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  1. A roadmap. And before I get corrected by Admin (as he did last time by pointing out that "lol look there is a roadmap open your eyes") I do not mean a "first half of 2019" post, but rather a real roadmap, a long term roadmap, the real thing, with milestones and stuff.

    Don't know bout the others, but I was expecting the "S2 2019" beginning of June. We're mid July and there's still no sign of activity. I would have been fine even with a post saying something along the lines of "hey guys now that the game has hit release and that there's no major issues preventing you to play we're gonna take a 2 months break to enjoy seksi summer time and will be back in august with more news". Instead, we got silence.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Wyy said:

    id rather not have dlc's but better rewards for doing ingame stuff, swap nation or name for maybe some kind of cash (to hinder alt nation swapping)

    Ah this would have been great... The nation swap is among the worst ones to me. As you said, it would make total sense to be able to pay a massive sum to be able to swap nations. Even for like 20'000'000 reals and 100'000 dubs.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Wyy said:

    pls no dlc.. ingame content or rewards.. if everything becomes a dlc the game becomes so shallow that there wont be any point to do anything ingame.. its already a shame with the flag/paint dlc which would be best implemented as rewards for doing stuff ingame

    Fully agree. But let's be real... Game depth has never been a priority for this dev. And customization DLCs overall sell pretty well.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Angus MacDuff said:

    There is nothing hardcore about making a veteran player to the sailing tutorial.  Just a waste of time.

    I fully agree with you. I'm pretty sure I have seen some valid suggestions regarding the "tutorial" and exams, including splitting them and not having them at the same place, tuning the rewards for each type of activity, having basic exams and advanced exams for SoLs, lots of good ideas to consider...

  5. 2 hours ago, McPoyle said:

    Making so many changes to the NPC's, knowledge, xp, Elite NPC's and all done just a few weeks before release has flipped  PvE onto it's side and it will sink more sooner than later if not fixed. MCGA 

    I have studied beached NPCs behavior with a well known prussian captain and trust me, things that get flipped onto their side don't sink. They do catch fire though, a magnificent show, though I was a bit worried for the forests just a few meters further.

    I love the idea Comte, and I fully agree.

    Like it or not, the existence of elite NPCs combined with the absence of port boni made crafting (and the economic movements related to crafting) obsolete. 

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  6. 9 hours ago, Severus Snape said:

    Pardon the rudeness, but information has been a bit vague the past couple months.  Any word on...

    Raids, PB bonus adjustments, final port battle BR, Alliance mechanic, 50 or so paints we were promised 30 days after painter DLC...+ quite a few other things. 



    Why would you need answers to those when you got awesome wikipedia facts to fill in the void? 🤣

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  7. 21 minutes ago, Sir Texas Sir said:

    Every time we try to suggest things that would help we get so much back lash from the few PvE Forum Warriors that don't seem to want a change or better server.

    Every time we make valid, long term benefit PvE oriented suggestions that would help the game overall we get just as much unnecessary back lash from PvP forum warriors. Is there a point trying to prove who started first, or who's the worst?

    Your current posts in other sections of the forum just show that you typically don't understand PvE needs, which is specifically what I mentioned above. It is honorable from you to try and understand those needs though.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Sir Texas Sir said:

    It won’t be long for them to have things built back up cause they don’t have to level back up. 

    Gold ships, although they are now worthless since we can't get port boni on PvE for the time being.

    1 hour ago, Sir Texas Sir said:

    It’s funny I see just as much toxic level from the PVE guys as PvP. 

    The hatred towards PvP players mostly comes from your PvP Forum Warriors who know best what is good or not for the PvE crowd. But you are right, toxicity is contagious, and that's why we'd rather stay away from your server.

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  9. 36:20 - Such a tragic moment with unexpected outcomes 🤣 great backing track choice btw !

    It was a fun event. I wish more of us were still alive by the end of the fight for I am sure we would have sunk her. The AI was a bitch though, sailing backwards and doing a fairly good job at maneuvering against us. I got leaks on two occasions, which led to my ship filling up with water, first time 2/3 full, 2nd time 1/2 full.

    My advice :
    - Make sure you have minimum 15% bailing bonus, whether from pumps, or books, and whatever may reduce leak repair time.
    - Watch enemy's sail and wind direction at all times
    - Mast strenght bonus is a plus 😛

    Thanks a lot for oganizing this event, and I hope to see more of these in the future.

    26 minutes ago, Cetric de Cornusiac said:

    (5) Contestants not delivering screenshots will not be admitted to future events.

    May I suggest not necessarily declining their admission to future events, but to simply flag them as DNF (did not finish) as done in say MotoGP and other race types, resulting in no points, no rewards? Considering current population figures, I'd say that each participation counts!

    Twas fun to kite full Santi broadsides!



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  10. Once again, I am speechless. I cannot congratulate you for this product feels unfinished AF and I cannot see how 30 last minute days of developement will change anything at current state of the game. As always, speaking from a PvE perspective.

    6 hours ago, CaptainCaveMan said:

    Should all be wiped so everyone starts fresh like any new players.  Your experience in play testing and having survived wipes and resets over the years will be your edge over new players.  To think that this won't happen is a bit naive, but good luck with that...

    It's very simple. His inability to give a valid and definitive statement on things like a PvE wipe and his sarcastic posts left many players in doubt. If a PvE wipe occurs, I am pretty sure the pop will drop significantly, and the reviews will be merciless. If you want a healthy and helping community, then give something valuable for your vets. Time spent is something quite valuable. And if someone wants to have a fresh start he can still choose to delete his account and start over.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Tenet said:

    Early Access is heavily abused and breaking promises is false-advertising, which is a punishable offense in Steam's USA and Australian jurisdictions. The idea that Early Access can last for years with semi-frozen development, with DLC being sold before the 1.0 features list is complete, is all approaching the level of a scam. There's a simpler principle - if you can buy a DLC, the game should be considered "released". 

    I agree. However I have no clue how national laws apply and interact on an international scale, and some countries still have very poor regulations when it comes to "what happens on the internet". And I also did not want to mix this specific topic which is about a form of compensation following frequent server crash with the overall game development and funding method.

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