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  1. Wait? Reverse is a new player? You know that the devs nor you or I hmcan judge how difficult it is for a new player. If I wanted to I could probably get max rank and most of the mods in 24 hours game time yes. That doesn't mean a new player can do it in simular time. Back in 2016 I leveled Bill Kerman. It took me 18 steam ingame hours or so. At this time new players said it was taking them 100+ hours to do the same. This is 5 times faster. You, the devs and myself have no idea how new players experience the game. Our personal experience is irrelevant. I read reviews and it all seems overwhelming for them. When we were newbs the game was very simple. Sure max rank in 2016 took more time than even now with 400+ hours minimum for newb but there was only one thing to grind too. Rank. Now we have ports, Buildings, ship slots, books, cm, reals and victory marks. Everything is so much. The ui is more complex than alpha ui. Ui should be simple and give you max information on first sight. Newbs have no idea where to begin so don't pretend we have any idea.
  2. Sorry dron. The battle I lost yesterday has put me into a bit of a naval action depression. I uninstall the game today, call it shit, blame the devs for breaking game and then I will install and play again tomorrow.
  3. Someone like that is not a proper solo player. Solo players rarely interact with anyone. They don't use the forums in most cases. They just keep to themselves. There are actually no real solo players left in open sea. Few years back there were a few but reinforcments drove them away. The game is not designed for solo players. There is nothing compeditve about it anymore. Whoever grinds the most wins. This is an obvious fact. I sank to a player yesterday that I must have smashed 10 times in the open sea. He won because he farmed mods and ships. Fair play. He did what was required. For a player like me there is not alternative other than medium guns and no mods atm. I don't have the time. I don't want to grind just to get long guns. The 1 or 2 hours I have a day will not be wasted on the worst designed eco I have ever seen in my life. It's designed for clans like bf with 200 members to farm marks from seal clubbing. The game is a time sink and there is nothing fun in grinding.
  4. If compromises are required the design is flawed
  5. why? The pros will only grind more mats for better ships and the rest will be hammered even more.
  6. The trinco has had its op days too but I get what you mean.
  7. I have not reached trinco level yet. Sailing pandora and leveling slowly because time issue. Slow turn rates are good if they are balanced imo. I like the chess game more than the arcade feeling. I will look into it but it will take me 3-4 weeks to get there unfortunately.
  8. What kind of third rate do you mean? Aggy or Bellona? Bellona is about the same size but that doesn't mean the connie would be capable of winning a battle against it. I would put my money on a 72 9 times out of 10 The only ship in game that is even comparable to the connie is the endymion. How can 2 "similar" sized frigates be 5th, rates and 3rd rates ingame?
  9. What is the roll of a superfrigate ingame? In real life it was designed to gank
  10. Ok im playing again now. I am still right and you are still wrong :p I actually started to play again just to prove my point so the whole server will now know its all your fault.
  11. I looked at the amount of gold is required to get a shipyard 3 and how hard it is to get the woods. Not that hard. Also. Fakeflags never worked. If you actually played RVR at the time to judge it you would knot that from a strategical point they were a waste of money. Everyone already knew where the enemy had their ships etc. It actually gave the community a reason to spy on other nations. The more fake flags you bought the higher the price would be. Back then you could buy a flag for aves from kpr and even then it was not an issue. The devs could have replaced the gold with pvp marks but that would have made to much sense to test. Eco was actually decent once. Before you played the game. The ai produced and bought goods. The devs could have full control over supply and demand for the amount of players on the server. It forced traders to sail all over the map to buy goods. Back then capping a trader was interesting and traders could make a fortune selling goods at the capitals. Player production buildings were without a doubt the worst design choice for the eco so far. It made the whole eco clan dependent and that is bad for the server. Ecos should be a national effort. It also gave people a reason to own more ports the larger the nation was playerwise since more players require more supplies. It sounds so simple and logical right? I guess if you had any expirence with the eco other than the broken system we clearly have atm you would stop defending it. We had all this when open sea speeds were far slower. You might be suprised to hear this but I traded once and build ships. I am level 50 crafter but back then it was so exciting to go out and look for all the goods you needed to build ships. Pirates knew the good trade routes and hit traders all the time. Instead of getting rid of the goods and even sinking the ships for goods they would haul the stuff back to mortimer to build there own ships. Why those things were changed is beyond me. How many trade routes require player protection currently? There was a time when pirates had 10 traders and hour on every coastline to capture and when they could actually use the goods for building ships.
  12. Unlike the rest of you I read the whole chat log of hemp is dump and raxius and it was clearly a joke. Can people stop being so serious and PC for once and just let the rest of the world have fun and get on with It. The funny thing about it all is that neither Raxius or Hemp is Dumb had any say in the ban. I asked Rax about it in private and he couldn't even remember it. It was a stupid joke in bad taste and perma chatbanning someone is just a total overreaction of the community and the developers. Anyone that thinks this is a real threat lacks common sense. The man got his punishment so lift it already. I am sure he has learned his lesson.
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