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  1. Intresting, I never payed attention to the direction the smoke goes to be honest. Will have an eye on it next weekend.
  2. Er... how do you even. I mean... Heck how this is actually supped to work with a controller? Beforehand: No, this is no trolling and I am serious about it. I am a keyboard + mouse guy so I have some tough times wrapping my head around the idea to control a ship with a controller. Two sticks for the masts front and rear would make sense, 4 arrows on it for speed and rudder turning. But how to look around then? Or other way: Top buttons for turning sails and sticks to look around and aim. Problem solved. 4 Icon-Buttons for selecting repairs, ammo, ... that would work somehow. But how to disable some specific decks reload then? Or use the scope + Zoom stage? Any way I imagine this I am running out of buttons Again, I am no controller guy so I might lack imagination here but simple question: Could this even work properly?
  3. Minimap Totally agree to point 1 to 3. 4 is optional and 5 is at least difficult to do since there is a 7-rate system instead of 3 or 4 types as in similar games. Also I like that you actually need to look aorund you without knowing if the ship on the map is a Brig or Victory. Situational awareness and so on... It is easy and also leads to quite a few intresting moments if you dont Do not copy World of X too much here, not everything what comes from them fits every game. Battle Information UI I disagree here, it would be sufficient if you see the capped areas, gained points and how many ships are still afloat. Total armor HP bars wont help much since you can sink ships easily by only destroying one side. Post battle screen While I dislike the whole idea of "compare me to player x" I agree that a result screen is needed even if only for the sake of experience/money gained and/or the ego. Player Statistics I strongly disagree about a "skill rating" and that is very simple to explain: 1) You can not get it right, everybody evaluates "skill" different. 2) No, you do not actually need it, it is just some fluff and being overdone it rips the community apart easily (I am looking at you, Wargaming...). However simple stats like win ratio per ship or similar should be availible to the player to find out what fits his or her own playstyle. This could be done by using the own brain though but maybe some numbers are not bad. I really hate what XVM did to the World of Tanks community for example and I will not play a game where "noob" is the most used word by far. On the other hand I am a fan how War Thunder handles it giving you just enough information without stressing it too much. Everyone his own I guess but whatever happens in the end: Just dont overdo it! Player community - fleets Hmm, with lobby you mean in the preloading of a fight? Otherwise you can already invite friends, it works fine. Gameplay Fully agree to 1, circles in all big maps are a waste of time now. They are fun on the smalle rmaps though. I am ok with the AI at the moment, they do a lot of strange stuff (focusing players and so on) but in the end there will be no AI anymore so for the sake of testing it should be fine.
  4. Hmmm boarded an enemy AI today and wanted to keep sailing in his ship afterwads since mine was... well... lets say I had some holes to fix. However after the boarding all his ships HP dropped to 0 and I could not take his ship over. Both were Navy Brigs. Taht is kinda sad since I think I saw the AI doing this before.
  5. Not to ferget there are some ships somebody might not like or prefer to sail a different one. Hmmm, what a bout a tree where you have the choice between 2 or 3 ships each stage? We should have enough ships in total from the original Naval Action to do so.
  6. I hope so but that does not solve the peoplem since new players will try it as well.
  7. German keyboard here as well, the change works for me but I have to set it again every tie I start the game. Go to options - controls - click the key and press y. Then just close the menu and try - works for me. But it is very annosing tat the controls are reverted after next game start :/
  8. On the other hand he still has a point: Time. That was one of the main reason the original Naval Action kept a small playerbase and/or lost a lot of the inital players. At least I can speak for my clan (70 pepole) with hundreds/thousands hours each who stopped playing all together long before wipe. Since you need more active players and diversed ships to build a working match making in Naval Action Legends this should defnitly be kept in mind. I won't say that the battle has to e over after 5 minutes - that is crazy. But 15, maybe 20 minutes should be fine and then you are well in range the often quoted world of warships is.
  9. Today I got a good example of capture points, playtime and efficiency. In the 3-Circle Map one enemy went right off to capture the middle and then the top circle. That took him around 8 minutes to reach and capture the middle circle. After something around 19(!!!) Minutes he reached the top circle. Meanwhile we ripped apart his allies. Also that means we need to go for him for another like 8-10 minutes if he kept the course. To sum things up: - One goes off to cap the far away circles - After 20 minutes he made a mere 366/1000 points while his allies are dead or close to be - We had to run after him for another 8 to 10 minutes after we got him. - Game went for 35 minutes with 5 minutes to the enemy, 9 minutes chase the lone wolf = 21min battle/14 min doing nothing => 14 "boring" minutes and the cap cirles in this map clearly dont work for victory (we won the game) => With bigger ships the time issue would have been much greater since they are slower. Previously I stepped back from my point of view that the maps are too big but after this battle I have to say I will stick to it. They are too big and on top of it even the far away circles dont help you winning at all. It is just a waste of time to go there. An other and very fun example for a map is this: It is small, fast and fun. Only the tower is a little strong against small ships but on the other hand both teams have a fair chance capturing it. I lost this map multiple times now but it was always different: Tower shot us down, enemy just played better, one ship came through to our base and capped it, ... It is simply a great and fun map imho.
