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  1. The future of the game basically boils down to new player retention. The people that are invested in the game with lots of ships and big clans are the ones that will always be here. It's the new player who load up in their cutter, get annihilated and log out that we have to worry about. I've found it extremely difficult to get friends into this game, when you need to invest lots into the game to get anywhere, only to lose all your progress when you get ganked by some wallet warrior in a Requin. Not to mention that this game is not for the solo player, the nature of the RvR requires you to be part of a clan, and for that clan to be an active participant in nation politics. It's good in theory, but unless you're max rank with a clan supporting you with a constant supply of LO/WO 1st rates, you're limited in your enjoyment of the game.
  2. I can't access the ingame chat and i would like to know why i was restricted. Ingame nickname: ''Aaron702"