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  1. Ohh, give him a break finally.
  2. RNG crafting is 50% of NA's end game content.
  3. Why would you need anything better than oak/oak or whatever else capped or from admiralty if you got perfect spots to do PvP in the form of patrol zones? You get combat marks for sinking and being sunk there which you can in turn sell for reals. Why can't you use capped ships there? It takes minutes really to cap a frigate and you get that bot ship with equipped cannons as well. Actually you could cap yourself players ship in patrol zone if not for the fact that most ships there are DLC's (inconvenient convenience). How come that you are loosing more when being sunk in DLC ship opposite to crafted ship? You point out that time is most important for you but you loose the most time gathering mats to craft that ship. Reals from insurance shouldnt matter that much since you dont buy any admiralty or player ships. Where do you use your best wood DLC or crafted ships then? Why do you care for reals if you are not interested in any other NA part besides PvP? DLC ships are perfectly fit for patrol zones yet they break every other part of NA activity.
  4. Can you look into storms @admin. Looks like on PvE there was a storm from Shroud Cay to Cartagena (Gustavia included) minute ago. That's a bit too much.
  5. Because without AI there is no game. It is very important aspect of the game. AI turns the way it had rudder set when you damaged it. So if it was in the process of turning it will have its rudder stuck at the same position until it goes yellow again.
  6. I dont get it, are you saying that you are only able to play the game with DLC ships? You are PvP'er no? Sure you don't have to participate in eco stuff, you can always buy ships from admiralty, auction from filthy eco players or just cap them in OW, AI or players. What exactly is the way you like to play this game?
  7. It is still about dubloons and rare woods. Basic resources doesnt matter since you made crafting so easy that you dont even need much mats to craft a ship. No carriages anymore, no planks, no tar just some basic resources. That move is making redeemable imported ships even more game breaking. Look at shallows RvR screenshots. Most of ships there are imported Hercules and Requin. Nobody will risk their hard earned crafted vessels that cost them random dropped permits etc when they can just redeem rare wood ship. Shallow water is totally broken due to imported ships. I dont expect anything else with deep water ship added, only with smaller impact as there is no 3rd rate and above DLC (yet). I think that your current game model would do good with our removed long ago feature - multi dura ships. People would be more courageous to sail crafted rare vessels and the impact of loosing them to DLC ship wouldnt be that big. Give crafted ships multi dura back, leave DLC ships with 1 dura only when blue but if redeemed purple or gold give them 2 or 3 durabilities. This way DLC's will still be interesting but people wont be that reckless when sailing their gold DLC ships.
  8. I like it. Had some fights in shallows againts trader snows and brigs with my privateer. Before the patch my privateer was half melted at the point where i was boarding. Now it is easier to stay on AI tail and it doesnt turn so fast to be able to devastate you with 1 broadside. Tried Belle Poule and Diana against 4th rates. Sunk 2x Indefatigable, Agamemnon, Ingermanland. All battles were fun, more interesting than previously. Finally you can stern rake AI and almost all fights ended up with me demasting AI through stern shots. I would say that this new AI resembles fight against human quite nicely (mind you I didn't said its equal to human player). I was using in each fight all carro setup as in PvE that makes more sense (on PvP that wouldnt be such easy choice tho). All of the ships mentioned (besides Ingermanland, which pump couldnt be damaged no matter how many shots I have landed in his stern - all masts were already down btw) were sunk with side structure still at 75% ish and middle bar around 33% due to low crew and damaged pump. Summing up, I like it very much. This is the best AI where player can learn how to stern rake properly and stay on enemy tail which later on can be used in PvP. Things to fix: - AI still shoots bow and stern cannons at crazy angles ( I was side to side with enemy ship and AI was still shooting bow and stern ) - Stern sniping single shots needs to be balanced more (AI needs to miss more) - Lower level AI need to miss much much more if you want to keep your newbies in game - I havent tried 7th rates yet but if AI is using manual sail then it could be good idea to turn it off for non elite future mobs. - Auto boarding pull needs to be changed somhow (at least at low levels)