  10. Hmmm i dont know if it is such a good idea to have a big spread like this. In similar arena type games that works because even the small ones have good chances to bring down bigger targets or they are at least a valuable asset. World of Warships a DD can kill a BB with tropedos (which are incredible op on some ships) or constantly set stuff aflame. War Thunder small tanks have sometimes really nice und onr shoot your side/back if you let them. Also they can take cover more easily. World of Tanks... well mabye worst example... they are needed to scout the enemy or go for fast caps, hunt artillery, ... But in NA Legends? With multiple ships around a snow would most likely be blewn to smithereens pretty fast. And that is defnitly not enjoyable for the recieving end. There are no torpedos, no scouts needed and it has no chance against a ship of the line (or frigate) other than ignoring it or get and stay behind. Getting behind means that the enemy is alone since you wont stand much chance of the ship of the line has other ships around - everyone would go for the fast kill. Only going for capture points? That would mean until you are on a frigate you only have like 1/3rd of the game. I really thought about that but no way I can think of would give a snow player a statisfactionary gameplay. Or at least I can hardly think of any. Maybe a slightly different approach would work: You play with your own ship +/- a fix amount of previous and next ships. So a snow would play against: Brig (-2), Navy Brig (-1), Snow, (??? +1), (??? +2). But that on the other hand would need a bigger active playerbase or you will wait ages for battles. That reminds me: We don't have second rates in at the moment. 1st rate would only fight 1st, 3rd and 4th atm (but that might be fine).
  11. Errr that would mean having something like ship of the lines in a battle together with... something like a snow? Poor snow Or don't you mean that much shallow? For now we rarely see capturing at all...
  12. Hm ok, maybe im wrong if everybody else thinks it is ok. I just hope that the gameplay will stay "fast" and wont become another time burner like the original NA (including sailing hours long on open water). But maybe I am exaggerating this, we will see what happens.
  13. Hm ok, two different opinions here then. I would have no problem at all if the map itself would have half the size, a quarter might be too small but half seems right to me. Why? Thats easy: If somebody starts running he has too much space to do so. Instead of following him you could as well just sit around and wait until the 60 minutes battletimer goes to zero. That s nothing I would like to see anytime soon but it will happen if somebody wants to spare the repair costs or similar later on. All arena style games I know so far work great if you can move freely in a restriced area. And by that in a usefull speed to relocate yourself and/or catch who is left over within mere minutes. Last can not be achieved here because ships are slow and I get this but no need to encourage runners anyways. To be honest: What parts of the map do we actually sail? Maybe 10%? 20%? Then the battle is over, so there is just no need for more in the current state. Well, at least the way I see this, there is no need for more than this just yet.
  14. Agree but there would be a simple solution for this: Different maps for different ship types. So once you outgrow the... lets say Snow... you might get in touch with maps with less shallows. Again with heavier frigates / early ships of the line. So at least shallows are not concern, you just need a few more maps. But still you might be right because of the size of maps in total. The maps are so big that a ship of the line which drift off while fighting an opponent has no chance to get back into fight if it has to go back against the wind. There would be a simple and a lightly more complex solution to it. 1) Reduce the map sizes by a great amount. Nobody goes for the far away cap circles anyway, it just takes too long and you team is sunk in the meantime. That way you also can not drift away too far since you will reach the end of the map soon. 2) Let the wind change its direction. This would keep the combat intresting since you yould gain advantage or disadvantage by chance. Should not be overdone ( for example wind turning 180° every minute or something like this) but if it turns a few times like once every 5 minutes that could be great. 3) If you reach maps end you will leave the battle, get a share of the xp and money and sail home. <- not too sure about this idea, could be abused a lot... I would favor a combination of 1 and 2, experienced it way back at Pirates of the Burning Sea and - as much flaws the game had - this worked marvellous! Also you would have a chance to get back into fight with the slow tubs.
  15. Hmmm thats pretty much the same with the hyperlink issue discussed some time ago. Previously you had to check your own webpage for any material (pictures, text,...) that would be against law. That was ok. You can actually do that. After that you had to do the above and more. You should not link to any page that would contain illegal material. Heck, how should I know if any of the dozens, maybe hundred sites people write and link to might contain a single image that violates the law? Answer: You can`t. The same here. It is an alpha and supposed to contain bugs. Best example: My beloved vanishing cannon balls without splash, hit or whatever. In other words, stream and you wil certainly stream bugs, even unnoticed. Allowing to stream an alpha only without bugs is pretty much the same as not allowing it imho. No offense but that is somewhat strange
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