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  1. Because that would Include 4:00 in the Morning for roughly 60-70% of the Players in this Game which is Simply not an Acceptable Time.
  2. Explained that before. There is a Large Overlapping Daytime for almost all Players. If we Limit PBs to be Set between 21:00 and 00:00 UTC the Time we will be Covering over 70% of the Players in their Primetime and give over 90% of the Players the Option to Participate in a Humanely Possible Time to be Online. In Short. I think we should Allow Clans to Set their own PB Times. But Put Limits onto it where it cannot wander into the Offhours of the Server where it has only 30% of its usual Playercounts.
  3. Except Mate. To actually Attack a Port held by an US Clan. I would need to be Online at 4:00 in the Morning which will not happen. No Offense but again. Having PBs which for over Half of the Playerbase is around 4:00 in the Morning is NOT an Global Online Game.
  4. Wrong. YOU are the One who Refuses to Adapt to an Online Environment. Because you want your PBs exactly in your Time regardless and ignorant of the remaining World. And this is not Global Online Gaming. Thats basicly an Locale Game being available Online assuming that the others can somehow manage to be Online at whatever Time it is in their Country when your Server is Available for a Battle. I want PBs to be in the Time where maximum amount of People from all over the World can Play them together. There is nothing Global about a Game which each Country just Plays in their own Time thus not actually Playing together 90% of the time...
  5. You do Realize that my Timezone Includes People all over Europe and Afrika and Includes Parts of Russia as well dont you ? And here I always tought that the News Reporters Showing Americans being completely clueless about the World and when ask whose the German Chancellor answering stuff like "Hitler" was just Cherry Picking the worst Answers they found....... But I guess when you dont even know that the Timezone cover more than a Single Country over here then I guess such Answers aint so far fetched after all...... The Problem is rather Simple. The US Clans Currently set their PBs into a Time that ends up being roughly 4:00 in the Morning for Europe. Where European Players cannot really Attack them because you dont get the People together for it. And Sorry. But again. Recruiting other Players from a different Timezone which Play in a Time when the other Players of our Clan are Offline is meaningless. Its the same as having a Bot Play the Game for you. What you guys need to get into your Head is that its not the Pixel of the Port which matter. But the Port Battle itself. If People from Europe cannot Play the Game then they stop being Players. I am here as a Player of the Game. Not to be a Fan of some Group and Hope from the Sidelines that they Win lol Edit: You've chosen to ignore content by Wraith. Options I guess I can safely assume that you wont ever be posting anything worth reading anyways. So I.ll end this little exchange of Insults with you here before the Mods get annoyed.
  6. Sigh. If I got a Dollar whenever some Defeated Dog Barks Insults at me. I could have Retired Years ago. And Mate. Yes 20.12 Thats not even a Single Month. Its been Barely 20 Days. Sorry. But you wont see any Effects this Fast. After most of the Bigger Changes it usually took 3-4 Months before you actually got the Results and could See if the Changes Improved or Worsened the Situation. If you would for a Change use whats inside your Head instead of just smashing the front of it into the Keyboard to Produce incomprehensible bullcrab. You would realize that this is an RvR Change into a Running System. Clans which were still very Active in the EU Server will not just Stop Playing after 2 Weeks when they lost a Port 2 or 3 Times and cant get it back. They will Try this a few Times before they Give up. Some will then Come here to Complain (Already Happening) and others will just Silently leave RvR. Thing is you wont Notice before 2 or 3 Months have Passed and People have actually Adjusted to the New System. But hey. Why would I ever Demand that you actually think about something.
  7. There is no Trendline for after the Merge. Because the Merge only just happened. Call me when we are at least back to the Average of 600 we had a few Months ago lol. Then you can Talk about Population Increasing. But Hey. I.ll remind you on it in one or two Months when we got a few Cycles in and alot of the EU Clans Signed Off.
  8. No Offense Mate. But you Aint going to Tell me that you think 23 People in the Plus after having 64 Minus mean something do you ? This Normal Fluctuation and the Overall Trend is Downwards.
