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  1. The only thing the Devs need to be doing, is to work on getting the population back up. Anything they are playing with in the game that is not working towards that end is fricken waste of their and our time. Devs it not easy to balance this type of game play. I understand that. But you keep dicking around in a lost cause. Give people that like to craft what they like to do. It keeps them happy. The biggest problem I see with the direction the Devs have been focused on has been group play. Will here is a simple fact and a reality check. If you do not have the people to group up with. That bec
  2. Your name says it all. Most likely the the reason you didn’t get it. Or if you ever will. Just stating the obvious.
  3. Yep I had the same thing happen to me on Sunday. The sails would not move. I tried to play with it, cause the battle was pretty much over. It was fine for the first part of the battle. Then for no reason the sails locked up in a bad position. Luckily this happened when the battle was in hand. I reported this just before leaving the battle. You can see that I have the sails in auto, but the sails are in a position that would have never been with it being in auto.
  4. To be clear here. Babble did make a lot of suggestions, and the devs did take notice of his ideas. But Babble left the game do to real world reasons. He his still in my old Clan. But none of them have returned, because of the changes that were made, this last year.
  5. Don’t you just feel the love there. I guess some people just do not understand, that the game is in early access. Things were going to change. Not always for the best. But that is why we are testing the game. Players forget that is what we signed up for. I understand where they are coming from, but do not agree with threats or forum trolling. Keep your spirits up devs and produce a game that we all will love.
  6. Well, I think this is very good creative idea. Plus I would like to add to it. With the possibility of the new ranks coming. I would suggest that a clan member with the higher ranks be given some of responsibility of managing their ports. So that the clan leader is not overwhelmed, trying to do it all themselves. So there could be some tools in place for the management of the port with the new port perks. There are players among us that they would be very happy in just managing the ports. You could even make a governor rank, for the clan. But glad to see some interaction with ports.
  7. To Hornblower: Don't the US have a military alliance with Spain and a good relationship with Russia? Go and cry to them. Who is crying there buddy. It is a simple statement and fact. I love players in other nations who would prefer to take the easy nation to make themselves feel that they are good at the game. Now, do not get me wrong. Because there are very good players in other nations, but they are not the one's attacking on the US coast line. The bad players are the one's looking for the easy kills, or the one's that will not go and find solo fights. If
  8. Well I have been with the game since the Dev's first asked us, if we would be interested this in type of game. Plus I do not say much in the forums. Now I read the forums and listen to a lot of people's ideas on how the game should be. Some were great ideas, but was not possible in some cases. I can say that the Devs tried most of them for good or bad. Now I'm actually excited with the direction they are going in. I like the changes that they are going to test out. I agree with them that trying to make the game balance between the too player styles of play is not working. I'm for one tire
  9. I like the concept, and the idea of this. But what about the AI fleets that are sometimes pulled into the screening battle. Plus would the forts and towers play apart as well. They have been useful in catching a few attackers not accounting for them in the past PBs. Would they take some of the kills away from the players. Which I believe to be fine, if such the case. This would be a good way to encourage more players to take part in the screening fleets. Also to be considered, if we add to much reward for this do we hurt the econ for the OW. If I show up and get a nice new ship for a couple of
  10. One of the games that I had a lot of fun with is Port Royale, 2, and 3. these games have some features that would be a great addition to this game. I would like to see us being able to pull into a home port, and then being able to pick officers to add to my crew. With different abilities that could be added to the ship's abilities. We are seeing some of that now. But I would like to see a picture of the character and not just a name. We will lose our officers in battle, and would like to make it feel like a loss by having an officer being able to learn more abilities. I believe we have somethi
  11. Sounds good, Could we get some more detail on the PVP events. Is it going to be where we enter as a group and fight it out or is it going to be more of a one on one fight. I like the idea of a true one on one fight, cause I for see a lot of ganging with a group looking to kill any easy kill they can find. Then having a leaderboard is fine, but I worry about the people that have to win no matter what and will use cheats or create cheats in order to be on top of the leader board. Now we are a small group and policing this would be easy for us to see those that use a cheat of some sort. That
  12. In my opinion I like the changes, but would like to test them. One of my concerns is that I would like to see every nation have a good chance of winning. This is a hard thing to make happen given the location of some of the nations. What I would say is give the smaller nations, a advantage in some form that would give them a chance at winning. Not sure what that could be. I believe that we need to test some options. The community may have some Ideas on this. I would also say that it may be a good idea that a nation that is forced into an alliance, be given the option to became a pirate if they
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