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  1. I wan't to point out, that this isn't a poll. This is a self-selected opinion poll with intent behind it. Started by someone who isn't an admin and isn't a dev. The dev's have said it's not going to happen. They said it was under consideration, but then said it wasn't going to happen because they got a real feedback loop. You can maintain "but they said..." in your head all you want, but they didn't. They said it was under consideration. My god folks, give it up. You have numerous players saying they will quit. You have people saying that the game is unplayable for them on PVP1. If they want to release the game and have a world wide player base, all the standard measurements, of which ping is one, needs to be under consideration. New players will not join a game where there is 300+ ping. They won't stick around on a server to learn how to compensate for 300+ ping. All the "trust me it's fine..." or "I do it..." is the problem. You keep beating a dead horse. This isn't about you. This is about a company making a game that they want to sell and make money. Right now, the way they can keep making money is by having multiple servers. So if you want to play on PVP1 by all means, play on PVP1. Stop telling me where I should play and giving me reasons why I must play there. I'm playing on PVP2 because that's where I want to be. And spare me the coming insults about not being much of a player, because that poison is why people have left the game.
  2. The devs said it was "under consideration". Not that they would do it. They are two different things.
  3. Yeah...you wouldn't be having fun now cranky. But you are missed.
  4. This right here. Really want to know. I've been stopping and starting things because I'm like "maybe it will be this week..." and a "nope..." It's hard to be invested in things when it is a "will happen sometime in the next 15-25 days" and being past that now.
  5. No...That was 25 in port battle that were US and 10 outside that were Brit. I know because I was there. Don't lecture on numbers either bro.
  6. Or how about you participate in making peace. From an outsider perspective this is a case of sour grapes that you are pursuing and seem to be speaking for everyone, but I don't see the actual numbers here on this thread other then pirates.
  7. Here's my summary: 1) Pirates are enjoying this because when GB and US are allied, they lose fights, so they include the various "if you weren't allied with the US this wouldn't be a problem" 2) A lot of bullshit stuff that happen, someone was kicked out of a clan via a legit mechanism for a clan, and now someone is butt hurt. 3) Butt hurt person complains and is getting other butt hurt people to complain 4) Alts are being used to stoke the fire more in nation chats and game (same as what happened with the US nation chat and to several US clans by other US clans) 5) Everyone wants the game played their way. Did I miss anything?
  8. Maybe the reason why pop has been down is there has been a publicly stated wipe coming. Folks don't understand it and have wandered off, or maybe they don't want to spend time fighting over things that don't matter soon, or they are tired of having to move stuff. Sometimes you just need a break. Who knows. Any speculation as to why people are not playing, without contacting folks who were regulars who are no longer and asking, is just specualtion. I have a hard time believe oldcrankyman left because the PVP2 numbers were down.
  9. Merging servers doesn't mean the numbers will come back up. Many of us play on PVP2 because we want to be there and we enjoy it. If we wanted to PVP1, we would ask to be moved. So how about everyone witching about wanting to merge just ask to have your character transferred and you go play on PVP1 if it is that much better.
  10. Yeah...because that's a smart idea, then no one can play the game. Well, that's because everyone is playing their other alts....
  11. Your object is pvp only. Other groups object is control of territory and resources. Some simply want a less boring environment in which to trade. You are trying to dictate that everyone plays the game your way. That's not how it works. If the US wants to pull all your flags, so be it. The game will change, until it does so, folks will play it the way they want to.
  12. I've been on vacation and can't wait to get back to try these things out
  13. Because some casual players aren't going to be playing 7 days a week...
  14. Pirates should be in an unfavorable position...
  15. I like the pvp fleets. It makes it hard for folks to pick on traders and gives them a chance.
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