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  1. go into a cutter, set sail to 20%, set a direction to the other end of the map, use a "makro" or whatever that u won't get disconnect and then go afk for hours. Welcome to afk fishing 2.0. not really a good idea since it can easily exploided
  2. uncraftable Gold marines is a "cheat". determined defender not
  3. yeah and 600-700 players during prime time aren't massive, so what's your point (yeah skip the dip shit that its an alpha, if its simulator only you won't have more players playing that game)? They should remove the information that they want to develop a MMO and everything is fine. And I still miss a clear statement that they want to do a simulator only and if its a simulator they should drastically decrease the speed on OW. it took days to drive from one port to another one and that can be done in 10 minutes or so. decrease the size of the vessels on OW. they are to big if u compare it to a city. you find so many things what they had to tweak because of there thoughts it could be a MMO. remove that stuff and make a pure simulator then and everyone would be happy
  4. Its sold as a MMO, so don'T care what u read there. they sell it as a MMO edith: added the 3 picutre
  5. no, the most people leave because the time which has to be used to get from a to b is to long. people have a real live and don't want to spent 2h for doing nothing except go W @ 100% sails and then go afk. You dream that most people leave because of an easy mode, but that's not the truth. The most player aren't simulator fans, they where fans of the MMO aspect which isn't existing due the radicalized simulator fans (devs + some community players). most people left everytime there was a patch which made the game "harder" and there is a market for such a game, but the current implementation is bull shit. you need to much time to do anything, so u won't get many user to play that game. But, u all can still lie to your self and say "it's naturally that there are such drops (from ~1,6k @pvp1 to ~600 during prime time) during an alpha " and believe that the community it self is at fault. My clan (60 people, 30 active 3 weeks ago) are left the game because it's boring to drive 2h and do nothing. And NA is not PB teleport simulator. The players are missing for PBs so. The Devs should create a Hardcore server (no teleport, sail speed like it is currently) and an easy mode server (teleport like it is currently and sail speed x1.5 or x2 and OW view distance x1.5 or x2) and if they refrain from doing dip shit developments which kill the game completely again (dmg model v5, I know u ALL love it, but it kills team gaming during battles) it could work But nevertheless, you'll get your simulator game for sure with less than 1k player online during prime time since the devs don't need a game which has success. They already paid for month because of the EA sales and they can skip the MMO part (team gaming, more "casual" (spent less time on OW and doing nothing)) and they can ignore the major flaws&missing features/content (diplo,pirate as nation, hidding in battle screen, smuggler exploids) to implement dmg model v999 or leak model v100000 or add seagulls (most impressive feature)
  6. u have to live with it. they don't want to see that most alpha tester want more MMO instead of simulator (no real team gaming possible, to long OW traveling,...) and they ignore every comment which tells them game breaking (pirates as nation, battle screen, smuggler in combination with PB, crafting, not existing diplo,...). But, because they like simulation so much, its not possible to "craft" marines or other stuff and u have to grind it.
