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  1. Same here. Stockpiling bottles - pls reduce that chance! Finding a bottle once in a few days in enough. All in all the patch is pretty good.
  2. I am very sceptic about 3.) I might test it and make myself an opinion. Maybe I like it, maybe it's awesome. But, pls devs keep in mind: The combat mechanics are pretty good as they are. If it's an significant improvement, which a great majority of players is happy about - I am fine with it, too. If it's too controversal and many players don't like it, pls skip it! Don't risk losing players, they are very sensitive when it comes to battle mechanics as previous patches have shown.
  3. It saves time and crew for the winner and should save some crew for the loser. Good idea. Imho
  4. That's RNG. You can find 3 in a single day or maybe you find not a single one in three days.
  5. I agree it needs some tweaks. Maybe it gets more expensive by rank or by numbers for example to fill up 0-100 men: 100 Gold/sailor up to 500 (or more) for 800-1100.
  6. I wrote it in another thread allready. A solution would be an increasing chance every time you carft a ship. So for example the Ingerman starts with 1% -->5%--->25%--->50%---> 75%--> 100% drop chance. When it droped once, you go back to 1% if you haven't used the BP.
  7. +1 One should have to think about how to equip a ship. Food, weapons, how much crew, Marines, room for cargo... to have the right or wrong setup for what one wants to do. Using all storage room and max weight should make your ship slower. Best food for high moral costs more...
  8. As some of my supply outposts are sw I need traders snows. Capping one is done in max. 5 min. +cargo +some ship parts from breaking it up...
  9. I think, it's like the polls say so far (47 votes) that over 90% of the players do not want to sail every time the want to move a ship somewhere. This is my opinion, too. I do a lot of trading and transportation. I use traders as one-way vehicles. It takes very long to sail the full cargo ships to their destination, I have no desire to sail the empty traders back almost every time...
  10. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14566-teleportingsending-ships-or-sailing/ I made poll about sailing yourself vs teleporting/sending ships. Hopefully it helps to give a picture how players think on this topic.
  11. You are totally right. Freeports only vs. every port makes a huge difference. But I didn't want to open up this discussion now. This decision has to be made when option 2 or 3 is in favour or maybe even to tweak answer 1. I think the decision on the topic should be made like: 1. Sailing vs. Sending. --> If it is sailing, the decision ends here. 2. Risk (over OW) vs. No risk --> If it is decided for risk, the rest is of minor importance. 3. Costs & Restrictions --> Final decision. So if one is for sailing but the great majority says No, he (or she) might be rather for the risk option in question 2. If one is for the risk but majority says no risk, he (or she) might rather speak for higher costs, stronger restrictions (like free ports only), Btw.: I personally prefer "only free ports", too.
  12. Question 2 should be more accurate, you are right. My intention was not to get a result on how the system should exactly be but to see what numbers of the fundemental positions are. Answer 2 could be splited in various systems for example: delivery to free ports, delivery to all ports... does it take time until the ship arrives, has it a cooldown...does this cost you crewmembers? Answer1: is clear. No cost, no risk, no time. Answer2: Some costs, some restrictions... No risk Answer3: Some costs & risk Answer4: You will have to do a lot of sailing! ;-)
  13. Edited the poll. I think this belongs to answer 2. With some sort of cost in money and time.
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