devs.
  12. How newbies will be able to survive this if they cant offset skilled players with their numbers at least? 20 mins open is now gone? Better to have this part explained so people wont start making complaints threads.
  13. Just one thing to calrify with this 30 days post. By saying 30 days, you imply that the work is nearly done and even if not within 30 days it will soon be finished. This was not the case. We got the product 4 moths later. If you knew before how much problems implementaion of paints can cause, you shouldnt post that the update will be available within 30 days. The reason for it is that some players could decide to wait for product discount at a later time instead of buying it straight away based on the suggestion given. Nothing against paint DLC. It is hands down the best and most balanced paid content we were given but please keep in mind that we wrok hard for our money as well. Thank you for such paints variety nonetheless.
  14. Can you get rid of "Enemy Player" and allow visible names across nations as well please? Socializing is main PvE content.
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