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  1. Try pressing the Home key. Either in battle or in the Open World.
  2. Not to detract from your argument, because your point is no less valid, but you only went so far as (a). I think people are afraid to let a free market economy do what it is meant to, and what it inevitably would... given the opportunity. When people see an opportunity to make money, certain enterprising players will take advantage. If people do not move goods, the prices will rise until somebody eventually says "screw it" and sails out of there way to make a ton of money. With production buildings, the distances aren't even that great. If you create a system which creates an incent
  3. As a crafter, I love these ideas. If I was too lazy to do the work of moving the goods then I will simply pay others to transport goods for me. If I am too poor to afford that, then I will do the transporting myself. It will drive the economy and create new roles for players to fill as merchant vessels. I would love to see that sort of player interaction!
  4. I love the idea! I would ask for an ability to move crew around and manage them better. I think this is a great way to bring out some more RPG aspects of the game and give the player a sense of crew preservation. It will tie in well with the upcoming limited crew as a resource. I would ask for crew management so I could do things like train a crew all the way to veterans and then stick them back on shore and take out a new green crew for grinding. I would use my more experienced crew for important PVP or port battles and the green "standby" crew would be the ones that I was grinding
  5. Fleet orders are meant for groups of that level. A solo player of higher level in a much larger ship can solo them with the NPC support. I would contend that not one single player in this game, with the best ship and the best upgrades, can manage a fleet rear admiralty order on their own despite the NPC support. Solo orders are meant for a single player. They have always had the options through the ranks to fight two ships of the same class that you were in. a Constitution could fight two constitutions. A navy brig could fight two navy brigs. Santisimas do not have the option t
  6. I like the idea of auto follow as a compromise to teleportation
  7. go do a solo rear admiralty fleet order and let me know how it goes.
  8. I think you may be a little too attached to the items you've "worked diligently for". If you aren't expecting them to be wiped eventually, you are setting yourself up for probable disappointment. Looking at it objectively, as the developers introduce massive economic or game mechanic changes, they are going to have incentives to wipe things so they can collect more reliable data. This game is in ALPHA... and I can unnecessarily capitalize random words too.
  9. Fleet missions are for groups. Regular Admiralty Orders are for solo play.
  10. During poor visibility it can be exploited by projecting your point of view beyond that of your actual position. This allows you to scout ahead. Also, you can hide behind land features and watch a shipping lane without exposing yourself. If used correctly, it is easily exploitable, and allows for a lot of trolling. I know this is a beautiful game with plenty of potential for screenshots. I imagine that is why the home camera exists. I am just pointing out that it can, and is being exploited. I exploit that feature all the time to my own advantage, I'm sure many others do th
  11. I think they need to get rid of the home key function that allows you to disconnect the camera from the ship and fly your viewpoint away like a little camera drone of sorts. I exploit it constantly to look around corners of cliffs or scout ahead of my position.
  12. Vote is self explanitory. If you have additional comments or require a choice that isn't available... please add it in your reply and I will add it to the voting options as best I can. Thanks for your feedback! 1st Edit: Typo on third option for second question, changed double pavel to read double santisima.
  13. I love the premium on the notes, it gives non crafters a solid source of income. I would like to expand that into the low level non crafters as well. At the end of the day, if notes get too expensive, ship builders can simply craft their own. I think the economics on it are working as intended.
  14. wiping the server wouldnt break my morale or dedication to the game. wiping the server and removing my massive stockpiles of materials would be a great way to test new economic changes and production values more reliably. It would be smart, if any major economic change occured, to start with a fresh slate. If we keep our levels, we aren't "starting over", just simply having our massive fortunes taken away. I would have no problem with a wipe of assets. Gold, ships, blue prints, notes, outposts, ports, and buildings.
  15. I think we should use low level notes at all levels of crafting. At high levels of crafting, all notes should be used. low level ships require low grade mid level ships require mid grade and low grade high level ships require high grade mid grade and low grade for example, upgrade could use 1 high note, 2 mid notes, and 3 low notes. a santisima could use 4 high notes, 3 mid notes, and 2 low notes. I think it would be a great way to give new players a meaningful way to earn money and contribute to the economy in a meaningful way. This could help a lot of people get
  16. I think it would be cool if you had marines on board and if you closed to a certain small distance from an enemy, the marines began to kill it's crew over time. Just simulating them firing muskets into the enemy crew and giving you credit for crew kills. Small passive amount similar to a damage over time type skill on other mmorpgs
  17. I replied to six posts that had teleporting as some sort of main subject because I thought my opinion was relevant to their topics. About a month ago I created a topic about teleporting ships after capture and changing it to a system of vulnerable towing. That post produced a lot of negative feedback. After replying to the six posts about teleporting and offering my feedback there, I considered all the information for about eight hours then I created this topic to address the idea I had been developing in that time. I did not create 20 topics, nor did I intentionally spam the forums, I
  18. I can't begin to describe how much I agree with you; however, it seems as though we will not see anything like what you've described per the following admin response: Unfortunately, that seems pretty clear and final regarding any feedback on teleportation. I was expecting this post to be closed shortly after the admin response. I am sad to say that the exploitation of teleporting seems like it is here to stay.
  19. If you stop bringing materials, then the prices will go up. When they go up there will be more margin for profit. When there is more profit available people will consider it worth the time investment. When people consider it worth the investment of time, they will fill the void you left. We have production buildings, and would have AI pathing to allow me to sail up and down the coast. I would be more than happy to take your profits and provide trade goods to my countries ship building ports. There will always be players who aren't interested in crafting. Some of those players wil
  20. Good point, the wording was unnecessary. Removed "it is the only way I can stand to play this game" Yes, let AI control your ship for long voyages to keep players from having to complete mundane back and forth sails over and over again. Give players the tools to do it realistically without the exploitable teleportation. You take the risk by allowing the AI to move your supplies or boats. If the journey is particularly perilous then you may opt to complete it yourself. However; everyday run of the mill supply runs from one safe port to another can be completed via automation without
  21. If you feel that it is spam, report it and let the moderator decide. I have no issue with that. Forums have lots of posts and people aren't very likely to read the one reply on page 87 buried among the flaming and derailed topics. I replied to all the teleport search posts I could find. Then I considered all the information I had read, developed my own idea of how I would like to see it addressed and made a new post that can address my idea in particular. The teleporting issue has been discussed 1000 times and will continue to be a hot button topic. I will continue to share my opi
  22. Sure there is, my reply to another's post is my opinion on that post but is buried amongst a pile of other comments and debates. My idea is in agreement or disagreement with what others posted and was a valid response to that topic; however,it is also its own independent idea which warrants a post that explains it in greater detail. I will continue to post in topics that have a subject of teleportation because I feel strongly about it. Any post that is asking for opinions on teleportation would be a valid place to share my thoughts.
  23. Teleporting is going to kill this game. It is far too easy to exploit and makes PvP illogically centered around random free ports. It should be removed and replaced by a system that makes more sense. I propose we use the in place AI pathing from port to port to allow players to travel via AI control while online or offline. This turns your vessel into a NPC which leap frogs from one port to the next to your selected destination and takes real time. It makes sense because a captain of a ship (the player) could not be awake 24/7 and had to allow his crew to perform basic ship functions i
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