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  1. Eventually you will remember I have no alts, but until then I bet that LV comes back and becomes friends with everyone and bakes all of us a cake
  2. I'll bet you all my alts that when the smoke clears the French are the map winners
  3. How? I have a job and live on the US east coast the EU server RvR timer stops at 4pm my time, Same as most of the old British leadership. Make the devs remove the lockout the servers then ill come back, till then its not worth it. I'm one of The dirty north american players they wanted to get rid of
  4. Even when you don't play any more this is still better then a soap opera
  5. Ironically the mechanic admin announced for the future prevention of splitting up an arraigned PB fleet is one LV (among other people) has been clamoring for for moths
  6. Prediction for a server without us actual server without us
  7. The drama when you remove the big bad British as everyone's enemy is amazing
  8. Exile? why would I play on a server that shuts off RvR at 4pm my time when i get off work at 3PM? Most of us are playing on the only server that lets us play, and the EU players over here are the ones who did not want to leave there clans behind or opposed the split of the community on principal. But its Ok now you no longer need to fear the big bad Americans from using your gaming addiction keeping you up at night And with no alliances any more dose it matter if the US and brits are friends?(i have no idea if they are honestly) I'm told you have a NAP with the nation right next to you so you can beat up the french Although I do want to know is it true that most of the french clans jumped ship to DN USA and Spain on the EU server?
  9. So far as i know the aggi is from marks traded to them by the Spanish for the screening they did and not related to Cap Francais
  10. This should have been locked pages ago but some men just want to watch the world burn It's like a car crash I cant look away XD
  11. I don't think hiding information is the way to make people make good decisions, i think it would be better to post on the start page the conquest window for EU. We should not be relying on ignorance to make people chose what we want. some players insisted on two servers, now it is the responsibility of the devs to figure out how to get enough people on the global one to make it work when we did not have enough for a global server before the split. As i said before my self and my clan are watching this closely to see if there will be a solution or just and end to our support of the game.
  12. Christendom is absolutely right and did a good job of summing up North american players feelings. I played this game for the community, the point for me was interacting with people from all over the wold and my content was RvR. Now being based on the US east coast RvR in the EU server closes at 4pm my time, i get off work at 3pm most days, clearly untenable. Some may argue that there is more to RvR then the port battles but really how much do you want to do the RvR work when you can't be in the battle? My self and nearly all of ZERG are simply not playing any more. I will not play on the EU server with the restricted port battle timers that cut me out, and I see no reason to play on global with 200 people online. The lack of north american player retention is due to the perception that no one cares about us as a player base. Not one successful RvR game that I have ever played has these limits on when you can RvR, and server down time sits square in oceanic players play time. Whats more we have the comments of the staff that the problems of the game is the fault of north american players playing in their time zones(I can did out the screen shots if you insist as we as a player base have become paranoid and save everything off forum these days). When i was leading ZERG and doing most of the organisation work for the British after Redman29 quit the job due to work commitments I was playing in both EU and NA times because I was unemployed. I cant do that any more and as a result my feeling is that i have been cut out from the game. ZERG is about 50% north american players and the EU players we have want to play on global but have no interest in the ghost town that PvP2 is. And we are by no means the only clan now facing the choice of staying together or splitting along geographical lines. I don't run a xenophobic clan I have people who stretch from Australia all the way to Croatia and we like the diversity. But server pop makes server pop so EU will get the players who don't care so much about RvR and leave global as a ghost town, even more so as the global server by definition needs more people to be successful. Personally i have yet to write my review for the game, I'm torn between the fact that i have more then gotten MY moneys worth, but i would absolutely not recommend this game in its current state, especially to anyone who lives in who lives in north america. Personalty I have lots of issues with how PR and the development of the game has gone and is going and I would be happy to discuss them wit the staff, but i have been absent from the forums after the last round of bans due to a general dissolution with the fate of the game.
  13. Might be worth a look, at the moment ZERG is more of a world of warships clan then a naval action one. But I do love me some age of sail.
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