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  1. Here is a question to you Admin from a leader. With what people do I train and unite. You simply just do not get it. I have no players left to train or recruit. The grind alone kills any attempt at training. There is simply no drive or willing to motivate these players into doing anything at this point. The point is they left the game. So where are the new players to replace them. You have no answer for this, just like I have answers for this. I am not here to say I am right or you wrong. But I do say this the strongest nation may have won. In the end though we all lose from this so called sand box.
  2. Yes you right to a point. Those 4 players can sail up to 2nd rates at least. But only need a player with the hdf to disrupt the battle. Most players that are on now, are not that leveled up. So they will feel left out of helping their nation. We need a way for them to be included in helping the nation. Right now with the changes they are setup to not be apart of rvr in the game. Plus by the time they level up the nation will most likely be dead by then as well.
  3. Well your right, in that we most likely not solo in the port battle. Although I seemed to recall a lot of empty port battles with one clan taking over the port from another. But I’m using our current state in which some nation are lucky enough to even have 12 players on at all. This only benefits the big nations that have the players to actively hit the hdf’s. Care to guess which nations are going to be hit. So most players are solo not by choice. But because their is not enough in the nation to do a damn thing about it. So in doing this change which I understand the Devs idea behind it. They are not fixing the larger issue at hand. The large nations will take what they want, if they haven’t already and set there doing nothing more. Anyone nation or nations trying to work together they threaten to single them out. It is painfully obvious that if a nation does not have numbers to attack the hdf’s. They do not have the numbers for a port battle in the first place. Remember you are not just attacking the hdf’s by themselves. Now comes the hdf griefing, where you only need a few to join the battle against the attackers. Unless of course you send a big enough force that it would not matter. The Devs just traded one problem for another. So again good luck with this plan.
  4. Hey admin. I know most of us know this but you might want to be a little more clear on players needing to take the mission first. Before they set the flag. I did this because my missions was full and needed to finish one of them first, and was not wanting to get rid of the others. Cause as of now you can set the flag without the mission. Which becomes a waste of time. I know we are testing this. But would be pain if this was to happen next week. Unless this is just for the test reward. Thanks.
  5. Well Devs, I believe that this event went way better than the last event. Still could be better though, with some nations still way out of area of the event zones. Not really worth it for them to try and participate in the event. So maybe for the next event the Devs and player’s could work on improving the event. Thanks for heads up on server issues.
  6. The only thing the Devs need to be doing, is to work on getting the population back up. Anything they are playing with in the game that is not working towards that end is fricken waste of their and our time. Devs it not easy to balance this type of game play. I understand that. But you keep dicking around in a lost cause. Give people that like to craft what they like to do. It keeps them happy. The biggest problem I see with the direction the Devs have been focused on has been group play. Will here is a simple fact and a reality check. If you do not have the people to group up with. That becomes a pointless feature in the game. Most of players that are left are solo players. When we get a good population up and running then bring back the group features of the game. I am one of the few players that made the Devs change the game. Without saying anything to them. I had a lot of players say it for me. I am the very person that brought the basic cutter into play. When they first put in the PvP zones. I was the one who used the basic cutter to sink many ships in the PvP zone. The players I sank complained right off the bat. The first thing the Devs changed was the combat marks reward. It was giving to much. Even with the change. I was still making a lot of combat marks. Plus getting more PvP kills. Then the Devs added the kill ring. Which helped me even more in PvP zone, because they could not run from me. I even warned players to not try me. Some players would either just run out into the kill ring and die. Or just surrender. I then showed others how to do what I was doing with the basic cutter and they would continue to show their friends what they had learned from me. Till it got pretty big. That the Devs had no choice but to change the basic cutter. Which they did at the release of the game. They took the 6 pounders off the basic cutter. Then put the 4 pounders on that you see now. I believe it was a very good change and believe the Devs made the right choice in doing so. I had my fun with the basic cutter, but it needed to be changed. We as players that like the game need to change as well. Players need to see past their play style and be open to other players style of play. We really need to find a end game, to the map for the rvr. So that there is a fresh start. That is the only true way to keep people interested in the game. Some how we need to have a map wipe that allows us to keep our ships and stuff that we collected. I made the Devs change the game and for the better. Question is can you the players now playing the game, make them change it for the better.
