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  1. *Does a Mission against a Navy Brig while using a Cerberus* *Thinks to self "I got this"* *10 minutes after engaging, my ship is on fire, lost 7 cannons, half hull for left while none for right, and you see me in a corner sucking my thumb and thinking about what i'm doing with my life.* This actually happened btw* Except for the last part of course* Okay, so I get that they wanted to increase AI skill and damage to (Hopefully) get rid of easy gold and exp grinding. But when it comes to fighting a Brig or higher, and they have 99% accuracy, somehow better reload time than you do (talking about fighting the same type of ship you are using), being able to bring my hull down a quarter in 5 hits when it took me 9, them being able to turn on a dime, it just gets so frustrating... And from what I was told by my friends (they are using Cutters, Privateers, and Pickles) they were having the same problem while fighting against the same ships they have. It's becoming a usual for me and few of my experienced friends to keep playing Midshipman, Ensign, and Second LT missions even when we are Post Captains due to all of the problems I described above. I do have however heard that they decreased accuracy for lower level AI's (I hope) What me, my friends, and possibly others in the Naval Action Community is just to add more of a balance to AI's. You don't have to Nerf them till bare bones, but at least decrease the accuracy and turning speed on them. Let's be honest, I don't think a crew of Pirates( that are realistic not that well trained) are able to hit your ship with 99% accuracy. Decrease the accuracy for the pirate AI's (70-80% accuracy) in missions but not in the Open World. Just tweak AI for nations (France, Britain, etc.) enough to keep realism in play ( instead of 99% change to somewhere around 85-90%). I am fine with the turning speed (considering that you can find an easy way to counter it) but the reloading speed is a problem that needs to be fixed. Too many times have me and my friends been caught off guard when the AI are able to reload about 2-4 seconds ahead of us ( fighting against our own type of ships, a Cerberus and a Renomme). This minor annoyance is easily turned into a major problem when you add it in with the 99% accuracy and the current damage done by the AI.
  2. A few things I would like to see would be: 1. Being able to open the map and have a search bar to where a specific port is located. 2. On Conquest Information in the map, being able to click on the port name and the map navigating to it. Example: "Denmark Captured Port Antonio" *Clicks on Port Antonio and map shows where it is* 3. A journal function for those who are in love with Role Play and to keep your self updated. 4. Boarding Animations (Nothing to big) like your men firing muskets, cannons firing, grenades, etc. 5. Open World events (ex. Storms, Famines, Grand Festivals etc.)
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