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  1. LOL You are a CAPTAIN OF THE UNITED hello kittyING STATES NAVY For gods sake, not some Democratic Republic of Whinistan. T Bottom Line, look at the numbers playing, call us what you want. Its still crap. and you have given us a raw deal. . so why don't you just go one back to your Socialist Party of CheetAstan.
  2. What a load of crock, Other Nations. are out grinding 1st and Second Rates. go over to the US side all they have to grind is 5th rates. and only from maybe one port. This is just crap. Its blatant cheating and putting us at a huge disadvantage. You want us to vote for you game. I don't think so. Instead I am going to make it my mission to let the rest of the world know how you just screw us over and say its mechanics.
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