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  1. if you own ports you are why you come to terms. you came out from the conflict they let the Dutch and Swedes did the united front against pirates. knowing full well that the home ports were not attached how dare you kidding pirates.
  2. In fact, at its meeting in teamspeack we spoke with miki mouse (French diplomat) and duffy duck (Danish diplomat) oh no it's true it was a mystic dream of Lord vicous. I had forgotten when things get tough, people are revealed for what they are cowards suitable for PvE
  3. you have to thank me. after 2000 years of history nations they are all united and happy. hold hands and traded together. become rich merchants and enjoy life
  4. in the next patch all nations will be allies, they will help players across the nation to navigate with the trader to protect them from terrible pirate and the hated NPC. all the servers will experience a period of peace and we will have fun against npc But you must admit that the idea is cute
  5. this is a war game. you want to make a coalition of 800 players to stop a clan? you are free to do so. many enemies, much honor
  6. 5 nations against one clan now. hahaha but you honestly do not be worth it all? xD
  7. vai vai che di player nella fazione inglese c'รจ ne sono pochi
  8. Now vicious is present, find the difference, beside 1 SORRY, all the guys who died where wilson LOL and a random
  9. the fact remains. lord vicious is one of the best fleet commander in the server
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