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  1. A clan warehouse would be awesome in my opinion. Though as brought up about theft, it is an issue. Personally I think it's fair game, a clan should only appoint the officer flag to those they know. As an alternative. Perhaps maybe make a new flag. Something like crafter or warehouse access. That way some one who is actually trusted but not an officer can access the warehouse or prevent an officer without the flag from accessing the warehouse option.
  2. Alright, I've done a quick search so sorry if I have missed a similar or exact suggestion. Having dipped my toes into PVP, Crafting and trading, I've been thinking about what could improve the current system in this play run economy. Ultimately with how harbors and player buildings work at the moment, most people are using daily teleports to move a fair amount of resources to their crafting hubs with relative amounts of safety. Most suggestions have at removing the ability to teleport with items in hulls and some extremes have pointed at removing the teleport feature completely, but lets face it, it's removal would be a big pain in the ass. With a player run economy the second issue with not being able to teleport goods safely, would be that smaller pop nations could ultimately be starved completely out of certain resources if they were heavily blockaded and harassed, right up to the point where they would no longer be able to properly fight back (More of an extreme event). Okay enough be blabbering on about next to nothing, lets get to what I have in mind. Other than different ports producing resources, make a good amount of ports (Non home ports) have some sort of built in specialty as well. Obviously this is just bare bones but lets take for example a Port which has a sawmill or something along those lines, make it so that any wood working done while inside this town will only cost half the labor hours (Or a small % Decrease if you will). You might have a Port which has an industrial furnace, the bonus which it provides might be that you might be able to make 2 bars of metal per coal or something along those lines. Okay, so now why would all this benefit the game? Well for traders/crafters. This would provide the possibility of saving some labor hours or using less mats while crafting, however at the cost of needing to transport the right materials to the town, during which you open yourself up to being attacked. This adds an element of risk and reward. And for Pirates (Both faction and enemy faction)? Well opportunity is opened up for rewarding raiding, finding players with actually full cargo holds will be a little less hit and miss. As a whole it would also make attacking certain opposing nation ports a little more tactical without completely removing a nations ability to produce goods. I suppose in all it would make things a little more dynamic. Anyway this is simply the skeleton of the idea I'm thinking of, once again apologies if this has already been suggested. Fell free to expand, flame or compliment below.
  3. Yeah, some test missions for the fish resources accidentally got released in a certain hidden town. Also @ Young... Seabass missions are unlocked with the new Ingermanland ship. I can sell you one in town if you want, it will pretty much print money with Seabass.
  4. The projectile itself has weight, and I get where you're coming from Crayon, but given these cannons fired at 1200+ FPS even at max range they are going to do a lot of damage. Sails will still rip and wood would still splinter.
  5. Urby

    loot not fixed?

    Hmm, this is awfully hard to test, can't say I've captured a player trader since the fix. Though like above I wouldn't be surprised if it was some one going around and doing a price check.
  6. Yes because a stale economy is exactly what we need.. In all honestly the current system is okay, you can get into a battle quickly but risk losing a durability on your ship. Keeps ship crafters at work.
  7. This would be awesome, especially if you're crafting to sell ships or pass on to fellow fleet members. Hopefully the above post means that this is on it's way to being implemented.
  8. Nothing says you can't sail and set up near a city that enemy traders use to earn profit, get the right ship (Lynx) and you can chase down player traders and earn quite a bit off it too.
  9. Also confirming multiple blueprint drops. It's definitely a lot easier now.
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