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  1. Constant Edge

    Looking for Pirate Clan

    Just spread a word: new crew The Sea Dogs recruit now on EU server. Visit our website for more info: https://www.theseadogs.eu/ We hope developers will make promised "pirate mechanic" so we all can have more fun in game and many folks will back. However i just made clan now and we recruit anyway. We prefer invite players with any Naval Action experience but there is a place for new ones since we want to be known as a clan with good reputation. We don`t want attack other pirates in outlaw instances until they don`t attack us.
  2. Constant Edge

    Pirates & Lineships after Wipe

    Can be easy exploited by alts being boarded...same with ships. Only more time consuming but no real limit. Totally disappointed
  3. Kurcze chwalic sie gankiem 5 na 1...co za ludzie?
  4. Czego sie tak wstydzisz kolego? chcialbys urodzic sie niemcem albo rumunem? bo nie rozumiem do czego pijesz...wyrazilem swoje zdanie a ty od razu sie czepiasz.
  5. Witam Poczytalem troche dzis forum i z checia bym dolaczyl do jakiegos klanu
  6. Witam Niedawno nabylem Naval Action i zaczynam przygode na wodach Karaibow ! Hej przygodo