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  1. I believe 1 would be the best. Surrender at any time, but if you're sinking/fire you cannot surrender. Perhaps if you sink your entire crew does not die, while the survivors clinging to boards may not have a way to make it back to port, since this isn't 100% realistic game, this wouldn't be a terrible option, maybe you could role play it as a fisherman brought them back to port. With 2, a ship usually would surrender due to how much of the crew is lost/injured, damage to the ship, or how much of the fleet has surrendered/lost. So having the option only opened in the first 5 minutes I do not a
  2. As of now, shallow water ports have 3 towers, and deep water have 5 towers. When you take the port, whoever bought the flag becomes "lord protector". My idea is to dig further with the lord protector, and ideas on port battles. The lord protector after taking the port, can go into the port and build certain defenses. The lord protector does not have to build defenses, and if he does not there will be 3 or 5 towers depending on the port as normal. The ideas for the lord protector on what types of defenses he can by are... - Extra tower, this will either make it 4, or 6 towers dependi
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