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  1. Well a few of my guys in my clan just tried to do the PvP zone in La Mona area. They reported back that each time they attacked AI or even a player. Their battle would be in the open world not in the PvP battle with the circle. The PvP area in La Mona used to be 5th rate class. The PvP area now says no limit. So question is to the devs. Is the PvP zone even working at all now? I believe they were in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rates. One clan member was in a Wasa, by himself.
  2. To be clear here. Babble did make a lot of suggestions, and the devs did take notice of his ideas. But Babble left the game do to real world reasons. He his still in my old Clan. But none of them have returned, because of the changes that were made, this last year.
  3. Oh, so it is ok to take advantage of the legacy mechanics, or other exploits we find cause, admin is to busy to get loop holes the first time, and ad more content before fixing the content with current loop hole. So VCO continues to pull this shit, which I believe has been 3 or 4 times in the past. So if they can do it and admin turns a blind eye to this kind of activity. Then I say have at it people. Cause admin apparently does not give a crap about it. If admin is not willing to see the problems they are accepting and creating by this behavior. Then the game is going to be dead on arrival, when released. New people will join for about the first months, then see the the crap being done by us. Because by then we can all pull this shit to. Of course then admin can turn a blind eye to us then as well. But the new people will be pissed at us, with getting away with this. Oh it will happen people believe it. Just look at the track record we have going from the past. The new people will leave the game, but the only ones left in the game are those that need the exploits to make them think they are somehow better than everyone else. So get out there people and exploit the hell out of this game, because we can. Do not worry about admin. VCO has already proven that there is not repercussions in doing this. Just have fun with the exploits and experience doing it. Cause this is the message we are getting from admin. Enjoy people
  4. Don’t you just feel the love there. I guess some people just do not understand, that the game is in early access. Things were going to change. Not always for the best. But that is why we are testing the game. Players forget that is what we signed up for. I understand where they are coming from, but do not agree with threats or forum trolling. Keep your spirits up devs and produce a game that we all will love.
  5. Well, I think this is very good creative idea. Plus I would like to add to it. With the possibility of the new ranks coming. I would suggest that a clan member with the higher ranks be given some of responsibility of managing their ports. So that the clan leader is not overwhelmed, trying to do it all themselves. So there could be some tools in place for the management of the port with the new port perks. There are players among us that they would be very happy in just managing the ports. You could even make a governor rank, for the clan. But glad to see some interaction with ports.
  6. I am in agreement with Sir Texas Sir. If we are going to test these changes. The map needs to be wiped. Stop trying to do a partial wipe. Stop trying to force PVP. Players want to PVP when they feel they stand a chance. The crap your trying to force into the game is just going to have a negative impact. You need to find that balance. Players want to grow into the game. They want to play it their way. I have friends that would play the game. But consider it to be to difficult to learn and wasting their time, when they would wather be playing a game they enjoy. Even my old clan, with hard core PVP players from POTBS have given up on Naval Action. I myself like the difficult style of the game, but I also know it will not stand the test of time. We need the crafters, even if they never PVP. We need all age groups to want to play the game. I think the Devs are still listing to just the few players, that only have their own interests at hart. But I’m glad the Devs are trying new things out. Just not sure about their vision of the game and how it should play like.
  7. Has anyone else had this problem. When adding speed upgrades to you ship in the test server. They do not ably to the stat page at first, then you come back to the stat page, and everything looks right. But when you select that ship as you main ship. The stats change back to not being adjusted correctly. Plus when you leave the port and enter a battle the stats remain in the incorrect state. So when you ship should be going faster, it only goes as fast as the incorrect setting has it. I F11 it during the time it was happening. Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem as well.
