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    Ship models anyone?

    Otro barco que en mi opinión puede ser incluido en el tema de Exploration and survey ships, el tender ruso Pospeshniy 1845. Aquí un modelo mío en papel. Another boat which in my opinion can be included on the issue of Exploration and survey ships, the Russian tender Pospeshniy 1845. Here one of my role model. http://maquetasenpapel.mforos.com/1195022/11061590-el-tender-pospeshniy-1845/?pag=2
  2. Thalassa

    Ship models anyone?

    The paper model of the frigate Sta. Leocadia 1777, presented in this topic on page 1, is mine. Here is the link to a step by step: http://www.modelismonaval.com/foro/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=7600