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    reload bug?

    I'm getting this bug again, its making life VERY difficult!
  2. I remember, just after the ROS had been formed, going on an impromptu sail around pirate waters with Sebo, and of course getting ganked by a huge fleet. I was in a Reno, Sebo managed to escape as I drew them off, but, as I was in a Reno I managed to escape. I was then of course pulled back into battle by some that had been waiting in OW, but escaped again. The weather had turned bad and it turned into an open world chase through a storm. I finally managed to lose them and sailed back home. It was touch and go! The Ren remains one of my all time favourite ships.
  3. I find the challenges, well challenging. I sometimes make it onto the leaderboard but not always. I'm not rich yet so it's good to get the prizes. I don't have a fully upgraded ship as I can't craft gold upgrades yet, but the challenges are still doable. I think to make it fair on others, wins should be limited as some people are on the board every day. How about limiting it to one or two prizes a week to allow others the chance to get something? I know my clan mates are very frustrated about always being knocked off. I agree with having everyone use the same ship with the same or no upgrades.
  4. Hi there, yep, we have recently started doing shallow port battles, (when they are close enough to our area). Everyone in the clan is also free to group up and join any other port battles going on, even if as a clan we are not involved. We can probably help you out with both cash and a ship. I'm sure someone would team up to do missions and AI fleets if you want to grind xp. Send me a message in game if you are interested. Harry Collier.
  5. Sure! We use Discord rather than teamspeak. Any ages, genders, nationalies are welcome. we have now reached 102 members, with usually 25 odd active in the evenings 10 in the daytime (GMT). When the larger clans try to organise a port battle near our area, we do try to take part and we often do patrols for pvp action. The only thing requested is that you contribute one or two crafting materials if you want us to craft ships. If that sounds ok, I look forward to hearing from you in game :-)
  6. The Royal Oaks [ROS] are looking for new and experienced players of all levels, completely new players are more than welcome. We are a British clan on PVP1 with more than 100 members (at time of writing). We are fun loving and maybe a little less serious than the other clans. All you need is a sense of humour! Message me (Harry Collier), Madjules, Sebo or any other members that you sail by. Happy sailing!
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