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  1. Yep - same problem not present using Chrome. There's something askew with my Firefox autofill settings, clearly.
  2. Hi slik, thanks for taking the time to reply. I had and have autofill turned off but the top 2nd and 3rd fields under Change Email still auto-fill. Every time I enter new text in the new password fields at the bottom, the top fields are filling. I can finaegle it by deleting the top fields at the end and then submitting but it's a pain. If you're not seeing the same then it's probably unique to my browser and something wonky with autofill but all the same, someone should wack the form processing code with a hammer.
  3. This may be a known issue but the profile field edit function isn't working properly. While the form states, "You can leave a section blank if you do not wish to update that section. For example, you can change your email address without completing the 'Password' section at the bottom." the forum fails to process if you do actually leave one section empty. For example, I attempted to edit my password by entering my current password and the desired new password in duplicate. This autofills the email field and current password field above. Submitting that results in 'your passwords do not match' (they do). Removing the email and password duplicate and only trying to edit the password results in a "your current password is incorrect" error. If I fill out all fields, I receive the error, "Your current password is incorrect" even though it definitely is not. It would appear the profile edit screen functions might have some problems.
  4. Napeoleonic era, representing that actually rather different tactical mechanics.
  5. Disagree on both the balance of the game and historical record. Gettysburg was actually a rather finely balanced affair. One of the reasons it's a very interesting battle to study is the number of opportunities for each side to make major advances, particularly the Confederate and a number of missed, untaken or poorly managed episodes. I think the game represents this rather well. You can certainly argue that within the historical context of the war, the Union had a major and almost insurmountable field advantage but within the context of individual battles or this game, no.
  6. Good lord, enough of this reasonable nonsense! Everyone knows Apple is responsible for placing newborn babies on spikes at the city gates of countries all across Asia and underpaying the pikemen for the work. They're also heavily implicated in nefarious attempts at re-trademarking popular fruit and some vowels, in cahoots with doctors everywhere.
  7. It may be redundant to point out but it hasn't prevented me on 5,939 prior occasions: those are fighting words, sir. War of Northern Aggression? War of Southern Repression and Enslavement or WOSRE! Have at you. Hmm...
  8. So when is all said and done, the loser here is MY wallet! Twas ever thus.
  9. Well done. I actually purchased a second copy of the game on Steam late last night, on a second steam account, for one of my kids who heard about this whole story and became interested. So, now I feel hoodwinked and am going to start a new thread about how this was a grand conspiracy to make us buy extra copies outside Apple
  10. Good lord, if Apple places the game back in the store then how on earth will we continue this verbal battle of ethics and morality? Should we perhaps start a petition to have them remove it a while longer so we can get this fully argued into exhaustion?
  11. This may be moving off topic somewhat and this might be elementary but I venture the argument here goes thus: 1. I can revere the American constitution, flag and bill of rights whilst taking serious issue with how some have interpretted, abused or ignored those values in the name of their country. 2. Supporting the ideals of the constitution, bill of rights and flag does not mean you concur with or support the criminal or amoral attitudes or actions of those who would commit crimes, by their view, in the name of their country 3. That some have behaved despicably in the name of their country does not mean that many have not behaved with great bravery, nobility and sacrifice, nor does it lessen or invalidate their actions. 3. The agents of the US Government have committed grave sins against native american tribes, prisoners of war, groups and individuals of note, either by design or apathy, does not invalidate the value of the principles held in those documents, nor the 'spiritual' iconic value of the flag. 4. Freedom to support your country and its principles is also freedom to criticise it and its actions to march to a different drum. 5. Burning flags is a rather coarse and immature form of protest but the right to do so should remain inviolable - construct an argument instead, but not everyone can - who would deny burning of a flag doesn't remain a powerful image, if not unifying. 6. The Confederate flag carries with it considerable cultural power - to attempt to hide or ban it only attempts to hide where we've come from and what we were. Speaking personally, I rather despise patriotism ('last refuge of the scoundrel' and all that) and have mild intestinal discomfort at things like the national anthemn, pledge of allegiance and the generally tight bind between 'religion' and 'country' here in the USA, perhaps especially as a legal alien (ha!), however, the principles and ideas in those founding documents do seem rather sacred and worth fighting for. Ideas over groups, I would say. That we implement them imperfectly is not terribly surprising, given how imperfect we are? They we try to do so in spite of so many falls is all the more admirable? Anyway, time to open whiskey and raid a field somewhere!
  12. It's a rather good case in point of the 'the winner writes the history books' maxim. I agree with Foote and I'd venture a number of my black southern american friends would find that a reasonable statement, on many levels. They would at least find it a considered option, devoid of racial measurement. Foote was a humanist, above all, and writes with greater dignity on the terrible ethical paradox of the Confederacy better than any writer I can think of. Again, the context is critical - what the flag meant to him is not the same as what it might mean to some racist yahoo who's flying it from his car hood or roof. The problem there, of course, is what to make of the Foote type flag advocate who finds value in the symbol and conveys it with some grace, dignity and respect and doesn't hold with the sterotype (to put it rather generously) of what the image otherwise conveys to many. Whose fault is that? The individual who thinks different and is naive to not understand the weight of the thing, or the majority/group who fail to understand subtly and context, oblivious that someone as egalitarian as Foote can also revere the Confederate icon? That's not a leaflet discussion.
  13. It seems that you two are more in agreement about the central issue but stumbling on communication? It sounds like Arvenski is saying that Apple pulled the game due to concern about how they'd be perceived selling an item with confederate flags in it, but not specifcially or singularly in this game's context. It sounds like Maturin is saying Apple pulled the game because of how Apple perceived the risks of selling the game with confederate flag images so they're 'covering their corporate asses'. Aren't those two viewpoints pretty close? I don't really see anyone saying some tiny SJW collective has caused Apple to pull the game or that they think a mass shooting in SC is insignificant/terrible? I see some flashpoints over terms like 'political correctness' or making a comment that might (rather tangentally) be considered insensitive in light of the events in Charleston, SC, in the last week. It might be fair to say that the SC shootings were the latest in a lengthy line of racial cases that, as I said above, cause people to scream 'something must be done'. However, since it's too hard to do anything quick about race/guns/justice, we leap to conversations like this, about addressing the presence of a culturally offensive icon, which in turn means our giant corporations have a PC fit in order to be seen as sensitive and addressing the issue. But really, you're closer than you think? Kumbayah now, people.
  14. As a light aside, might I suggest: rework a version of the game with Union becoming Microsoft branded and the Confederacy having the Apple logo and branding. Tweak unit attributes to heavily favor Union side and let the PC slaughter begin? I wonder if they'd sell THAT version of the game?
  15. Agreed, entirely. You can't bandy about a swastika without due reverence to its cultural significance. Same with the Confederate flag. While I was born in the UK some 30 years after WW2, I've been to Auschwitz-Birkenau and one of the best friends I ever had in my life was a prisoner there and lost most of his family. I can never see a Swastika or something like Schlinder's List without a very visceral link to 'the real world' experiences he and others I've known had, and without the complex context those artistic images carry. What's repulsive or shocking to me may not be to another, or what is to another may not be to me. It's not a great leap of empathy to understand this. I live in the south and have friends who are black (cliche alarm!) whose families have lived here all the way back to early immigration and went through slavery and segregation and are going through whatever we'd call this, now. You have to be an Insensitive Beast (Johnny Cash Quote!) to not see symbols like this continue to carry a great weight. Corporations may do away with them for the 'wrong reasons', at least not from an entirely intellectual ethical perspective, but they're better gone, regardless. We can discect the reasons separately.
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