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  1. His intention was not to blow up everyone. So he was not able to tell everyone that he will kill everyone. All what's left are some maybes. Maybe he should have told his "team" that he is a fire ship, yes. And that is all. He was not intended to do Green on Green. I would say he was just thoughtless about that point because he was not overthinking about what this would cause. Nevertheless, he faced up to that, he did not hide, he delivered the video on his own. He showed you that he didn't mean it that harsh as you think he meant it. So at the end, there is just one point left which is di
  2. So you want to create an exploit where two nations can "save their ships" hiding in a battle against each other like pirates and Spanish did two years before when the join timer was ridiculous short? No way... Okay, two things to add. First, he did not hide with this. He brought up an entire video of the happening and told you what he was thinking about this when he did it. This is not done by someone who did not really means what he said. In that case, he would just have wait for some water down the river hoping no one would find that video or deleting it. Second, he declared that h
  3. Die KINGS GERMAN NAVY rekrutiert! KINGS GERMAN NAVY Die KINGS unter Flottenadmiral NitroBiLLe nehmen wieder ihren Dienst auf und öffnen ihre Rekrutierungsbüros in Kingston/Port Royale und Belize neu. Einschreibung für junge Offiziere und alte Hasen Zur Einschreibung auf ein Offizierspatent sind sowohl Neueinsteiger als auch alte Hasen eingeladen, wir halten aber beide Parteien dazu an die Flotten-Charta zu lesen und zu beherzigen. Die KINGS haben feste Ziele die im Rahmen der eigenen Möglichkeiten einzuhalten sind. Die KINGS GERMAN NAVY sind ein deutscher C
  4. Yes I remember. I remember our diplomats talking to Spaniards to end the war and I remember spanish players to reject this. I also remember the blaming about the bad british nation from you guys. Funny to see how you feel good doing something you doomed but seems to be okay for you because your reasons are of course umquestionable...
  5. What a bad excuse for a zerg action. Honestly which diplomatic talks do you talk about. All we've heard from you is that you are undecided. After that their was your war declaration in the diplomatic situation thread.
  6. Good news. Are there any diplomatic channels to our former brothers in arms?
  7. Da dies hier dann wohl hier reingehört bin ich mal so frei ....
  8. Keep your Renommée. I am not interested... ;-)
  9. Well .... at least I can hunt french silver-trader again... yay ... total win! There will be a tomorrow so "Keep calm and chase another french LGV". ;-)
  10. Watching yesterdays Portbattle at Castries was so much fun. Like a good football-match just with burning ships instead of red cards.
  11. To be fair we weren't trapped in the bay we sailed there for several reason's (Even the flag was down for that moment so whatever). First to get you tired of waiting there after you bored us to run in distance all time in stead of fighting, second to have a try for you following us for the last stand alone (well not alone more stand fleet I guess). You didn't and we didn't do you the favour to let us been shooted from distance for nothing. That's tactic, nothing less. Listen you made a point with the disorganisation and we know that point. We've a lot of pubbies which have to learn (what
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