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  1. Very nice and helpful addition! In the reload reduction section, a stronger reduction gives red comparison though, same for dispersion values (it has to be the other way around i think)
  2. Nice, thank you! Are there any plans to add data for the port ownership, port battles and port bonuses lists for the pve server as well?
  3. The ship list appears to be empty for me, even after deleting cache
  4. Edinorog guns seem to be missing now, also Turn Rate in Ship List is saying Not a Number for every ship
  5. I am a native German speaker, in the documentary they say that a British weapons expert has built the experiment to scale and the grass/straw is used to compress the load, as it was done in the past. Also the cannonball is moving much too fast to let the wood disperse some energy by moving. So i think the experiment is quite relevant
  6. Quick addition: They did scale down both the frame and the cannon so that the frame was only 20cm thick. That means that the cannon represents at least an 18 or 24pd cannon which is quite an impressive result for the live oak frame
  7. Navy guns have the same pen as long guns i think, that's why the corresponding graphs overlap
  8. I am no expert, but i thought the hull thickness of ships is more or less proportional to its size, meaning that historically lineships (who were even made for exchaning broadsides) had much thicker hulls than frigates (who were mainly made for speed). If that is true, i would be happy to still see that in game after the patch
  9. I guess you are right, i am just a bit afraid that 1st and 2nd rates, who were made much more expensive recently, wont be as powerful as they are now anymore and thus crafting them will be even less motivating
  10. About what ship are we talking? Historically, line ships (3d rate and upward) were almost unsinkable even after hours of close range broadside exchanges. So I hope we won't see basic cutter penetrating 1st rates at 100m because in my opinion that would be just stupid
  11. You sir, are a formidable person and i can't but admire and salute you o7
  12. I like the fact that decent 1st rates will get much more expensive, as historically they were very rare as well. If you can't afford crafting one, you can still use NPC capped 1st rates. That pushes players to go with weaker 1st rates more often and hopefully makes sailing smaller ships more attractive. New players shouldn't be able to sail 1st rates so quickly anyways (yes, i don't like vic DLC either).
  13. Dude you are a legend! One proposal: since the new stats are more sophisticated, i would like to have one more decimal for the repair amount (for the woods and for the upgrades/trims)
  14. Awesome, that looks really promising! I think so as well, so i would simply give the whole Locust/Locust(S)/Greenheart branch like +1-2% in thickness to better compete with the Live Oak/Live Oak(S)/African Oak branch, as i think the thickness AND speed tradeoff is not quite compensated enough by 5% more HP Edit: After learning that Live Oak is now 1000 reals per log vs 500 for Locust, i guess its fine that Locus lacks behind Live Oak in general
  15. I personally really like this design direction and can't wait for the final timber stats, but i guess many players will be unhappy unfortunately. I hope things will calm down quickly after the forthcoming changes
  16. There are 594, as you can only use 22 out of 27 available woods for planking
  17. Where are your numbers from? As with the new values, fir/fir gives +11,8% speed, rangoon/rangoon gives +11,0%. As frame wood i like Rangoon, because it gives at least some protection. As planking, as i said, it is basically worse than fir in every aspect.
  18. I think Rangoon Teak as planking is currently broken, it is basically worse than any other fir in every aspect. I guess it should have like +2-4% thickness instead of -12% so it is slower, but at least tankier than fir planking
  19. Even though I think balance is very important in the game, we should not forget that teak was and still is one of the best if not the best and most popular wood in shipbuilding. That is why I think it is right that teak has better values overall than most other woods.
  20. Just apply your own filter by clicking the little triangles in the column headers
  21. Just ask in global, normally they are sold for about 10 -20M reals each.
  22. It still sais Thickness capped with 107 Thickness on L'Océan, but 76 x 1,50 = 114 (if 50% is the thickness cap)
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