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  1. Thats why you took a port at 4am uncontested and have not gone for an actual PB vs swedes yet since release 😂😂 You're so full of sht its actually sad.
  2. given we're mostly european based, at 4 AM, for such an useless port, no we can't
  3. 😂 more like didn't bother setting an alarm clock for a PB which will be recaptured anyway
  4. lol hes still going dont worry lars one day you'll capture SJ. maybe
  5. @admin this still keeps happening way too often
  6. you keep mentionning HAVOC and then keep on going saying others are bringing RvR into this. Never have I mentionned any of us in a single word here So delusional. And indeed. The suggsetion was to limit accesibiltiy to take out alts from other nations being able to buy stuff they shouldn't be able to buy. Capture the port that drops the resource you want if you want the booty
  7. ??? I was just pointing out the situation. E.G. trying to tell him, even if your nation owns a port with the desired resources, doesn't mean it'll also get it. See this thread.
  8. Funny, where have i mentionned any of that? If you go re-read you'll see you're the one that keeps metionning them anywhere
  9. Your thread title says Northern Carpenters Not Northern Master Carpenters Besides. There are only alts of other nations getting to actually buy the Swedish Carpenters anyway. Why you so salty lars?
  10. Northern carp you can easily replace by navy carpenter which has pretty much the same values and is now super easy to get with the increased CM income
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