  9. If you dont Care feel free to not answer me. Given that you keep Answering anything I say somehow doesnt match the Claim that you dont Care. Currently. Unfortunately this is more of an Local Multiplayer Game. After all I wont be Playing against Players from the US which have their stuff at 4:00 in the Morning for me and which thus are simply not part of my Game. If this was an Global Game. The Port Battles and other Importand Stuff would happen in the Primetime when most Players are actually Online to Participate. And not be hidden in the Offhours when barely anyone is Online. I Suggest you Learn Reading. Your False Accusation and Attempted Personal Attack is not really worth a Reply. Did you Notice Mate. All of these Games use Servers for each different Continent and have the Importand Events etc in the Prime Time when People can actually Play them. They dont allow Clans to Force the Game into 4:00 in the Morning for other Clans. I am not Resposible for Recruiting in the First Place. And I am only condescending when my Opposition has proven itself to be irrational enough to warrant it. Thing is Mate. Again. There is no Meaning to Recruiting other Players to Play the Game for me. I am not Interested in having a Bot Play over Night and Farm/Conquer Stuff for me. It doesnt matter for PvP. It Matters for RvR. Because it Creates an Unfair Advantage by moving Port Battles into Offhours where the Original Owners can no longer even attempt to take it back. Because its a Time where they will never have People Online. And Sorry but again. Recruiting other People which then Conquer the Port would be meaningless. After all if they Play the Game for us why would we even Play the Game in the First Place ? Also why should US Players Prostrate themselves and Conquer Ports for us which then go back into our Time where they have no use of it ? Sorry but Fact Remains. The Current System is Bullshit. We need to Limit PB Times to a Timeframe where the Majority of Players can actually Play Port Battles. Otherwise there is no Fair Competition to be Had in the RvR in this Game.
  10. Mate I told you already. Recruiting People from Different Timezones is Complete Bullshit. Why the hello kitty would I do that ? If I am not the One Playing the Game with my Friends. Then I could just as well use a Bot to Play the Game or better just Not Play the Game at all. I actually dont. But you See Mate its not changing the Problem. Because again. What sense does it make to have other People Play the Game for you ? This is not some House Construction. Where you let others do the Work and then are Happy to move into your New House. This is a Video Game. Its basicly like a Holiday Activity. Recruiting someone else to do it for you. Is basicly like your Booking Holidays in Some Hotel on the Beach. And then Continue going to Work while you Send some Random Guy you dont know to that Hotel. Sorry but if thats how you Play. Than what Difference would it make if You did just not Play at All? After all you got enough People you likely barely ever See or Talk to. Which are Playing the Game for you when your Offline. This makes no Sense.
  11. * Here I fixed that for you. And Sorry but no I wont Stop. Not before I stop Seeing Ports being Set in 4:00 by the Morning where the Server Runs on 20% of his Usual Population. You Mentioned that these 300 People are way more than 300 People. Which is Perfectly True. Because 300 is the Number of People Online at once. And likely its something around 1000 or more People which are Simply not all Online during the Entire Time. Thing is Mate. The Same is True for the 900 People. Because they as well are actually something around 4000 or more People which are Simply not Online during the Entire Time. The Relation does not Change This is a Simple Fact. http://steamcharts.com/app/311310 If you Check that Graph you can Perfectly See when there is lots of People Online. And when there is barely anyone Online. And take a Guess where in this Graph US Ports are. And where EU Ports are. And I.ll give you a Hint. The Only reason why the US Owned Ports PBs are not the Rock Bottom of that Graph. Is because the Server Reset Forces People to Log Out
  12. Mate the 900 People in Primetime are also way more People.... The Relation remains the same.
  13. Mate no Offense. But I played this Game for a while and guess what. Till they decided to Close your Server which Failed and Died. And then for whatever Idiotic Reason Changed our Server Settings of a Server that had 500+ Population to the Settings that the Server which Died had. So Sorry. But I would assume that soon there wont be a Game left lol. Cause the 500+ People will likely not be there for long if they Can no Longer Play PBs thanks to the PBs slowly Wandering off into 4:00 Morning lol And no Mate. See the Problem with that is. That the Group you Name is very veeeery Small. And Sorry but hello kittying the People usually providing the 900 Population Primetime in favor of the 300 Guys Online at Night is not a very Good Idea if you ask me.
  14. Ok theres a whole Bunch of Completely Wrong things.... 1. The EU is neither a GEO Political State. Nor an Single State at all. Its an GEO Political Alliance of States which share some Policies as well as an Border and Trade Union and Generally try to work together. This is not relevant to the Discussion. Its merely something that you got Wrong. Because I named EU Central Timezone which is UTC+1 and you somehow Connected this towards Western Russian Timezones thus assuming 8-12 Hours Difference instead of 6-10 Hours. I cant help it if your not Familiar with how things work outside the USA. 2. Albania, Lichtenstein, Kosovo, Norway, Switzerland and Vatikan City all Share EU Central Time. Russia, Turkey and Belarus are +2 Hours from that as they Share West Russian Standard Timezone Remaining ones are either + or - 1 from EU Central. They might not be Part of the EU but they do Share the Timezone. Again stop assuming the World Revolves around you.... If you cant tell that EU Central Timezone is UTC+1 and somehow connect it to Moscow and Russia thats your Problem not Mine. Here. This is a Map of which Country Works by which Timezone. https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/ As you can See. The EU States for most Part Share a common Timezone despite Geographically not actually being part of that Timezone. The UK has always been a bit aloof anyways. Just like Germany which still does the Idiotic Change between Summer and Winter Time.
