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  1. @admin any ETA on the patch note of the updates?
  2. Patch note are indeed required. Seriously, there's nothing worst than having a game being modified without being told what.
  3. Nation should have been kept to France, Spain, Britain, and the Pirates in the Middle.
  4. Or, ya know... People just want to play but do care about it? I need 10K of XP to be able to sail properly rank 4. But grinding up the levels in this game is such a pain in the butt. There is no fun to face AI in missions. Most people prefer organised play with fleet and clans.
  5. Sadly, people TEND to be overly dramatic. It's like watching a robot reprise of "Romeos and Julliets" It end with everybody dead, and no fun at all.
  6. Actullay, they perfectly can be a main money making source. One of the thing a game need is to ALWAYS have a way to get back the players to the wealth they had. Here, it's present. And if you remove that, you make a big mistake.
  7. KuroNyra

    AI Angles

    pretty sur they are buffed comparedto what we have.
  8. KuroNyra

    AI Angles

    they do from what I know. They have constant double charge.
  9. KuroNyra

    AI Angles

    Destroying AI that are not Elite SHOULD be a reletively easy task
  10. KuroNyra

    AI Angles

    It took me 17th try get it. X') And 5th time out of the 17th, I died because the AI decided it could fire on me with it's side gun while I was on it's butt....
  11. KuroNyra

    AI Angles

    Instead of feeling trival and stupid. They feel like Dark Soul boss. Just look at what they can do during the final exam.
  12. Sounds great. Except for his. I don't want his Twin brother or whatever hurting my cat.
  13. No side are clear. But seriously. Smegg theses guys.
  14. I have this music coming to my mind when I watch that war...
  15. << Hello, this is the French, we're gonna attack a 11PM tomorrow... Ok? Yeah, ok. See ya there, bb.>>
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