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  1. I should like to confirm that the Letter of Marque granted me by His Royal Majesty, King George III, leaves the disposition of my patrol area entirely to my own discretion and initiative. I have been instructed to seize as prizes of war any vessels found to be aiding and abetting those rebellious traitors that have taken up arms against the Crown's authority in the American Colonies. As such, I patrol wheresoever and howsoever I best see fit, assisting the Royal Navy when the opportunity arises, as it did last night. And for weeks now, I've found operations in US waters quite comfortable,
  2. Yes, Spain never saw you coming. Congrats on those courageous victories versus undefended ports.
  3. While sailing my Basic Cutter on routine trade interdiction duties on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King George III, I encountered a large American assault fleet just north of Xpu Ha on the Yucatan peninsula. The fleet was sailing south towards British territory, and their bellicose motives were self-evident. As a loyal subject of the Crown, I immediately notified British national chat of my observations and proceeded to shadow the fleet, comprised of three Victory-class 1st rates, two Bellona-class 3rd rates, a Constitution, two Trincomalee-class 5th rates, and multiple Frigates and Surpri
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