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  1. Didnt had the time to read through everything, but in case it didnt get mentioned: The Indefatigable is currently able to carry 44x 42pd Carronades. I dont think thats intended and the lower deck should be restricted to cannons only. Other than that a nice Ship I prefer the Endymion tho
  2. One of the prettiest Ships in the game . Congrats Jeheil
  3. exactly that was tested since the last patch and nobody liked it, so they changed it back. Not sure how you got so unlucky, usually you find a few just by sailing around.
  4. I generally like the content, but my suggestion for the next hotfix/patch: make the Blueprints for L´Ocean, Agamemnon, GunBoat, Rattlesnake Heavy aviable like all the other BPs. Otherwise you wont see them at all which would be sad. Make Paint ALOT easier to get. (not loosing a word about the "special" event) make it craftable or aviable at certain ports. It should be quite expensive but not hard to come by, because I think we would all love some variety among the ships we fight and we all love to customize our Ships. also if they are that rare, nobody will use those ships in combat in fear of loosing it, so we wont get to see any of them, wich again would be sad. Other than that keep up the great work
  5. usually they patch on Wednesdays and in morning, but we will see Aha Update in 30 min and the servers will be down for 120min I guess there we have our answer
  6. I think around 5 People have sailed for over an hour, just to find out you cant build an Outpost there And then you realise your Teleport is on cooldown, so you´re stuck for 2 more hours....
  7. yes but you need either alot more players than the enemy or take fleet ships with you too and that would be just stupid
  8. You have to patch that you cant take your fleet into the Portbattle because otherwise you everyone takes 4 undercrewed Constis in the fleet and and you only need 5 guys to defend a Port...you just need the BR and it takes ages to sink them all
  9. I think the officer Bonus is a bit too overpowered. We are trimming our Ships like crazy just to get it 0.25 Knots faster and +1Knots is just too much. Also the Defender bonus is bit too strong too. The Officers should give you slight advantages but not make it too unbalanced
  10. I agree with Sanson The fore an aft riggers seem way to slow down wind. When sailing I still have the feeling that I'm faster with the wind behind me than sailing close hauled and even if they actually were faster close hauled than down wind, a privateer should always be faster than a trader Brig or Snow at any wind position.
  11. Since demasting is close to non existent in the current patch it's not that great of a problem but I noticed that loosing masts has no effect on your trim whatsoever. IRL loosing just one of the sails on your front masts could mess up the balance and force you into the wind until you you either replaced it or take down equivalent sails on the back mast. I've seen trader Brigs with only the front mast sailing close hauled wich should not be possible.
  12. I´d like to see text windows, where you can type in the amount, for splitting goods and for donating money do the clan warehouse
  13. I would love to see more diversity in Port Battles but limiting the amount of 1st 2nd and 3rd rates would make organizing impossible since you can't restrict random people to just join and take up the places of the actually well organized Clan members. Maybe they can make PBs with land in a way that, for example, only frigates or 4th rates are able to enter the bay and capture the tower while the SoLs fight the defenders and provide long range support.
  14. In my opinion ball rakes should kill a little more crew, while grape should kill a little less as it does currently since grape wouldn't travel as far through the ship as balls would do. Maybe well executed stern rakes could get a slight buff by causing reload shocks even at SoLs to represent the Chaos they caused in real life. I never had a reload shock in a ship bigger than a Surprise and it would maybe lead to players stop ignoring stern rakes.
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