  7. I am glad that the Victory is a success for you guys, But this is a one side view on what is really happening in the game. You drove off the crafting players out of the game cause you listened to only half your player base. The ones that cried the most about pvp and how their play style needs to be the focus of the game. Even now in this forum they are complaining about how it is going take more pve content to get to do the pvp in the port battles. Which I think is a good thing, cause it was way to easy to flip and hold ports. That is what they really want. Because they need that fast fix to stroke their ego, and say I'm the best player in the game. It is what they say to themselves at least. These are the players that have to win every time. Hence why they all go to the bigger nations. That fact is the Devs made bad choices in this game. You may have won a victory in this battle with the Victory DLC. But you are so losing the war Devs. You spent a lot of time trying to dig yourself out of this hole that you have created. That I believe there is no long term improving this game. Your going to milk it for all that you can, then dumb it for another game being developed. Look the Devs are very good with the physics and ship modeling. I love the game, but it has gotten out of hand. The RVR is dead. The map is stalled. There is no real incentive to do anything on the map cause most of the player base has left the game that would go out looking to capture a port. Why cause any move they try, they quickly lose players after a few days of fighting it out with the bigger nations who have people who can be replaced or step in. Look Devs games that become great are the ones that gives everyone their play style and none of their play style. The Devs are very good in what they know. But lets face it you guys suck in creating a balanced game. The community told you numerous times that the map needs to be reset, at the very least once a year. New people leave the game before even giving it a chance because they take one look at the map and say I guess I chose the wrong nation to be in. They do not know about being able to switch nations right from the start. So they may play some but in the end when the small nations have no one their to help them, they simply leave the game. I know me saying this is not going to change a thing. So to the Devs enjoy them money while it lasts, cause you my friend are losing this war.
  8. Oh please tell me admin, your not going to do the odd ball gun drop, we are getting now with the elite AI. That would be a complete BS move on your part. Most players are sick of this crap rewards that are being given in the gold chests and bottles. Myself included. If your going to have the guns drop. At least give a complete decks worth. A top deck, middle deck, and bottom deck. The Flags was both fun and a problem. Be sure to address the problems before just jumping back into it. Oh we do know that you do adjust the rewards of the chest drops without any notice of doing so. So admin your fricken way off the mark with current setting. I have multiple chest and bottles just sitting because the rewards are crap and not worth spending them. Get your shit together admin. Thanks.
  9. To give you an example. I was hit by to Russian players waiting for players that have a ship in their fleet in the event zone. They know that the player is damaged and low on repairs. Now these 2 Russians had the very best ships with seasoned woods, and the best port bonuses. They know that most players do not have ships with seasoned wood on there ship. They were not there to participate in the event. They were there to take advantage of the event. To get easy kills. The Devs could give a rats ass to what we think. They got what they wanted and it is going to go down in flames in the long run. The Devs support this play style if you will.
  10. N Nope the Devs got what they wanted. Players drawn to the slaughter. So the big nations gang up on the solo players. The event is a waste of time. With the exception that big nations with the player numbers. Who wait until the player Who just finished a long battle, damaged, and low on repairs. Only to be met with a group to then be killed by. It makes for the easiest kill. Great job Devs way to make the game fun. Can not wait until the next BS you cook up next time.
  11. Nope read the Devs post at the beginning. It will not drop a note. You have to Cap the Admiraal de Ruyter. Just Sinking it would have been a lot easier.
  12. Well after capturing 2 Admiral de Ruyters and a Santa Cecilia. Only one ship was worth keeping. The ship quality that the ships become are very poor if not shameful. They are in no way the ship I faced in the battle. If I am going to attack an elite ship and beat it in battle. Then I want that ship as my prize. What they have here is a joke. If you are not getting a ship note for these ships. Do not waste your time on the Ruyter. You may get lucky with a decent build. But not worth the risk of a good ship. I like the concept of the event and would like to see the Devs improve on it. Unless your a die hard fan of the Admiral de Ruyter it is just not worth the time or risk. Only to have the ship take up space in your ship yard. Most of the ships I have seen where no better than the crappy AI ships that you capture in the open world. They had no port bonuses, base woods one did have a season wood but the build was Shappy and had to be discarded. Come on Devs you can do better than this.
  13. Says the guys who most likely joined the Russians. Like most of population that would not fight them. Then when they are on the biggest nation. They seemed to find their balls.
  14. Your name says it all. Most likely the the reason you didn’t get it. Or if you ever will. Just stating the obvious.
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