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  1. Plot Available is correct
  2. First impressions are that the new port UI is a little cluttered, will get use to it in time no doubt but at the moment seems to take much longer to do the various "in port" tasks. Main issues for me; not being able to see most of my warehouse contents (in the order I put them in) in one quick glance. Rewards claimed in port for completed missions drop into ships hold overloading ship, would it not be better to go to warehouse or Captains chest.
  3. Surely the gold awarded for sinking a ship is some form of compensation for not taking the ship as "prize" ( perhaps to be regarded as your pay as an officer). In this context this should be paid when you return to port not put into the hold of your ship to carry home.
  4. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    Open World Ship Identification

    I would say that the limitations of the spyglass are consistent with trying to use a hand held telescope on a moving deck
  5. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    Hostility Missions as PvE

    Whilst a partial raising of hostility may just be someone using a mission for PVE rewards, might it not also perhaps be a diversionary raid to draw enemy ships away from the intended target?, in which case that would be a valid strategic tactic.
  6. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    Port Battle System is Pathetic

    Although I am mainly a "solo" player myself I see no problem with the clan based PB system. In any major naval action there must be an organised fleet with a chain of command, this is difficult to achieve if too many lone wolves start joining in & possibly not following the agreed plan of action. I have occasionally taken part in PBs by clan invitation so they are not exactly barred to non clan players, maybe we solo players just have to accept that we need to prove our capabilities & experience in other ways in order to get the invites.
  7. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    PvP - what does it mean, captain ?

    getting into a fight with enemy ship or ships even if the odds are not necessarily in your favour. Not being afraid to lose a ship. The idea that a fight should be even is quite unrealistic.
  8. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    Hold access in Combat

    I agree, to be able to stop and "board" a vessel to relieve it of some or all of it's cargo without killing it's crew or taking/sinking ship would be a huge step forward.
  9. I've only called for reinforcements on one occasion so far, what I got was 6 1st rates + 1 5th spawn right alongside me - way over the top. If that is typical then reinforcment fleets need to be reduced.
  10. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    OW Travel Speed

    If anyone wants super fast travel perhaps an age of sail game is not for them.
  11. I quite like the idea of Freeports for traders only. Freeports should be neutral and not used as staging posts for battle fleets. As for teleports, surely the further away from your home base you operate the more difficult it should be.
  12. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    Gameplay mechanic question

    you should find yourself in nearest friendly port after battle where you can get free basic cutter. Your fleet ship should still be in fleet.
  13. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    Mega Patch 10.0

    excellent work - well worth the wait
  14. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    Global or European

    Which is exactly what I will do. Probably both.
  15. Bartholomew.E.Dogg

    Hotfix 9 for testbed patch 9.99

    Nation change with forged papers is better than expected. I had assumed this would just be a change of nationality while keeping XP & gold. Being able to take ships & goods with you is an unexpected bonus. Look foward to all changes going out on live servers soon.