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  1. Please, no seasons. It may work in Diablo III ( but its still questionable - for me it is boring and lazy aproach to generating content) where you dont loose anything but in NA where you actually loosing assets on a daily basis its going to be a pain. Most people would end up never reaching top of their progress as the game is slow pace as well. Wipe at release should be enough, just done properly. That idea could work with RvR progress though. From, time to time reset ports could be refreshing.
  2. That was a fiasco experiment where Bahamas were just a clubbing zone for veteran players. With release and vets keeping all their gear, ranks, ships it would be even worse. That would only work if you would forbid higher rank players to sail there.
  3. Game release (first option) and getting new players into already released game (second option) are two different things. First one means empty stores and some of the people playing with best equipement around that nobody can help you to fight. Second one means stores full of stuff and plenty of people sailing with good equipement sometimes able to help you. First one is total hardcore to start for new players and the second one offers them a bit easier first game experience. It does make a lot of sense actually.
  4. Well, yeah I was just trying to point out that the new content for which we have been waiting for so long is fake as no player will do it. Its there but not efficient at all so could be non existant as well and nobody would even notice. The payaout needs to be balanced better to make it worth the time/risk.
  5. That is the point I was making here @admin. @John Hill Regard and many other new players experience when starting the game will be basically doing repeatedly kill missions. Sail to port, take mission, sail to mission. Nothing else to do. Telling newbies to sail to Bahamas to get some pve fleets is basically kicking them out from the game. Getting there from KPR is a problem but from French or Dutch perspective its a nightmare. No game knowledge, no skill in navigation, currently not even a bit of info in game what to do (only an advice in the forum to go to Bahamas) and add to that the fact that every ship matters is going to simply destroy their first hours game experience, the time that decieds either players gets hooked to the game or not (btw there is a chance that some day Bahamas will be all under 1 nation influence like it happened few times in the past - suggesting Bahamas is not a cure for everything). I would suggest to direct some smaller fleets/more traders deeper into enemy waters. 7th/6th and some smaller 5th rate ships sailing with maybe 3 max would allow new players to have better first hours game experience plus could help to rebuild wealth for players that somehow lost their assets.
  6. When it comes to vets its not only about books but rank, ships allowed to sail, crafting level, reward/dlc ships that vet can get every day and most of all skill and knowledge. Basically new players starting the game just after release are just cannon fodder for older players. Even without books newbies will be dying like flies to vets but with books the problem will be exposed even more in RvR. It will take newbies s**tload of time to become competitive in that aspect of the game.
  7. Kill missions that award 15 ish dubloons close to enemy waters are basically fake content. Not only because its more dangerous to start instance around area that can have enemy players but also because of time lost while sailing/battling the mission. Basicaly you could get a lot more doing something else. Would like see increased rewards for missions that are further away from ports where you get the mission and for the vicinity of enemy ports. Can we get any kind of statistics about how many players is doing missions paying around 15 dubloons near enemy ports?
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    Because no hero can do it all alone
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    10% of frustration, 90% of feedback. There is no further value in the discussion? I think you need to relax a bit away from the forum. This patch is no easy task.
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    I may not agree completely with Liq here but if that post is trolling not feedback in your opinion then you got problem with reality. Plus its not even that offensive like for example comparing players to stranded dogs. On the other hand. the biggest NA community crime. Are you banned yet?
  13. mods rant edited out - Borch philosophical suggestions edited out - Borch
  14. Aha, got it. Completely misunderstood feedback. Work for it you lazy lubber...