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  1. Except for one thing, I have always thought you should be able to arm the ship's "en-flute", getting rid of guns would add cargo space for cannon weight, cannon balls, ammo, etc. so that you could have a "pirate galleon" in the old style, lots of cargo space and lots of guns, but all the guns small caliber.
  2. Yuck, I vote no I want to keep all my ships kind of kills the "build cheap ships to learn how to build expensive ships" thing Kind of throws way too many unnecessary hurdles into what for me is a good chunk of the game I want to keep all my ships you keep putting the bar higher and higher, this is my evening and weekend recreation. I do want depth, but I don't want mickey mouse You have a really solid concept coming together, and now you are proposing dramatic changes just before release (in the scheme of things), sounds like a silly move. Right now you should be building on what you have, adding content, sounds (really coming along), working on that finished and polished UI for in port, national/clan BBS, mp3-4 player, better in port trading and socializing set up, fix the rigging on the ships (the futtock shrouds do not attach to the shrouds of the mast on the lower level, they go back to the mast and wrap around cheeks passing through each other), closing all gunports in the OW, closing gunports on the lynx in the BW, maybe adding some separate non-demilitarized merchant schooners and cutters (look through "search for speed under sail" by chappelle please), Shrink the "town" models on the OW by at least half (this is me as yeah I have done a lot of set and stage design), tweaking resourcing, ship stats, AI smugglers (last night was outstanding), and therefore making sure you have a lot of fun for new and older players. Otherwise I think the last patch was really cool but still needs some tweaking.
  3. I think the Devs are doing a great job, I'm just a professional sailor and boat builder and not a pro-gamer, and I only spent three years before the mast of a "Tall Ship", and was only the first mate of a passenger schooner before going into building full time and single handing, so what the hell do I know? I've got a couple of posts up that state my likes and dislikes, but for the most part, as someone who has seen through large projects from design to launch and trials, who draws it, carpenters it, wires it, rigs it, and runs crews who fiberglass or weld it, when I''m not laying on the dolphinite and screwing/lagging/ring-nailing it myself, it takes a lot to pull off a big high quality project that has to sell to a broad range of players, has to run on a broad range of machines, has to deal with idiots who don't wait to find out a few things (we all get that way from time to time), and then what, all you workers want to get paid? I thought you were here for the glory!! So if I had a point, and I just spent a whole day doing all of the above and my feet are wet, it is to say that you all need to back off the negativity stuff, there's folk working here, and if they are kind enough to give us a taste and allow us to comment, let's wait for the final product before calling for the lynch mobs. (on that note, you better forget yesterday mornings rant on lack of smugglers, they showed back up, thanks, lol) I have played a good amount of computer games, and the production values here are really top notch, and as a sailor, this game is a lot of fun when I'm stuck on land, or when I just need to air my brains out. I can't wait for the land in port battles, and I like that I see comments here on the forums turned into real parts of the game. I hacked and game modeled back when we first broke open Fleet Command, I own the software so why not, So I was with the team that got Sonalysts to open the code for us, and these Devs are doing all a gamer could ask. I think the game still needs more content and a lot of tweaking, but that is the point of early access.
  4. I just had a four day gaming blitz, great job on the sounds, I like the "hard a starboard" when I throw the helm to the right, and the occasional seabirds, etc. Lots of sounds, not getting gob-smacked by repetition, perfect.
  5. My peeve is that I just figured out smuggling to get the rare building woods, and now someone has a buy order in in all the ports, so after I sneak all the way past everyone, there is no goods. What's the point? In the real world, whoever makes it to the warehouse with money buys what they want. If I order the lumber and pay for the shipping, and I have, that's one thing, but I do buy lumber from exotic on down all the time, and "Cash is King" which in today's world still means that first come first serve. Before that, and making it more infuriating than gaming, I had 180 lumber in each of five level three lumberyards, 2 oak, Fir, Lignum, Pine, teak, got all Compass wood. When I do get fine oak or pine or fir, its six to nine logs, and it's mostly more compass wood. Not to mention the sealed bottle with the wreck of the "indefatigable", pathetic, if I wanted to have a little silver and copper coins I'd run up the coast. You folk make me do an awful lot of work and deal with a high proportion of "disappointments" for some pretty cheap prizes. Maybe you could be a touch more generous. I like a lot of other aspects of the new economy, money making is good, which does help since I have to do so much more running around, but what happened to all the contraband smugglers in my home waters, all lynx's now, no more brigs and snows. Is this tweaking or part of the hostility mechanics, if the latter, don't be so smart, its a good resource, my other way to get exotic wood frames, and money, and practice, and it keeps the new players busy so they don't get bored. Built my first live Oak/speed connie with prepatch leftovers and scrounged fine live oak, so I can't complain too too much, but I like to see a steady increase in the stocks, so those buy or "put" orders by a few players (like mostly one guy) really sucks. Sailing and racing were built on who can get to market fastest. So; more opportunities to buy small amounts of fine lumbers, or crafting, or captures, etc more contraband smugglers, better fine wood drops please Lot of good and creative work in the last patch and fixes, thanks
  6. I vote not to change anything for now. I'm not in favor of the lobby idea