  9. Here is the example of what we get whenever we ask your mods, peole closest to mentioned by you liaisons. You are maybe talking to them yet they dont know much details about your work and future plans, at least they dont share those with us. That is my experience with people that represent you. How did you assumed that I'm throwing irrelevant info around when it was all done in the context of previously quoted post? Do you state that it is different? Do you state that your mods know your plans and work and they share that with your community? Again, from my experience you only use them as people editing posts on the forum (which is fine if they are ok with that). All I said was that they dont share details about your work. You assumed something and went with full force at me. "Everything" was indeed and exaggeration. Guilty at that. I should say everything that doesnt fit into your game picture. Still, most important topic which was General patch feedback is closed. I would like to talk about dubloons and the need to slightly increase drop rate. I would like to talk about crafting and ask how does it work now. I would like to talk about recent changes done, yet the official thread, main platform you use for feedback for THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME FEATURE CHANGES IS LOCKED. My post could only highlight that and it would have much more value than zero not even mentioning negative value. You want me to post everything in trading feedback or ban me as soon as I start another official feedback thread for spamming and opening the thread that is unwanted?! As for the missing question, it was there. You just ignored it on purpose. I have clearly asked how different are liaisons going to be than what we already had before? How come you came up with assumption that there was no question at all? Just to point at me as a person that needs to be punished for posting something against your opinion? There are examples how something like proposed by you liaisons didnt work in the past. What are you going to change that it is going to work now? Are you going to change your own approach this time? I would also like to thank you for valuating my post. I actually value yours as negative as well. No answer just some accusations to incite more rage. Next time please read carefully.
  10. Why bother, if you're clearly so upset with people feedback? Official patch notes thread is locked. No new thread made. RoE thread locked. DLC ships locked. Why would you need liaisons to pass the information back and forth then? Besides, from what I remember you had plenty of mods in the past that resigned from that position after disagreement with you. You also had a plan of involving mods themselves more into your future plans and such. From what I remember this idea was shortlived and nowdays mods doesn't know more than common players. So, I'm asking again, how is liaisons going to be different from what we already had? With everything locked you may as well just turn the light off. It was actually more than spoiled brat. All started with broken XP promise and while I tottaly agree with full wipe and dont care about that promise, admins choice of words was poor at best. That was wrong on the communication side.
  11. Yeah, a**holes. People should never criticize, even the wrong decisions and let the ship sink so nobody at all can sail it. Shoo, go away boom posters!
  12. I was always thinking that even with all the flaws you mentioned in your posts, its still better to have that kind of communication instead of devs avoiding problems raised by users not answering at all. Yet, looking at the last happenings here on the forum it seems that users nor devs want to listen to other side argument. I would like to point out that cultural differences works both ways, not for readers only and its again double standards issue (did you know that Liq is not a native english speaker?). I myself would like to say that I appreciate all the responses even though I dont like some of them, thing is if you really want to release the game in the spring then it doesn't matter anymore. Whats wrong already happened, you cant turn back the time. People were banned, threads were locked, players will stay angry no matter what. At this point your only response for negativity is your work. Release your DLC's, release your game, don't mind the players. After all at some point game population will reach zero anyway, no? Shut it down.
  13. I agree, whats more ranks offer more benefits to the game. Currently end game is about building ships, so the better ship you get the bigger hit you take when you loose it. In situation where you got bigger purpose than ships like mentioned ranks or achievements etc (with rewards ofc), then it is easier to loose your stuff. People would end up thinking "I lost, but it was worth it as I'm closer to my goal". Auto generated bounties would be nice too. Good for some players e-pen, good for players hunting players. As for alts and abuse - f**ck them. You cant develop good game fully alt proof and the more you try the worse gameplay you create for normally playing people. Create tools to track them, report and be done with it. NA needs some bigger goal than crafting ships and loosing them.
  14. With that no. of cannons what will be the best counterpart to those ships? 46 Hermione - 40 Essex, 48 Endymion? 70 Rattvisan - 64 Agamemnon, 64 Wasa? See you throw that line at me yesterday and the next day you assume that this guy here posted something as a negative feedback. Knowing him he was just really interested like he is historically interested in every other ship in game. Check his posts before assuming s**t. Does that mean that you going to focus on PvE now more? Theres plenty of mechanics from PvP server there that are not working on PvE. Empty.
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