  7. Force exists on Battle 30 sec 2 min (that u can cap ships) after the battle is done and then force join OW (leave battle screen) after 2 min. Everything would be fine. That mechanic "hiding in battle screen" is a game breaking mechanic since the beginning (cap a trader ship and know that the enemy is awaiting u -> go offline and sail later home without any danger, fighting for a PB, hide you and the flag) and that's that player are telling u the whole time. So start to fix broken game mechanic (pirate as nation is the next one). If someone decide to do a battle which can easily take 1h and then have to go offline directly he shouldn't have to do that battle or use small/large battle under the mission tab. That "feature" is to much of an exploit and its even completely unrealistic (and u care to much for realism, so do something....) I know its not so fancy as "dmg model" v999 or "how to steal more time of a player" feature no 99999 but I guess it's necessary to fix those game mechanics quite fast. It's not the first time that you get the request to change that "feature"
  8. You compare a strategy multiplayer game which is not realistic (it's balanced or should be) with an MMO simulator? Your point is? All your other "examples" are games which have max 120 per server/session and aren't MMO and, except Squad (don't know that game, so don't know what/how it is played), they all have more than 4k average user who are still playing it even in the worst time (4k/120 -> 33,333333333333333333333333333333 server/session). You said something what is true. "Some good (historical) games were launched and many players are sinking their teeth into them" <-- yep but they are not realistic, they are balanced for fun purpose. And, to be honest, I'll buy HoI IV after the first patch is provided since its an awesome game
  9. 2 weeks ago PVP one had 1,2k player @ prime time and now it has only around 800-850. so i don't see any coincidence. PVP one lost around 30% of there player in 2 weeks
  10. 1) you are really "nice people" and defame a player of your community because he said he is done with the game. N1 2) u sell a game and no one accepted any eula that he can be baned/deleted if he say "i'm done" 3) don't compare your game with SC. completly other sezup, other size of community and so on 4) in your example with 100+ hours, lets say it is 150 hours, you have sailed in that case 100 hours without doing anything except sailing on OW 5) an alpha test with dropping number like it is currently shows u that something is off.you can assume that the community is off or your prio list what to do or what the community want to play and you want that they have to play 6) no game with a bad alpha/beta was a success after release. That stupid statements it' an alpha, its natuarall etc... won't help you with the fact that the alpha and beta decides if a game is a success for the community (no i dont talk about financial success, that's something what u already have and most likely the reason why u can behave like u do) suggestion: Try to work on game content like diplo stuff instead of changing game breaking stuff and do your alpha tests. if most tests are completed then try to modifiy things that worked (like dmg model 4, it worked and was reworked instead of tweak until more time is available) and look at stuff that is really in a bad shape (pirates,PB, battle screen, no content except sailing, PVE only content, eco system) I know, we are all the bad guys who is telling you that there is stuff which need really to take care of and what we say has nothing to do with realism. We say that game mechanic basics are not implemented or completely broken and not that we liked your last changes, but guess what.... we do this because we believe that the game can be a good one with a certain amount of players online on a certain time. We don't care about how many copies wer soled, we talked about a game which has success by many people and not by 300 realism nerds You counted only stuff which they should take care instead of changing the dmg model and waste time. So...
  11. They love there realism stuff, so they decided to do tweaks on the damage model instead of development new content for the alpha. There prio list ist quite strange if u would ask me. the player said look ad diplo stuff, pirates as nation is a big issue and fix battle screen issue. But they change the damage model and lost 1) many working hours for the other content 2) lost many alpha tester due to that reason
  12. yeah and during the prime time there are only around ~800 online on pvp1 because of that . Drop by 1/3 (1 week ago around ~1000, 2 weeks ago around ~1200)
  13. the players won't play the game like u want they play. If they have to spend more time for dip shit which isn't fun, they won't play. Less player = less traffice = less PvP. U saw that mechanic several time now and u still believe that behavior will change ? If you want that such a mechanic will work, reduce the time which is needed for sailing
  14. Joe Occisor - PvP 1 1) Sneeky Pirate - give the possibilty to flag your ship as nation X for 5 minutes (if an nat Player is around 500m he would see that you are pirate and automatically flagged as pirate) --> ok, already suggested by OTMatt. 2) Pirate Master - increase the max speed where Boarding is allowed by 0.5 knt 3) Barkeeper - provides rum to the crew and moral will get boosted by 20 Points in the beginning of a battle (only one boost per battle, not for each Boarding) 4) John Strongman - increase max range for Boarding by 50/100m 5) Templeton 'Face' Peck - you can hire more Crew in a habour (depending on how Crew Management will be implemented) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_A-Team#Character_traits 6) Paul Bettany - can camouflage a ship on OW that other think it's not that type of ship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_and_Commander:_The_Far_Side_of_the_World 7) Dancing Thunder (Susquehannock shaman) - decrease los of Crew by 5%
  15. Do you consider frigate battles fun (compared to older versions)? - No Do you consider ships of the line indecisive historical battles fun? - No Should marines be tweaked? - Nerfed by at least 50%
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