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  1. I believe 1 would be the best. Surrender at any time, but if you're sinking/fire you cannot surrender. Perhaps if you sink your entire crew does not die, while the survivors clinging to boards may not have a way to make it back to port, since this isn't 100% realistic game, this wouldn't be a terrible option, maybe you could role play it as a fisherman brought them back to port. With 2, a ship usually would surrender due to how much of the crew is lost/injured, damage to the ship, or how much of the fleet has surrendered/lost. So having the option only opened in the first 5 minutes I do not agree with. With option 3, I partially agree with, maybe the ability to scavenge the ship, where you can get 25% of the loot on board (not the ship tho). Also whoever does the most damage should get the kill if they do surrender, and assist should be properly given to players. Most players do this to save crew, but it also prevents the other team from getting the kill/assist. I'm not really concerned about the loot being sunk, but more or less the option to claim the kill/assist for the gold and xp rewards. With this: 1) Changes to surrender including no money and xp if you surrendered + changes to when the surrender option is available I believe if you implement any of the ideas, this should be removed.
  2. As of now, shallow water ports have 3 towers, and deep water have 5 towers. When you take the port, whoever bought the flag becomes "lord protector". My idea is to dig further with the lord protector, and ideas on port battles. The lord protector after taking the port, can go into the port and build certain defenses. The lord protector does not have to build defenses, and if he does not there will be 3 or 5 towers depending on the port as normal. The ideas for the lord protector on what types of defenses he can by are... - Extra tower, this will either make it 4, or 6 towers depending on the port, along with increasing the towers need to capture/destroy, to +1 (deep water you'd have to destroy 4 for ex). - NPC fleet, this will add 3 ships based on the port, if it is shallow 6th rates, if it is deep 4th rates. If more than 15 players for defense are in the battle, the npcs will retreat so more players can join (best have it at 15 and not 25 so they can get out before others try to get in). If it is on the 5 minute timer, and at least 15 players join they will despawn before the battle starts. - Upgrade towers to a fort, this will require the extra tower upgrade to be bought, seeing as they plan to add land to port battles, hopefully the towers will be along the coast. Instead of having the towers, a fort will be placed based on the port, if it is shallow or deep. The forts will be similar to towers, with a flag on the walls/points(possible star fort), if all 5 flags(deep) or 3 flags(shallow) surrender (they'll turn white once destroyed), the fort surrenders. Of course only the walls based on the coast will have these. Rough draft of the idea of the fort: http://i.imgur.com/z4kJGMD.png Shallow water fort: http://i.imgur.com/G3bDUgg.png The red lines are to indicate that the forts will have limited range such as the towers, but slightly more range. - Protectors can upgrade the fort one more time, adding mortars on them. The mortars will be placed at the points of the fort (3 for deep, 2 for shallow). Let me know if you have any further ideas on this, which ideas you like and dislike along with why. Any changes you think to this idea too.
  3. Only problem is, this is a game. While it may be realistic, a lot of players are going to start getting in a fast ship like a ren, or a trinco. Then ram a Victory, and quickly sink it. Or they can grab a Constitution, with 4 durability, and ram a Victory with 1 durability and sink it. Players are just going to abuse this new formula, granted its realistic, for a game it's not a great decision. Also, if a ship does a full broadside on a smaller ship, and does 5+ leaks, reading from others who had 1 leak from a cannon shot and almost sank, this is also going to be an issue. My thoughts on a fix...before the combat update/production building update, you had to set your crew to focus on survival for leaks. During that same update, in my 3rd rate if I took a leak, only 12 guys had to fix it. Instead of having 12 guys having to fix 1 leak, perhaps 7%-8% of the needed crew to sail the ship, to fix the leak. For my 3rd rate, this would make it around 50 crew, which would slow reload time, or sailing time. Once again, this is a game. I like that you try to make it realistic, but this is a major flaw. I get that it is early access, and figuring out game mechanics is still in the works. But as mentioned, Constitutions will now just try to ram 1st rates to sink. Also, 2 frigates rammed a Pavel and it sank quickly. This is another major issue. No one wants to take their big ships out anymore, and a lot of people are refusing to play on the North American server till this is changed.
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