  15. I See. So the Problem is not your Geography Skills. But your Reading Skills. I Said "EU" Not Europe I also Said "EU Central Time which most Western EU States Follow" Because you See many of the "EU" States in Europe are actually Geographically in a Different Timezone. But they simply use the same Timezone anyways to make more Sense within the EU Borders The EU https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Union Europe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europe A Tiny but Importand Difference.
  16. Erm Mate.... No Offense. But I think you need to learn a Few Things about Geography. I think you just Counted Half of Russia into the EU..... Putting Ports in Eastern EU Primetime. Would be UTC+2 Thats 1 Hour later than EU Primetime. 22:00 for Eastern EU. Would be from 12:00 to 16:00 for US. Which means they can be Attacked Perfectly Fine by a Large Part of US Players during the Week and is Available to Attack for all US Players on the Weekends. Unlike US Ports which for the EU Sit on 4:00 to 6:00 in the Morning thus being Completely Out of Reach for Majority of Players regardless of it being Weekend or During the Week. And Mate no Offense. But pls keep your Tin Foil Theories to yourself. Blaming One Person for a Failure of a Server thats been Running for more than 2 Years is a Joke.... That Misunderstanding and Confusion didnt even last 2 Weeks back then. And the Servers were Wiped in between with Assets even being Shared in between. Meaning that any Players could easily Swap afterwards. The Reason the Global Server Failed. Was Fairly Simple that its RvR which is currently pretty much the only Game Content. Was an Complete Clusterhello kitty which did not work. Because it wasnt a Contest of Nations Fighting. But an Contest of who got more Nerds that are willing to Play at 5:00 in the Morning...
  17. You mean aside from all the comments like "Suck it up and Deal with it" ? Or you mean the reminder that US Sold more Copies and thus should be treated as favorite ? But most of all because for a Fact currently EU Players cannot Attack US Owned Ports because the Port Battle sits at 04:00 in the Monring for them where you will never get any proper Team together. And Mate again. The Problem here is. That US Prime Time Starts right after EU Prime Time. So if EU Clans set their Ports so that they can Defend them. They are in Full Attack Range for US Clans. The other way around however. The US Clans Prime Time as it is after EU Prime Time. Can set their PBs into the complete Offhours. This is an Ridiculously Unfair Advantage which will Destroy RVR Entirely. Again. Why do you think that the Global Server had like 200 Players Online while the EU Server had like 500 Players Online ? The Reason is because even US Players usually Played on EU Server for the Simple reason that the EU Is Sitting Centrally and thus the EU Times are Favorable to the Global Times even for US Players. Currently there wont be an MMO Left to Play in Half a Year Mate. Because EU Clans will as soon as they lose their Ports more or less be out of the Game. Because for them its basicly a One Off now. They can only Continue Playing as long as they can Defend the Port. Once they lose it. The Port will wander into the Complete Offhours and be Unreachable for most of them.
  18. Lol. Make Me And Mate no Offense. But given that by that Logic we Europeans aint People in your eyes either. I somehow dont think you should throwing around Stones in your little Glass House Except they Dont. If EU Sets PBs in their own Primetime they land just slightly outside US Prime Time or even within US Prime Time. If US Sets their PBs in their own Primetime they land in the Complete Offhours for the EU and are Pretty much Immune to Attack. Definition of Prime Time. = The Most Active Time of a Server where the Majority of Player Population is Online Definition of Off Hours. = The Most Inactive Time of a Server where the Majority of the Player Population is Offline. And Mate. Actually No. I am using your East Coast vs Central EU Time. Central EU Time is UTC +1 (And despite spanning several Timezones most of the Western EU Countries simply work by this as well. Exceptions being Portugal and UK which are UTC +0) On East EU being UTC +2 East Coast of USA is UTC -5 <---- Reference Point for me. West Coast is UTC -8 So 22:00 in the Example is 19:00 for West Coast. Point is Mate. Currently the System Results in PBs being in the Complete Offhours in the Middle of the Night for the Majority of the Server Population. Port Battles should always be Set in the Prime Time. And this Prime Time for the Server is Clearly and Definitely between 20:00 and 00:00 UTC +1 Which is not Surprising. Because this is the Time where the 2 Biggest Playerbases which is EU and US. Are Overlapping their Playtimes thus resulting in the Largest Usercounts.
