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  1. Free ports should be uncapturable pirate cities. I also think that pirates should be the only nation that can raid ports but can't capture them, low number of spread out ports should be compensated with lower cooldown of teleport.
  2. Question is- is that a bad thing? Economy and trading is still the worst part of the game, right now devs are focused on improving combat and everything related to it. We need to remember that this is an alpha so there will be changes to current system and it's our "job" to help them improve it.
  3. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12562-clanspeople-not-following-the-pvp1-zerg-rush/?p=226872#entry226872
  4. Kazak77

    Hotfix 9.73

    Using labor hours and building slots to produce compass wood is a complete waste of the most important resources in the game because 1. we don't have unlimited 3rd rates anymore and 2. you can get 300k+ from single max level mission, it takes literally 5 minutes and you can farm it for hours.
  5. +1 to this and 3 levels of authorisation mentioned before, this should be the only protection from stealing. Not all crafters are officers and in the case of having a thief/spy in the clan access to warehouse is going to hurt a lot more than him being "only" an officer.
  6. +1No more 8x 3rd rate waiting in port for gankers to catch the bait. All you need is half of the brain to stay in pull range. This patch is a godsend for any organised group since in the worst case you'll just end up in an even fight which isn't really even if ganked person wasn't prepared for it and reinforcements are just random players.
  7. Teak/planking/stiffness on certain ships will rise from one of the worst to optimal build.
  8. Very important question- does reinforcment ships BR affect 1.5 BR difference? If the answer is yes then it's a huge advantage for gankers.
  9. Thank you, this should clear up lots of misunderstandings about differences between Planking and Extra Planking. Now we only need to figure out how exactly does Armor Class work;)
  10. With new patch and penetration changes Planking might actually be a lot better than Build Strength. I'd love to test quite a few things, especially armor class, but I don't want to risk getting banned for damage farming and PvP isn't exactly controlled environment.
  11. Any ETA on uptade with Ingermanland and Le Gros Ventre? You could also add one more column with exp required for next rank.
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