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  1. PvE server is for that. What else would you need to practice on other than traders and eqaul and even smaller scaled ships. There is literally nothing to loose. Would be nice if pve server players got a 1 time free asset and rank server change. Not like the economy has any long term design in mind on the pvp server anyway....
  2. Its actually not a sandbox game. Its open world but for a sandbox we lack a shit ton for freedom. I am not even the strict when it comes to the term since I would consider GTA a sandbox even though it is not. Naval Action does not even give you the freedom to attack everyone. All the restrictions we have on how we can join battles etc make this game more like an open world matchmaking system.
  3. whats the difference between hitting max rank in two weeks vs two months? The longer it takes for people to get to max rank the longer it takes for casuals to catch up to hardcore players. Grinds are without a doubt a bad way to keep players invested for longer in a game. Its not actual fun game play. Its just messing with peoples brains so they get the illusion they achieved something but in reality they wasted 1000 hours for nothing. Its not the first game to do it and it is not the last. I once farmed an alt to rear admiral in 18 game hours when it was taking the casuals 100-200 according to them. The older AI was easier to farm for sure but there is nothing positive I can see in a hardcore grind.
  4. I'm just stating a simple fact of gaming.
  5. Oi! Unity is a damn fine engine that has made some of my favorite games possible. I don't know of any other engine that is as mod friendly as it either. It has its flaws but pros far exceed the cons imo.
  6. Except you don't have to do it. The reason you currently have to is because there are so few mods. That's why more mods are less biased than few mods. I mean someone that gets mad about an internet ban is insane. Your "friends" should grow up. I would let as many people as possible be moderators. Even if they are biased. As long as they have a reason to ban they do not have to ban friends. If vco and wo have 1 mod each they could ban members from the other clan as an example. They won't abuse it because they have reasonable people in both clans. You could just ask another mod to do it for you and if there are none online you prove my point.
  7. Its impossible to be unbiased and that is why more moderators are required. Henry, Hethwill and devs are only mods..... In all honesty I believe the moderation on the forums here is not strict enough. The crying is from certain people getting away with things that others don't. I know it from other forums I use that threads and players are deleted and banned way faster to stop drama. This shouldn't apply to nation section because drama and a bit of toxicity is good for rvr. The development threads are however a complete joke and many players maybe even myself should have been banned a long time ago.
  8. They already have the most important advantage you can have. That is experience.... Newcomers will be farmed like always with or without the books. A wipe will do nothing and never has because the eco cannot work and it's only time until everyone has everything. 1-2 months and everyone will have everything back again. Only reason devs are wiping is to keep server pop longer because people will grind again. I won't. As I said never again will I start in a basic cutter or farm ai again. It's to much. Even if we can skip with tutorials. With every wipe we only have more to grind and it's the same shit different assets with no actual improvements to late game because inflation is 10000%
  9. I don't know. To me it's more complicated than you make it out too be. The way 90% of retards play the ai are fine the way they are. If you could program them not to get stuck in the wind as much and sail close hauled zick zack then the ai would improve alot already I guess.
  10. Very optimistic launch date. I don't want to be the negative one but in all fairness the game was more stable and better balanced pre structure wipe/patch 2 years ago. How can you know the last patches will solve current issues without testing them? Maybe I am wrong and most likely I have no idea what the vast majority of people want but IMHO the combat system is completely broken and requires major tweaking and testing before release. Call me a pessimistic but I don't think it can be solved in a month. I could go into more details of flaws in combat I see but I guess the majority of them could be solved by removing all mods. Since mods make the game interesting there needs to be tweaking. Simply nerfing them all is something we have never tested. In the past yes but with 10x fewer mods ingame.
  11. I said self learning ai could do it and for the rest I will read rest later. I am in the middle of something in rdr2
  12. If they repaired they would only be more annoying. Ai sucks **** in this game and every other game. Just imagine how frustrating it would become....
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