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  1. How do I know? because his name kept changing throughout the match, it seemed very convenient that every time his armor went down, his name would switch to an AI name and would proceed to heal up, then switch back once back to full health. This happened at least three times. Very concerning.
  2. Wish to bring a hacker to justice in Naval action legends by the name of Phoniicz. He was able to switch between "player" and "AI" at will, when he became "AI" he was able to fully repair his ship, then switch back to player. Making himself invincible/unbeatable.
  3. Its only in battles, it seems people get dc'd one after another . I personally have HUGE lag for about 5 minintes after being able to get back in (1800ms)
  4. Excellent, thankyou! So mind me asking what the issue was?
  5. Small (probably known) bug, but persistent and cant find it on the forums..... AI traffic around Bensalem, they can ghost through mountains.
  6. Not sure if it could be done by the Devs but, if one nation were to be eliminated...have it automatically join the lowest (active) population, and so on and so-forth as each nation crumbles. That way its a (level as can be) playing field right to the end 1v1. Then do a reset once victory has been claimed.
  7. Bump: So when will this be implemented/ voted for ?
  8. I think only giving people a choice of historical names as interesting, but overall bad choice...like google tracking your whereabouts or the government spying on you/freedoms taken away sort of thing bad choice.... the people will revolt As for people wishing to use bad words/profanity as a name, I call upon a list dragged from a different thread as a few different options they could perhaps use instead:
  9. I love the idea of "amount of crew per ship" being on the client side, running a 980ti, there is still heaps of room for extra graphical functions. I do feel the amount of animated crew on the ships at the moment extremely underwhelming... might this be on the list of things to do?
  10. 3 tier system would be good eg. When you open the bottle you get the choice of either 1.easy, 2.medium or 3.hard, the rewards are equivalent to each. Easy = close distance / reward (green/blue upgrade) low amount of loot Medium = medium distance / reward (blue/purple upgrade) medium amount of loot Hard = long distance / reward (purple/gold upgrade) large amount of loot my two cents....Bobs your uncle, everyone is happy.
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