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  1. Basically, limit the amount of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rates in a port battle. Example: In a port battle, Each nation may only have a maximum of : 3 Santisimas 3 victorys 3 St. Pavels 6 3rd rates/Bellonas No limit on 4th and 5th rates The reason I suggest this is because variety in a port battle is both more realistic and fun. 25 3rd rates in a port battle is great but just not very realistic.
  2. PVP Two USA We (Britain) were defending George town from the US and the battle was close to being fished. We (on our screens) were fighting close to the boundary when our Armor was randomly stripped from us. We (on our screens) never past the boundary Line Here are the videos: Part One: Around 19:00, cpt merrill stubing told me in TS3 that he's sinking and he randomly lost his armor, then it happened to a few other people, then it happened to me. If you watch the whole video, you can see that we never past the boundary line Part Two: At 27 seconds, I looked at the people who were affected by this bug. This is a list of people (That I know of) who lost their ship/a durability because of this bug: cpt merrill stubing-Bellona Bjerg Bjergsson-3rd rate heckler-Bellona Ender and I managed to escape before we sank. We hope that you guys can reimburse the players who lost their ships and/or durability. Thank you, Celdin
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