  7. I played all day and it's working better. More contraband, better drops from smuggler ships (except for the 1500 fish, lol), fine lumbers in stores here and rarely there, better stock, trade thing works for the most part though I'm not sure how often it updates. 1. more fine lumbers and parts should drop from breaking up ships, please 2. would love to see fleet hold capacity so I could run a pair of indiamen and an escort, super for encouraging long range trade 2a, would still love to be able to drive a connie with a pair of indiaman escorts and fleet hold, I mean how is this not a thing? 3. you should also increase the percentage of exotic lumber drops by level of production facility if you have not already (going to test that later) 4. I am beginning to love the current battle pull, surprised another player in our territory and chased him out, he was faster in an lgv to my indiaman, but he had a lot of ships after him for a bit, Still think the patrol fleets are a bit overkill, but I can see the point. 5. now I want unlimited fleet ship slots, two more outposts and three more production slots, ,whistles, scratches a backstay Don't give up the Slots! I want to tinker; more weird upgrade drops, more slots to drop them in, more crafting of upgrades, more trader based upgrades for capacity and discounts. Keep it up
  8. 1. Player crafted ship's have to have better stats or options than gray basic ship's or there is no incentive to start crafting ships 2. More availability of Fine materials, either through better percentage of farming drops, or AI shop restocking, or crafting, or all three. It's a game, not a lifestyle. If I wanted the lifestyle,,, oh yeah. If there were any contraband runners anymore I'd say have them haul fine stuff as well. There is simply not enough money in the game to let me perpetually harvest regular lumber to get fine lumber, and no current incentive to build gray ships with regular lumber (wasting all the other resources). 3. I've always thought that the number of notes should be tied to the size of the vessel. An exceptional frigate should require at least one less note than an exceptional connie. You should tie that to Hit-points in lieu of Displacement figures. 4. More slots not less. Take it from me, customization is not even a word, its a way of life. No boat goes out without all sorts of custom stuff. From crew lockers to deck winches to steering controls to you can just keep going. If you are going to slacken the effect of upgrades then there is no reason not to offer more slots for custom. If you are going to do more with officers then maybe it doesn't matter, but I like to tinker. 5. Persistent National and Clan Bulletin Board System << maybe even for individual ports. For so many reasons 6. # of Nation Players online/ Total # Nation Players Also for so many reasons (unless this becomes an Alt exploit) 7. Plans for sale? Not the whole catalog certainly or at any point, but once and a while? 8. I want more outpost/building/dockage slots, don't know if I deserve them, but I been a good boy (lol) 9. Want my tool tips on the map back. I see a little of where the patch is leading, and after a few days as my small stock of fine Oak grows it's maybe not as bad as all that, but needs a lot of adjusting and adding. The fleets are out of control, although I've triggered some fun blasts and been pulled into a couple of fun blasts, nothing like driving a privateer raiding a brig when an enemy ingermanland turns the corner followed by enough SOL's to replay Trafalgar. Crafting is pretty psychotic at the moment, I'm hauling enough goods around to build a Victory, luckily one of my clan built a test cutter or two to figure things out.
  9. I agree on the last one, there should be a bell or other notification when a text message is sent on a channel you are following, and it should have an on-off button.
  10. A lugger is a completely different vessel from a topsail schooner, and in any case, every vessel that is designed or evolved is built for a purpose. The privateer and lynx were not built for bow guns. Since more boats are being added, maybe some of them will. The rattlesnake has bow guns, and the snow has bow guns. Why don't you build an exceptionally fast one of those and then copper plate and speed trim? Welcome to the world of boat and ship design and building. What would you like the boat to do? But we are in a historical simulation, and the solutions we are presented are the solutions that very able people were able to come up with based on the available materials and skill sets of the Era. Live with it, it's awesome. And within those narrow material limits they were able to do so much. The crew's of the ship's of those days made them work, or they didn't survive to be recorded. Some of the boats taken from Chapman's Mercatoria were essentially the ships captured by the British Navy that the Admiralty thought worthy of measuring and drawing in order to further the science, fast flyers, great sea boats, etc. the ones that make it into the history books are for the most part the successful boats.
  11. I agree, trading parts and other things back and forth with my mates or other simple things sometimes requires me to re-stack everything. I have a way of organizing myself as I'm sure every other player does, so when someone drops a rack of finished materials into my maxed warehouse so another player can have their ship, I would appreciate the items going directly into the stacks i already maintain.
  12. I've had to let a ship go here and there because I failed to make the interception properly in the OW. If we treat the OW and the BW as two different cases then that might be one thing, however, for the sake of not wrecking my immersion, if I pooch it in the OW and fail to set up properly then I am chastised by watching the unarmed lynx disappear. Fair is fair, even the AI has to be given an honorable chance, or the game is not a game. I built an exceptionally fast privateer, but still, just like in real life, preparation and set up are skills. These boats are all too sharp forward to have carriage guns mounted forward. There are games you can play while maneuvering, and the fun of this game is figuring them out.
  13. I went and checked her out for lunch, some of the boys and girls are already doing fleet battles. Thanks! Looks good in the OW, can't wait to take her into action tonight.
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