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  1. Hey, i stopped playing the game about 8 months ago because I went on orders for the Army. My friend got off about the same time and now that we are back he was able to redeem his but nothing is showing up for me. Is there a reason for that? When i quit playing i was a Post Captain on the PvP server, not exactly sure which one though.
  2. Yes i have i have nothing i was told that i had to reserve it or something before the last wipe but i couldnt exactly do that since i was with the Army. I lost my rank and my 3rd rate. I could care less about the ship but i would like my rank back at least
  3. Hey i been gone for little over a year for the US Army and i just got back and wasn't able to get my redeemable or rank or anything back. I have a screenshot of my stuff i had and was told to contact ink on here in the forums and provide a screenshot so here it is. I would really like my stuff since i didn't exactly have a fair chance to reserve it or whatever it was you had to do. @Ink Thanks!
  4. Looking for a clan to have fun and play with? Look no further, here at Dead Man Gaming we love to meet new people and have fun. Dead Man Gaming Secuirty Fleet (DMG) our role is to provide Britain will top of the line Secuirty not matter the stakes to protect traders and trade routes. We also trade ourselves since trading is one of our most valuable assets for the British at this time and age. All those who are against us will perish. Pirates are not tolerated and will be sent to the gallows with out of doubt. If you are interested in joining at R. Whitlow on steam. Hope to see ya on the seas.
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