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  1. blademage

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I mean they could / should have impact on the cities they are traded in (e.g. local production etc).
  2. blademage

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Trade goods are neither fake nor useless. Or at least they wouldn't need to be.
  3. In the past, it could grant you blueprints for that or similar ship types. Today it aint worth the click.
  4. blademage

    Workaround for occasional ship control loss.

    I never experienced that issue, but wouldn't the ping indicator in the upper right show endless ping times?
  5. blademage

    Clan/Warehouse Management

    Thanks for the update @admin In addition to pressing players into clans, they may not like, I'd suggest a "simple" rework on the warehouse mechanics. 1.) Either allow more warehouses in different harbours (e.g. a crafting Warehouse, a Gun-Depot, an Academy for Books, and a Trade-Depot) or 2.) implement different ranks within the clan and set vault permissions (e.g. crafters, traders, cannoneers, suppliers,... that may or may not put/take things into/from different tabs) Ranks could be: Seaman, Flag Officer, Diplomat, Supply Officer (f. crafting, for trading, for guns, for supplies like reps and rum), Admiral 3.) and increase storage "capacity" (available slots).
  6. blademage

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Man kann übrigens theoretisch auch ganz ohne exploit der delivery Missionen zu so viel Geld kommen. Macht halt imho keinen Spaß.
  7. blademage

    Cheat suspected

    I fully understand what @Admin says but still would like to understand, how such a massively different perception of a combat situation is possible. Is it possible that there is a "blind spot" (e.g. an angle where balls go through the enemy ship without doing any damage at all or bounce directly down to the water,...)? I can imagine that the other players had their ships equipped with Edinonorg 1-pood Cannons, what allowed them to do you massive damage at closest range, but have no idea, what you did, not to harm them. Btw.: yes floating batteries are a very relaxing upgrade on a Lo/Wo Santi/L'Ocean. I love my L'Ocean with only cartagena and 5-Rings(, a boarding-power-machine on pve Server^^).
  8. blademage

    Books are too common...

    I spend no more than 4 hours a week sailing to different harbours, trying to sell them.
  9. blademage

    Fun PVE for everyone?!

    You'll have to start from scratch @PvP and keep your belongings on PvE, have different characters on both servers.
  10. They have been. Historically the russians used them first (around 1800), then the french and a few years later the british (1830s). They were an advancement from carronades and short (medium) guns that led to modern ballistics and artillery as unicorn guns were able to shoot explosives and other complex loads. They lost their superiority to modern "steel warfare" in the 1860s to 1880s. BUT no deck was equipped with just edinorogs. Usually only 4-10 guns per battery was an edi. The others were matching normal guns. If "available" (or short) in other sizes, I geuss it will rebalance them.
  11. Even if not really historically accurate, I'd suggest half poods for class 8 armaments (and maybe upgraded "copper half poods" as class 6). They could have the same differences (ups and downs) over mediums/carronades as their big sisters or, more realistic (at least for class 8) have heavily increased longrange penetration. Further, they should, as 1poods, not be craftable to stay a very rare option, you don't want to loose. please discuss
  12. blademage

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Willkommen zurück:) Stimmt schon. Macht ne Menge Spaß und bietet garnicht erst die Möglichkeit Unsummen auszugeben
  13. blademage

    Broken grape

    yes It feels like very bad luck sometimes. Had it yesterday in PvE combat. One side of the enemies armour completely down and Hull to about 40%, the balls killed a man each, the grapes on about 20m distance didn't to anything (me in Bucentaure against an AI-Pavel).
  14. blademage

    Most fun without sailing

    This game is not about fun. This simulation is about the horror of war, greed and bloodlust, fear and struggle. Oh and not to forget: about bad luck:)
  15. blademage

    Dismantle ships into repairs

    Repairs are a very interesting aspect of the game. I already once thought about setting up a "West Indian Repair Company", but game mechanics don't really support that (too expensive to produce, too difficult to handle logistics without much more outposts in different nations, etc.).