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  1. How do I know? because his name kept changing throughout the match, it seemed very convenient that every time his armor went down, his name would switch to an AI name and would proceed to heal up, then switch back once back to full health. This happened at least three times. Very concerning.
  2. Wish to bring a hacker to justice in Naval action legends by the name of Phoniicz. He was able to switch between "player" and "AI" at will, when he became "AI" he was able to fully repair his ship, then switch back to player. Making himself invincible/unbeatable.
  3. Small (probably known) bug, but persistent and cant find it on the forums..... AI traffic around Bensalem, they can ghost through mountains.
  4. Admiral George Alexander Ballard, CB (7 March 1862 – 16 September 1948) was an officer of the Royal Navy and a historian. Ballard was the eldest son of General John Archibald Ballard (1829–1880), and his wife Joanna, the daughter of Robert Scott-Moncrieff, and was born at Malabar Hill, Bombay on 7 March 1862. He joined the Royal Navy as a Sub-lieutenant, was promoted Lieutenant 15 March 1884, and Commander 31 December 1897. In February 1902 he was ordered to six months´ service at the Admiralty. He was further promoted Captain 31 December 1903. In May 1913, Ballard was appointed a naval aide
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