  19. Again said by the Guy who thanks to the Games Time Choices is Immune to Attacks....
  20. I said 18:00 YOUR Time. Not Hours. For EU your 18:00 is about 00:00 Which is still not Optimal. But its at least doable. Unlike your current Settings of 22:00 your Time Which for EU sits at 4:00 in the Morning. At least Learn Reading before your telling someone he would be Daft.... Population of the Game at Saturday: 00:00 = 790 <-- In US Time this is 18:00 <--- End of Prime Time 02:00 = 600 <-- In US Time this is 20:00 04:00 = 460 <-- In US Time this is 22:00 <--- Start of Off Hours <--- Where US Clans Put their PBs 06:00 = 360 <-- In US Time this is 00:00 <--- Off Hours 08:00 = 310 <-- In US Time this is 02:00 <--- Off Hours 10:00 = 360 <-- In US Time this is 04:00 <--- End of Off Hours 12:00 = 330 <-- In US Time this is 06:00 <---- Low Player Count due to Server Reset at 11:00 in EU or Respectively at 05:00 in US 14:00 = 660 <-- In US Time this is 08:00 16:00 = 750 <-- In US Time this is 10:00 18:00 = 870 <-- In US Time this is 12:00 <--- Start of Prime Time 20:00 = 920 <-- In US Time this is 14:00 <--- Prime Time 22:00 = 910 <-- In US Time this is 16:00 <--- Prime Time <---- Where EU Clans Put their PBs. Maybe you Should Check the Player Counts now and then before you Claim that there is no Offhours.
  21. Ok just to Summarize this. You Tell ME to Suck it up and hello kitty off because I cant Play at 4:00 in the Morning and that this would be no Problem. And then you Refuse to Play at 18:00 in the Evening claiming that this could never Possibly Work thanks to School and Work and that I am the Hypocrite. You get Bonus Points for being so Ridiculous that its Funny. But from the Regular Points you got Zero Mate. No Offense. But Yeah. ""TALK ABOUT HYPOCRISY HOLY SHIT"" Think about what Bullshit your talking there. We are supposed to be Fine Playing at 4:00 in the Morning but you cant even be Bothered to Play at 18:00 ??? Good Joke Mate. Why not just Admit that your Happy that you can avoid being Attacked in your Port and that you dont actually want others to be able to Attack your Port ? If we talked about US Players getting Godmode for PBs you would likely also Defend that hmm....
  22. True. But we wont get any more Players if we use the Current System. There is a Reason that the Global PvP Server had about 1/4 of the Population of the EU Server. The EU Times are Fairly Central (well EU Lies in the Center from a Geographic viewpoint) so its easy for most Nations Players to use these Times. While the Global Times usually tend to end up with stuff going into the Offhours for the vast Majority of the Population and resulting in the Games Purpose no longer being possible to Play for them.
  23. I dont think he is Dishonest on that. Its true that both the PvE and the PvP Server have more Users than before. Which is not Surprising because the Global Server got Shut Down. And these People went somewhere. Thing is from a Neutral Viewpoint. This is of course Great for those who Play in the Offhours. Because they got alot of the US Population from the Global Server now Filling up there. But its also a Complete Horror for those who Play in the Primetime EU because for them this means they have Competition in a Timezone that can Reach Them. But which they cannot reach themselves. Also. While its True that there is an Increase in Users on the PvP Server (and also on the PvE Server) Its also True that the Total Number of Players has actually Decreased. In the Months before the Update the Peak was about 1000 Players Total. Which was about 400-600 for EU And the rest being Shared between Global and PVE. After that its 800-900 Peak in Total. But the Peak on new PvP Server is of course way higher than before Thing is. About 150 of that Peak went to new PvP Server and about 50 to PvE Server. While the remaining 100 have just Dissappeared.
  24. Sunleader


    I dont know why someone in the Netherlands would Open this. But well nvm that. Merry Christmas over there ^^ And also over here to the ones which seem to be abroad ^^
  25. Oh. What was that about Global Server and the World doesnt Revolve around you again ? *gg* So 18:00 is too Hardcore for you to Show up. But we are Supposed to be there at 4:00 in the Morning ? How about you Realize the World doesnt revolve around You ? How about you Suck it up and Deal with it ? How about you Man up and get People together for it ? Talk about Ignorance....