  8. To Hornblower: Don't the US have a military alliance with Spain and a good relationship with Russia? Go and cry to them. Who is crying there buddy. It is a simple statement and fact. I love players in other nations who would prefer to take the easy nation to make themselves feel that they are good at the game. Now, do not get me wrong. Because there are very good players in other nations, but they are not the one's attacking on the US coast line. The bad players are the one's looking for the easy kills, or the one's that will not go and find solo fights. If they go by themselves it is to hunt down traders, and run from any serious threats to them. If you think your are a good player. Than I challenge you to join the US, and lets see you in action up there. The US has a problem with new players thinking they are ready to go and fight. In truth through they are not ready, but will not listen to anyone in the US nation. That is why most of the Clans that used to be in the US nation left the US in the first place. Plus those are the Clans, and players that are now engaged with the US currently. So the point is that the US nation has some blame for the current problems it faces. I am in the US nation because it is a challenge, and not an easy nation to play in. To Staun: You were not the only ship we sunk that day. We can not attack player ships period. But that does not mean that we can't be attacked by a player ship. Those that joined against us in the battle we created by attacking AI, payed the price. We were actually training some of our guys that day. And of course anyone in a basic cutter is going to join a battle that they get into with players.
  9. I just wanted to point out that, with the circle moved to the defender. It would be hard to know if the attacker is out of the circle, when trying to not be tagged by the attacker. I like the double circle idea, and it is good that we are trying to get a good balance that would work for good battles. That allows tactics for both the attacker and defender. I would like to see the screeners be a big part of the PBs, and be rewarded for their part. Almost all of the PB is getting the right ships in the PB with the full 25 members in place. If the screeners can disrupt this, then the this causes confusion within the PB group, and they may only get what ships they can in the PB. I like that the dev's and players all are trying work this out. Most battle plans never work as intended. So you need to be able to work with the current PB being played and overcome any problems that disrupts your battle plan. If we just have the same PBs with the same ships all the time. Then it will get predictable. At that point it will just be a arena battle. I say keep working the issues as they come. With changes comes more issues or unforeseen problems. I know that not everyone is going to like changes, but if we can get the PBs fun for all of the players that play in the PBs. Even if they lost the PBs, that is the sign we are doing something right. If you lost the battle and you still had fun doing it. Then I say that is win for everyone in the game.
  10. I sailed through the Bahamas looking for ship building material mainly. Gold ingots and Silver ingots is what I was after. I found out that there was nothing to be of use for building ships. The cost and sailing time made it, not cost effective in getting resources. But that being said if you want the hard to get material for ship building. Then you are forced to take what you can get, and go to these places in enemy territory. The thing that I saw is that if the players are not producing these materials for the market then there is none. The ports them self's are not making the items needed for ship building. I see the trade goods, but they weigh so much that you need a big trade ship with an escort to make the trip safe and worth it. Now I am sure that there are areas that can be used with no danger in the area because it is so far away from the player base. But again if the players are not making the material needed for ship building and putting on the market, then there is no material to be had by anyone, not making it, themselves. Right now all players are just building for their clan or for them self's. Then there is the need of making money to cover the cost of getting everything needed to just make a ship. So you need lots of friends to help in the production of ship building, plain and simple. But your point being that the ports are not making material is right. Not sure if this is intended by the Devs, which if it is, people will get frustrated and not want to be forced in hunting down the stuff they need. In order for it to work we need a bigger player base, to meet the market needs of the game. Not sure what the answer is to help with the small player base that we have in the servers. Right now just keep looking out for the hard to get material, like gold ingots and silver ingots, If you do not control the ports that produce these items. Cause the players are going to hold on to them.
  11. Well I have been with the game since the Dev's first asked us, if we would be interested this in type of game. Plus I do not say much in the forums. Now I read the forums and listen to a lot of people's ideas on how the game should be. Some were great ideas, but was not possible in some cases. I can say that the Devs tried most of them for good or bad. Now I'm actually excited with the direction they are going in. I like the changes that they are going to test out. I agree with them that trying to make the game balance between the too player styles of play is not working. I'm for one tired of the players that have to win in the PB battles and in the xp leveling of their character no matter what it takes. Using alts, and abusing game mechanics to get that I'm a winner feeling to make themselves feel I'm important instant gratification. Or they need the quick win in a very short timed battle. The Devs are going to stick with the goals that was said when I first started. A lot of you have no idea the amount of changes that has been done, from the start. I will always listen to another players point of view, but may not always agree with it. But a few players that joined the early access have lost sight, that this is testing and changes are going to happen. Then again there is the few players who cry the most and again must find anyway to win in every part of the game, or the game is just now no good, because they can't. Which just shows their lack in skill. They know who they are but will never admit it. I like the Dev's and support their new decision to say, we are not going to try a balance between too play styles that is not working. If the changes are not what you like and can not live with them. Then leave. This is not a game for everyone. If you change your mind and would like to try it again when its done. Then I say welcome back. Testing the game may not be for you. Stick to what you set out to do Devs, and the hell with those that can't live with it.
