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  1. Nie ma polskich portow na serwerze PvE (na PvP tez sie zreszta nie zapowiada). Dobra wiadomosc jest taka ze masz dostep do admiralicji w kazdym porcie na serwerze pokojowym co jeszcze niedawno nie bylo mozliwe.
  2. Exactly opposite. We going to have repeat from early access minus the excuse that the game is still in developement and players will come back after release. Once lost players will never come back. They will write reviews too. Speaking from new player perspective - Would you pay 29.99 + 123.02 (DLC's) pounds for that in game experience?
  3. No suprise there. this was highlighted long before release, but you can't blame it on wipe only. It's actually few factors involved: - complete removal of any safe zone around capitols - wipe - tutorial granting M&C rank ( doable in like 1h?) - easy to get DLC ships also perfect for gank and run action (Requin and Herc) Result: rookies mercilessly farmed for marks. To those saying that clans shuld protect rookies: it doesn't work. Clans got their own game usually centered around ports far away from capitol. It was proved long time ago in early access thus this situation was expected. If you think that this kind of gameplay weakens another nations and help you do your happy RvR easier then you're wrong. It hurts whole game including rookie farming players and inbetween because of that, NA will be soon down to 300 players again.
  4. How about legacy server from the start of early access in 1716? Edit: Still no new paints in the DLC. What a shame.
  5. I agree. NA already did what was supposed to do, sponsored other GL games and possibly is going to sponsor a bit longer during release. Main feature of the game RvR is even worse than when NA started on Steam. I dont expect players to stay for long after initial hype. @Inkare there any plans for game developement after release? @Barberouge are features like that still in works or dropped content?
  6. Rightfully so, thing is, you and your 4 followers need to have a hard life knowing that your neighbours got more than you. As for the wipe I dont understand how none of you could see that comming. You have seen that before with rank exp thread, you all should expect that again and announced the same way as before. I dont get why people care so much about exp wipe when the game is being released broken and unfinished? You think that wiping your exp is the biggest offence done to players?
  7. Some of the names and clan names that exist but are not used anymore wont be availible though. Fresh start is a fresh start. Wipe it all clean so people will have easier way to choose a nation at start, instead of being upset because they need DLC to do that to not loose their old char. BTW dont get upset with players being negative over books and knowledge wipe. You should announce that in rank and crafting wipe thread long ago so you would have to listen to people crying only once. Thats again repeating mistakes, not saying simple "sorry" included.
  8. Borch

    important rumor

    We will see.
  9. I meant OW, not battle instance. Edit: Wait you understood me being against dropping cargo? I was talking about the timer you have between dropping one item and being able to drop second one. I think you have to wait 1 min before you'll be able to throw second item overboard. That timer is not needed.
  10. Destroying investments should take time same way as dropping cargo overboard (Btw dropping cargo timer is not needed on Peace server). How does elite NPC's notes work on Peace server considering there is no port bonuses there? Same as War server? PS. When are we going to get long time ago promised new paints for painter DLC? Some people bought this DLC based on that promise.
  11. No, limiting raids to timer window only, limits the action on the server. Ideal way to do it would be lowering the losses of a defending clan the further away from the timer window the raid happens. Like: - raid during the timer 100% losses -2h before or after timer 40% losses -8h before/after 3% losses. Raids is an event to create content on the server and it doesnt matter if it will happen to be PvP or PvE at the end.
  12. Finally, some instant availible action. Absolutely option 2 needs to be implemented for the reasons you mentioned, content for smaller groups but also mechanic that will limit clans from overstretching their empires. Doesnt matter if PvE only (in some cases that will even be better) or PvP it is still good addition. Only, please give participants some rewards for scuccesfull raid that they wont loose straight away in OW after. Sure give defenders chance to get back what they lost but attackers needs to have something to take home even after being sunk later on.
  13. This is a problem even on PvE server.
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