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  1. SOLVED. it is a joystick issue. deactivating my hotas, pedals, etc it works fine
  2. Hi. I Can't place any contract because a bug on the contract window. I can't choose the product in the scroll (Always almeria saltpeter tha is in fact the first one). Please some help
  3. I loved when there were no cordinates in the map. was pure adventure
  4. One of the best momento ever was sailing from Habana to Caño macareo with a mate in two Trincs. 4 hours of pleasure. I remember too once in a privateer looking for some merchants in Bahamas for an hour an ..... nothing.
  5. Dear Admins. I guess you are playing with us. We trusted you with this BETA but you are changing the game everyday and not always for good. You said will be a ships wipe very soon and encourage us to stock materials and resources to start again. Ok, this can improve the game but now when lot's of people have been delivering goods to free ports waiting for the wipe you say that some freeports will not be free again (GULF OF MEXICO ONES). Me and my clan have deliveried tons of material to Gulf Area and broken about 100 vessels there . What shall we do? Please tell us what are you doing about it. Will you give me my resources in an outpost of my election? Will you be CLEAR enough with your announcements? Why don't make a FINAL versión of the map without thraumatic changes? You are breaking all the strategy-economy part of this game (thas can be awesome) Do you have a REAL PLAN about this game? If your answear is yes, please share it with us. But, note I said a Plan and not just a brainstorming. Please stop playing with us, experimenting with the game and start developing the game with a PLAN and with an affordable timeline. We all will trust you and your/our game and will be pleased and happy playing a great game and not moving things to a place to another without any sense Thank you Enrique El Navegante Spain / SCC
  6. Es obra de misericordia enseñar al que no sabe. y por desgracia en esta nuestra faccion cada vez sabemos menos y somos menos civilizados. Lo que ha hecho este "traidor" ante el que me quito el sombrero debería ser LO NORMAL y se le llama tener clase.
  7. Hi Here are my wishlist: functional lighthouses in important landmarks (capes, points, little islands) with a banner with its name (like in ports) Improve important ports with several docks Darker nights improve weather and wind system maybe using wind and jetstream areas in open seas. Ships should suffer damage when stuck into shallows or great thunderstorms make a better looking map and include navigation tools like compass, plotter, protractor, pencil etc. and take out autocoordinates system (only with a new "navigator perk" make a real fishing ship (only fish and salt cargo allowed) Allow open seas trading Allow using more outposts Allow more buildings Allow delivery contracts between players (ex. Please deliver "XXX products" to La Habana (I'll pay XXX Gold) Give XP for patrolling ports (new misión ) Include a soundtrack (sailor songs, habaneras, tavern songs etc) Ships should need supplies to be able to sail like food, water, gunpowder, ammunitions, It would be great if you need troop (marines) transport ships to be able to take a port. (maybe using war supplies) Make new IA fleets including merchants and light scorts (frigate class ships) Develop flares in OW (Red=help, Blue = Hello) Allow fake flags for pirates and smugglers (only reveal real nation when very close) Allow to see who is in a port Feel free to comment
  8. I think would be great if you are in a group in open world, you should be able to see the same things that everyone in the group (Shipwhrecks, missions, etc).
  9. Hi dear Developers. I write this post to give some ideas about oceanic navigation in OW. One of the best things in this game is that it was GPS less, (excepting 3rds apps like vedmed map and others). But the map included is very simple and we don't have any tool to navigate properly. You should use a better and map and add to it some tools like a ruler, a protractor, a pen, a drawing compass and a clock. To allow this you should take out the F11 coordinates tool or change the mechanics to be able to use it only sometimes in a day. You should put some 3d landmarks in main islands, capes and gulfs like towers or lighhouses (maybe with a name over them like in the ports) The OW spyglass should have a compass to know where are you looking at. Thanks
  10. Hi Vedmed Great Job again. Suggestions: Change the icons (smaller is better) Add if posible 2 or 3 levels of zoom in Thanks
  11. Great job again vedmed Next to do, change the ship icon just by an X and will be perfect
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