  12. I like the concept, and the idea of this. But what about the AI fleets that are sometimes pulled into the screening battle. Plus would the forts and towers play apart as well. They have been useful in catching a few attackers not accounting for them in the past PBs. Would they take some of the kills away from the players. Which I believe to be fine, if such the case. This would be a good way to encourage more players to take part in the screening fleets. Also to be considered, if we add to much reward for this do we hurt the econ for the OW. If I show up and get a nice new ship for a couple of kills then I may not ever need to buy one. Now I do not believe that this would be the case, unless you have a very good player group that does not lose. Which is a possibility. Just some things to think about, and work out. Now is there a time frame that this might be released for testing.
  13. One of the games that I had a lot of fun with is Port Royale, 2, and 3. these games have some features that would be a great addition to this game. I would like to see us being able to pull into a home port, and then being able to pick officers to add to my crew. With different abilities that could be added to the ship's abilities. We are seeing some of that now. But I would like to see a picture of the character and not just a name. We will lose our officers in battle, and would like to make it feel like a loss by having an officer being able to learn more abilities. I believe we have something now in place. Which is good, but it is only one officer at the moment. it would be nice to feel some kind of attachment to the crew and we would make fighting decision based on whether we want to risk our ship and crew. There is a feature in the Port Royale games that is very addicting to play, and a lot of fun. They have a tavern in the port that you can gamble some of your money for a chance of getting more money. I would like to have the Dev's look at this feature, for themselves, to see if they could come up with something like this or see if this would be a good fit with Naval Action. It would add some depth to a already great game. Just an idea to discuss with everyone.
  14. Sounds good, Could we get some more detail on the PVP events. Is it going to be where we enter as a group and fight it out or is it going to be more of a one on one fight. I like the idea of a true one on one fight, cause I for see a lot of ganging with a group looking to kill any easy kill they can find. Then having a leaderboard is fine, but I worry about the people that have to win no matter what and will use cheats or create cheats in order to be on top of the leader board. Now we are a small group and policing this would be easy for us to see those that use a cheat of some sort. That being said as the community grows, the more difficult it would be to see those that just have to use a cheat to be competitive. I would like the Dev's to keep this in mind, when testing these changes. It is also the community as a whole that needs to help the Dev's out in testing these changes so we all win with a game that we all could be proud of. If players have a lot of ships sitting around like myself have. Now is the time to put them to the test and use them up whether you win or lose them. No use in trying to hold onto them with a wipe in the future. (I would like the ability to challenge a Captain on the OW to a one on one fight if that is a possibility the Dev's could try out before the release of the game). Just an idea. Do not get me wrong cause I do like the group battles as well. They have been fun when you have to make adjustments to changing conditions in the battle. I also just would like to say thanks for the Dev's hard work.
  15. Critical bug with disconnects of players attacking on borders of capital protection waters fixed Just wanted say thanks for the fix. I had this happen to me this last weekend and forgot to F11 it. My target just made it to the protection zone at the last second, and then I had the screen freeze up for a short time, When the game reset, I then found my ship just out side of the protection zone. Seeing another target I did not think of reporting it at the time, but was able to catch the new target heading away from the protection zone without any issues. Glad someone did F11 it, and now it is fixed. I would say good response time in getting these bug fixes taken care of. Thanks Dev's for work you put into this game. I still remember when the Dev's just asked if the steam community would be interested in this type of game. I am glad they took up the challenge of making Naval Action. Keep up the good work.
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