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  1. Ive noticed ive be rammed a few times by the Ai bots on my team and regardless of the size of the vessel i get damaged more by the crash than they do even when i'm in a merc and get hit buy a cutter it strips so much health. but if i collide with a player on purpose i still take a ton of damage but other player seems to take almost none. have tried this on various ships how is the collision damage calculated?
  2. ramblingman

    please get rid of the npcs

    Actually i dont mind the AI apart from the fact they smash me. at least Ai dosnt run straight for the circle.
  3. ramblingman

    Love the new format hate the xp system

    On the one with a victory we were out matched in ship class and just pulled the circle,
  4. I dont mind a challenge but the AI teams seem of balance,a navybrig two mercs an two pickles. against three brigs a pickle and two cutters seems a little one sided. nearly every match is a variation on this if its one player per team and five Ai shouldn't the Ai pull equal ships. or when in a brig and matched against a player in a merc the high leveled player ends up with more high level ships. so teams are unbalanced. other than that and the disproportionate xp reward for killing as opposed to damage delt. im loving N.A.L much better than N.A.
  5. ramblingman

    Love the new format hate the xp system

    i'll take screen shots i had four battles in a row where i recived 0 xp in the battle log at the bottom right of screen it logged you recived 0 silver and 0 xp
  6. So first up congrats on getting the battle orientated version of the game up and running, but can you make some changes to the xp system that's four battles in a row with no xp because i didnt do enough damage to sink a single ship even though combined i did a lot of damage to a lot of ships, with the xp the way it is there is no reward for support vessel, why isn't the xp similar to original navel action. All that will happen if enough players come back is the advanced players will get all the kills in and players will leave because there denied the ability to level up. when your in a cutter vs mercs and brigs and the your team mate kills the single cutter bot on the enemy side for easy xp your left in a position where your going to be in in a battle against ships you cant really kill so you spend fourty mins in a battle for nothing, or suicide your vessel, or capture the circle and win the game before anyone else can score some good xp.
  7. ramblingman

    The problem with Kill XP

    Problem is you can do a lot of damage to a lot of ships but not be strong enough to sink any single ship if your with higher ranked palyers then you end up playing battle after battle with no xp rewards