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  1. http://www.hms-victory.com/restoration it seems, the old lady's new incarnation dates more to 1780-90 than to 1765, when she was more reddish, had no copper plating and probably no "front" gunports on the second deck yet... But: Yes, she is a perfect beauty, and I love the rigging details
  2. Hi! Sorry to interfere, but I have seen exactly the same issue last year on my computer (Game runs, but rendered window freezes, max load on assigned cpu cores). For me the problem was related to the near death of my GPU (a GTX1080). For the first months underclocking the GPU & memory with MSI Afterburner helped, but it got more and more problematic. I reduced all settings to a minimum and played in a ~halfscreen window and that worked somehow until I got my current 2060 Super. Other games didn't have any issues in the beginning, later some had pixel errors and it got worse up to geometry errors. So my suggestion is to try to run the game in a smaller window and underclock both GPU and VRAM step by step to see if it gets better.
  3. People on PvE don't know all the PB mechanics. They probably will learn it. But yes: On PvE binding to nations seems obsolete since nationality doesn't really mean anything in a peaceful world. PvE is PvE, it doesn't need any kind of - even non combatant - PvP. I love Holms idea. I'd love to see clan-hostility and the option to fight for investment rights and to defend it, no matter who else is there. I would imagine (dream of) the following (PvE only) system: A reputation system for clans. Each Port (or region) has a standing with each clan (hostile, neutral, welcome, allied). Enemy Ports start out hostile, ports of the own nation neutral. A hostile ports defense will fire if in range, a neutral and welcome won't, an allied would help against other Ships of "neutral" nations. The ports offer Clan-Missions (e.g. group cargo for 3+Indiamen, Group-Kill,... and trade(!) measured in reals revenue delivered/bought goods) to raise the standing, abandoning would lower the standing. If a clan is welcome in a town, it can invest ~60% of the available points, if allied 100% or more. Or a welcome clan could invest in Materials and an allied in shipyard,... however. The standing is lowered by attacking NPC coming from / sailing to the port (eg. to do a mission for another port). Ports gain their wealth from more than one clan so there is no "taking the port from another clan/nation" Port Battles happen from time to time, if the NPC raiders / foreign fleets decide to reduce a specific clans influence. Of course the Battle-Outcome could change a lot for all clans present in there. E.g. A british flotilla attacks the french Terre-de-Bas and doesn't get defeated, a british governor would be sent there and all but the british clans loose standing with the Port back one level. That would hurt for a while, bur not do any real harm, as the investments wouldn't be lost - just unavailable until the clans gain reputation with the new governor. Ont he other hand a combined fleet of french and/or other nations clans could have repelled the attack and saved the french harbour with a reputation gain for all participating clans. On larger settlements there could be multiple (3/5/7) Battles to have more people/clans participate and the average outcome or a final battle counts for government. Peace Server anyway should stay free of PvP or anything that rages people. It exists to relax, to enjoy a trip to the carribean, to run out the guns and to have a sense of achievment each day.
  4. We are [RWC], a german language clan in Spain. We currently build our base in Nueva Barcelona, slowly moving our belongings (and production) there from Baracoa. We thought it'd be wise not to chose a 55Pt. port in the beginning. When we started, it had 45pt., now it is a 50pt. port. [RWC] Elgered von Toerne
  5. That is, why I chose Peace Server. There is no point in the leaderboard and it is much more MMO style. New and casual players are valued and helped by their clans and friends. It is simply missing the PvP
  6. for all and everyone who is interested in the topic itself, open to the entire world.
  7. there is no right or wrong. There are two servers. One for open play and one for PvE. PvE is for the ones who don't want to fight other players, to cooperate. There I think the rune doesn't belong in a manner, where the other combatant has no choice. It is ok and for sure a lot of fun, if both agree by using the rune.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, this topic is inspired by a national spanish topic: Spain has probably the most to loose in the current situation, or to see it from another angle, the most to give and share. The idea is to avoid the loss of ressources and already taken ports by communication and diplomacy across national "borders". On Peace Server Clans are more important than nationality, but still it matters as most people ignore (or close) global chat and cant see, what others are doing. So I suggest to talk to each other and peacefully rearange the "new map" and help each other. So please: talk here and in game (global chat) before randomly entering portbattles and take ports that can't be defended later or are already taken and help each other out on defending "settled" ports. Thank you!
