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  1. Eventually you will remember I have no alts, but until then I bet that LV comes back and becomes friends with everyone and bakes all of us a cake
  2. I'll bet you all my alts that when the smoke clears the French are the map winners
  3. How? I have a job and live on the US east coast the EU server RvR timer stops at 4pm my time, Same as most of the old British leadership. Make the devs remove the lockout the servers then ill come back, till then its not worth it. I'm one of The dirty north american players they wanted to get rid of
  4. Even when you don't play any more this is still better then a soap opera
  5. Exile? why would I play on a server that shuts off RvR at 4pm my time when i get off work at 3PM? Most of us are playing on the only server that lets us play, and the EU players over here are the ones who did not want to leave there clans behind or opposed the split of the community on principal. But its Ok now you no longer need to fear the big bad Americans from using your gaming addiction keeping you up at night And with no alliances any more dose it matter if the US and brits are friends?(i have no idea if they are honestly) I'm told you have a NAP with the nation right next to you
  6. This should have been locked pages ago but some men just want to watch the world burn It's like a car crash I cant look away XD
  7. i don't support a change to the TP system he have now unless the map is re-balanced in terms of resources. As we stand now only 2 nations will have access to production of live oak (due to lack of alliances) and with no free town delivery the nations in the east will have a lot of trouble getting any, i do like front lines, but if that's gonna be the case i would like everyone to have access to resorces.
  8. yah but 90% of the abuses in this game stem from or are related to alts, its a huge issue but there is little that can be done about it
  9. so people with alts will just farm admiralty marks off them and have all the best stuff?
  10. I'm willing to bet i get more toxicity for being a British player then I give out. That being said yes no attempt was made till the server split, because all balance discussions we had was predicated on the eastern alliance leaving. First admin shot down chris' idea about making it easier to change nations, then as soon as the proposed deal expanded to include Sweden it fell apart, and its my policy for the british that I wont make any deal unless all relevant nations are included. And finally the elephant in the room, changing alliances will be difficult if not impossible with all the
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