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  1. or stop making the ai so trolly, and... you know... FIGHT BACK?!
  2. here is an idea: give new players a "response fleet" button. Teach them about it, let them use it 10x. That will give sealclubbers the thought that "this guy may spawn 10x santismas on me, maybe I should let him learn the game in peace. Once you hit captain, they are no longer available.
  3. sooo.... 318 crafting to level 1, and the only thing that makes xp is ships? oh yeah, count me OUT. Good luck getting any serious crafters in game with this joke of a system.
  4. all sites are outdated, and looking in the game and attempting to craft something yields no information about actual xp gain. Why was this not added to the patch, and why was the game launched with this half of it being such a mystery? It would be nice to know what gives xp and what does not ingame, and not from guessing (which makes players leave the game, too confusing) or asking for other player's information (which is STILL a guess, since there is not even a "you gained this amount of XP" message when crafting) Also, why do some items give xp and others not? if I am crafting, anything, it needs to give xp. crafting is a crucial part of retention, giving the game life and ships to blow up. This was a fumble on the developers part, and should be fixed, as the game is in release without any information on this part.
  5. none of them are accurate. I just made a spreadsheet, and it said for a crafting 0 and lvl 1 shipyard, a brig would give the best xp/lh, but the lh were off, so one can only assume the xp would be off as well. MAYBE IF THEY TOLD US WHAT THE FRICKIN XP WAS AND LET US BUILD EVERYTHING FOR XP IT WOULD BE EASIER!!! rant complete, be warned
  6. No, but giving them nothing and expecting this game to survive is not only a bad idea. but a bad business model. The game needs players, and in order to get those players, it has to give some basic information... maybe... how to craft and level crafting? since patch there is nothing from either the devs or online about how to level. Tbh, I still dont even know WHAT I can do to get xp, I know ships are... some? and cannons are none? I build both and still sitting at level 0, so it could realistically be that US players don't get any XP at all. In the end, nothing=no players, and giving some sort of info keeps players interested, engaged and playing
  7. not a bad idea, thanks for the input.
  8. Very nice, thanks for the insight. That is what I was looking for.
  9. I am looking for information on shipbuilding on the pve server. It seems there is a lot of opinions, but very little fact. Are there patch notes, or anything in writing that states if the br has a base effect on shipbuilding, and if so, does it have an effect on nationalities? I am spanish, building in santiago de cuba (br 25000) and am wondering if I switch nationalities, will I lose the % of building, or if there are any on pve? if not. why is br still listed?
  10. but I didn't delete my original, it was switched to another character by the game when the pvp servers merged
  11. When the pvp servers merged, I had an account on both, and by default, my pirate was the one chosen. I did not enjoy my pirate days, and lost interest in the game. I came back at launch to find my pirate was still the only choice available, so I deleted it. Doing so reset my birth date, but I am using my original character on my original nationality. Is there any way to get my birth date fixed, please?
  12. then there needs to be more guidance on that. Regardless, this sums up the entire thing. Bo-ring, waste of time, no real skill shown.
  13. there are 2 sets of 4, and a final exam. final exam is you in a surprise against 2x cerbs, and the best way to do it is to rageboard, run and repair, repeat. it does not even give you a chance to use any other skills that the tutorial teaches.
  14. it does not need to be as difficult, and incorporating the tutorial skills into it would make it more effective.
  15. "not another post about that tutorial!" Hear me out on this one A tutorial is, what? something to acquaint new players to the game, its mechanics, and basic functions. It is not a means to seal club new players into oblivion, separate the men from the boys, or utilize mechanics that have nothing to do with the tutorial. If you are not familiar with how it works, go play ANY other game that is out of development. They use a tutorial for this very purpose, or have directions as to what level it should be attempted at. Also, a tutorial such as this one only deters players from even trying the game out, thus hurting potential membership, which will level out over time as players attempt this abomination of a tutorial, see the game is not worth their time, and ask for their money back from Steam. "but there are youtube videos on how to get it done" If this is your only argument, um, I don't recommend starting a business. Youtube should not be an option for a tutorial, which as stated above, is utilized as a means to acquaint players to the game. Turn that garbage down, or allow someone else to come in and help. It is not a badge of honor (honour) to have done it, but it should be a means to say "I am ready to sail" not "I watched youtube and copied their movements while getting lucky on the AI movements."
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