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  1. I have returned after being months out. I got this game and i was super engaged. Then i reached the 3rd rate rank and it became a circlejerk around port battle snipping and the mission grind was super boring. I left and eventually most of my friends did too. And i had a blast, in some moments, because naval combat is awesome. And i want to play this game and get engaged again. However, i see a few of things drawing me back, that have no easy solution. If i have limited playtime let's say i log in and want to play. Oh no, the wind is against the direction i have to sail for all the mis
  2. LOL don't twist my words to make it appear that I support this change that is only to appease the carebears.
  3. I don't like artificial fences into my sandbox to make cerebears and risk aversed players happy so that they can turn a sandbox and open world game in a medieval tournament. For that, you get the wonderful duels/small/large battle thing and port battles. I have ganked, i have been ganked. It is part of the game and it is pretty awesome. In open world, if i gang up with 4 buddies of course we are going to pick targets we can fight and we can win and some days you are on a killing spree and others you are sunk pretty hard.That's life i guess? Or you want me to be a wizard and know who is at
  4. Lo que me sorprende es que esos tipos no hayan firmado una NDA y se les caiga el pelo si van cascando cosas que no deben
  5. Well you know, it was usual back then to look at the enemy ships and downsize your fleet because it would not be "fair" to fight them with bigger numbers. /s
  6. You should see the batshit stupid prices on La Habana. We have trincos for 750k and stuff like that on a regular basis. Last dumb thing is a blue Inger for 1.1M. Wonder who pays for that lol.
  7. EVE is alive because we players make it alive. Players run the economy, the politics, etc with little injerence from the devs. Very few things are forbidden and are EULA breaching. Here people would freak out like crazy if they knew about scams and spying etc. They want a sandbox but they don't know what a sandbox entails. If you see their tears for losing ships with durability in a game with instanced combat, it would be deadly hilarious to read their tears if what they lost had something to be compared in terms of regular currency. I am baffled at the risk aversion here, where you print top
  8. Las naciones pequeñas saben perfectamente que si nos damos entre nosotros, solo tienen que venir los grandes a rematar la fiesta. Habiendo brits, americanos y piratas, dudo mucho que los pequeños vayan a ser abiertamente hostiles con nosotros salvo que se cometan muchos errores a nivel de relaciones con ellos.
  9. Lol. You can actually see people heading somewhere. You just need to have people outside the drawing distance and be ready to catch lone people because you are giving them very precise information of fleet numbers.
  10. If the issue is that players close to someone that is chilling on the undock attacks an IA fleet are dragged into battle, then simply offer them a pop up to see if they want or not to join the battle if they are not in the group of said player. The current "national waters" area is huge, but making enemies invincible next to your capital is gamebreaking.
  11. Unless you want to convince me that I can sink them with a staring contest I don't see how it fixes the fact that one single captain can sit there virtually forever reporting enemy movements without any drawback. To me this is much worse than being accidentally tagged by a careless newbro.
  12. We had two USA captains doing this and we just sat over them giving them huggies. It was funny but in the long run its dull.
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