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  1. Only 3 more paints to go Im looking forward to the new paints, especially for the Surprise.
  2. So I rounded up all the ships I´ve Paints on and took some screenshots, some of them might be good enough to replace the others. Sorry about the dark ones, seems like the weather in Duels is allways shit Ceberus - French
  3. One of the prettiest Ships in the game . Congrats Jeheil
  4. usually they patch on Wednesdays and in morning, but we will see Aha Update in 30 min and the servers will be down for 120min I guess there we have our answer
  5. I think around 5 People have sailed for over an hour, just to find out you cant build an Outpost there And then you realise your Teleport is on cooldown, so you´re stuck for 2 more hours....
  6. I´d like to see text windows, where you can type in the amount, for splitting goods and for donating money do the clan warehouse
  7. I would love to see more diversity in Port Battles but limiting the amount of 1st 2nd and 3rd rates would make organizing impossible since you can't restrict random people to just join and take up the places of the actually well organized Clan members. Maybe they can make PBs with land in a way that, for example, only frigates or 4th rates are able to enter the bay and capture the tower while the SoLs fight the defenders and provide long range support.
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