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  1. Well done Ano, very clear data compilation, tx for the share
  2. I am keen on the need to hire crew when some are lost if you loose a ship. I see 2 advantages here : - Crew is the heart of ships, and the primary ressource needed, so totally realistic that they have a real cost (in time and money). - It will automaticaly balance the gameplay, lowering significantly the " Ram hard - quick board before sink " that we can see more and more often in Open Sea from some undelicate ganking groups. As a consequence, it will bring most players to take care about their sailing skills and tactics, which would be far more intersting to play in my opinion. Also, good crew management will be crucial to continue sailing on top of your capacities, keep the game spicy, and allow "low ressources players" to be efficient in long term thanks to their skill and reflexion, and not keep them always outnumbered / outressourced by bad gang Tank players . Can't wait to test these improvements myself
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