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  1. springby

    He buys salt to help other players

    imho, eventho i totally give the thumbs up to the guy, i think that it is crooked that players is doing what the game is suppose to do.
  2. springby


    on a serious side note: im not posting here to get upvotes, idgaf about votes the meme forum is for people who tryhard and grind forum standing. i simply cba, too old for that crap
  3. springby


    farming posts? not sure i understand :s
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  5. springby

    What music while playing Naval Action

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    how dare you post serious stuff in the temple of SPAM?!
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  10. springby


    RDR2 is a GTA5 reskin, not saying its bad, just saying minimal effort $$$ title
  11. springby

    World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered in Black Sea

    for reference https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grauballe_Man water have extraordinary conservation ability
  12. springby

    World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered in Black Sea

    fascinating didnt knew trading vessels had both sails and oars. was the sails poor back then or lack of regular wind? rowing better when on rivers? was rowing done by slaves or paid crew? i guess i have to google now lol
  13. springby

    Disable Friendly Fire

  14. springby