  9. As this topic is spanish "national chat" and not only language specific, I allow to post in english, as I do not speak spanish. I agree to the initial post, that we should not want any confrontation with other nations, as "fights" could only end in trouble for everyone. Our clan [RWC] (german language) with only a few active members currently resettles from Baracoa to Nueva Barcelona (50pt), where we started to invest. Nearly all our ressources (douplons) currently go there. In future we plan to expand to Piritu and maybe to Cumaná for mats. In my humble opinion, we cannot hold the current number of ports. We have to share. And the best way to do so, imho, would be to know which ports are taken, in investment and don't want to get lost, and which ports are there to share them, maybe even to help other clans from different nations to get and defend them. A global chat is available, and maybe this - or a similar multinational topic should be available for all players on PvE. So peace for everyone but the NPC! Traducción de Google: Este tema es "chat nacional" en español y no solo idioma específico, sino que permito publicar en inglés, ya que no hablo español. Estoy de acuerdo con la publicación inicial de que no podríamos querer ninguna confrontación con otras naciones, ya que las "peleas" solo podrían terminar en problemas para todos. Nuestro clan [RWC] con solo unos pocos miembros activos actualmente se reasenta desde Baracoa a Nueva Barcelona (50 puntos), donde comenzamos a invertir. Casi todos nuestros recursos (doblones) actualmente van allí. En el futuro planeamos expandirnos a Piritu y tal vez a Cumaná para materiales. En mi humilde opinión, no podemos mantener el número actual de puertos. Tenemos que compartir Y la mejor manera de hacerlo, en mi humilde opinión, sería saber qué puertos se están tomando, en qué hay y qué puertos hay para compartirlos. y defiéndelos. Un tema multinacional debería estar disponible para todos en PvE. ¡Así que paz para todos menos para el NPC!
  10. Games loose players as players play other games, thats nothing uncommon. People get bored after a while - you can follow release lists of other games and see how games and playerbases relate. Loki was a good idea, but it wasn't implemented the best way for PvE. On PvE it should be something like: Player1 has enabled Loki for a bonus (e.g. OW NPCs carrying extra chests) but may suffer Lokis fun who invites a player to the battle. But on PvE its "wrong" to add it the way it was/is(?).
  11. ich würde da auf eine Firewall (windowseigene eher nicht) tippen, die die Verbindung kappt.
  12. Most of us remember "better times". In the past, everything was better - even future But yes. Trades have really become less profitable and AI-Trader seem to have really bad loot (got 100xSabicu today and a barrel of pork^^)
  13. Aggro NPCs would totally change gameplay. In a controlled and limited way it would be really nice, dependent on the server. On PVE eg. Frigates attacking players on economy missions, giving sense to armament or fleet-escorts Making wares illegal in some towns/nations popping up a smuggler flag could make local NPC coastguard interested in players. NPCs fleets bringing up a blockade to a port when (or before) they "raid" it. Players would need to sneak by or fight. NPC fleeets hitting each other in battles and they stay open for members of the participating nations to join (possibly even allowing "PvP" on PVE Server - noone has to join). But what I would see to be a really bad idea anyways are all NPCs of different nations automatically or randomly attacking all enemy players or having combat rating in mind, NPC fleets just attacking players with lesser combat rating (eg. Elite Santi+12 attacking a Bellona+2x Indiaman).
  14. [RWC] mit Sitz im zentral gelegenen Baracoa. Wir sind ein gemütlicher, lustiger Haufen ohne Verpflichtungen, helfen gerne und kämpfen gerne gemeinsam. Hab Dir ne PN geschrieben
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