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  1. asrock is an asus branch, they use to be crap, but in recent years i must say they have impressed me several times. i never really been a fan of gigabyte tbh. https://www.techspot.com/bestof/amd-b450-motherboards/ of course you also have the dimensions and the design of your case to worry about @admin i wonder what hardware devs is using for the development of the game, intel/nvidia or AMD? do u know?
  2. lets first define rare, because RL wise, most of the ships in game was more or less rare, its really just the frig and brig that could go as common (in the caribbean)
  3. alts, name-changing... 2 terrible things that has been allowed because profit. imho. the game died a little the day alts was introduced.
  4. dayz standalone, 5 years and just changed to beta from alpha. 5 years guys. the amount of whine from the community throughout all these years, some people think it take 1-2 years to develop a shelf life videogame.
  5. this is exactly the challenge we have when there is a low amount of players. we simply cant attack and hold ports without sacrificing great portions of our real life. if there was more players, we could devide and conquer
  6. OP & van der Decken i salute you, epic solo tanking spoiled noobs. Fake reviews is indeed a thing, not just in NA but all over Steam. This is also partly why many big companies have moved their products over to Epic's store. Everyone shouldnt be allowed to write a review. Many shouldnt be allowed to play Early Access Alpha games, because they play it as if its a full release and then start to cry when game develops in a direction they disagree with. I wish there was a Gaming License, only people with a certain level of gaming license would be granted to write reviews and play certain EA/alpha titles. Devs could set the level of license req. to test. But it will never happen, because majority of online users in 2019 are unexperienced pre-teens and their voice is far too great. edit: btw i have upvoted all your reddits regarding your great detective work.
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1051440/Ship_Builder_Simulator/
  8. people state many fair points but i dont see any solutions
  9. good things take time. i like to follow a games development and play the same game but in different shapes from raw to polished, many bugs are funny and i love when strange stuff occur. it seems GL is staying true to their vision and i like that. but i think that playing early access alphas should be free. i feel that the popularity of the game would be greater if the game (not DLC's) had been free all along up until release.
  10. heres mine https://steamcommunity.com/id/horked/recommended/311310/ i liked the chat i had with that guy in the comments
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