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  1. Aggro NPCs would totally change gameplay. In a controlled and limited way it would be really nice, dependent on the server. On PVE eg. Frigates attacking players on economy missions, giving sense to armament or fleet-escorts Making wares illegal in some towns/nations popping up a smuggler flag could make local NPC coastguard interested in players. NPCs fleets bringing up a blockade to a port when (or before) they "raid" it. Players would need to sneak by or fight. NPC fleeets hitting each other in battles and they stay open for members of the participating nations to join (possibly even allowing "PvP" on PVE Server - noone has to join). But what I would see to be a really bad idea anyways are all NPCs of different nations automatically or randomly attacking all enemy players or having combat rating in mind, NPC fleets just attacking players with lesser combat rating (eg. Elite Santi+12 attacking a Bellona+2x Indiaman).
  2. One simple idea: don't start rebalancing over and over again.
  3. [RWC] mit Sitz im zentral gelegenen Baracoa. Wir sind ein gemütlicher, lustiger Haufen ohne Verpflichtungen, helfen gerne und kämpfen gerne gemeinsam. Hab Dir ne PN geschrieben
  4. Am PvP funktionierts (und ist begrenzt sinnvoll), am PvE gibts die Missionen einfach nicht.
  5. Frage: "Clanressourcen" werden min in einigen Häfen angezeigt. Wie kommen wir zu denen?
  6. Ja, ab und an. Schient aber an den Providern zu liegen. Andere im Clan haben zu anderen Zeiten Probleme.
  7. I'm fine with it. Most forget to reactivate fishing. It's something like the same with labortime. People don't kill anyone for it. Labor Time only for people sitting in unarmed vessels idling at unprotected areas with all their belongings aboard:) No. let it be as it is. If you need to blockade fishermen, get a fleet and set up a proper blockade.
  8. I love the idea! But I would extend it to something like: "The Admirals Daughter DLC" as a 5,- update to the Admiralty Connection or integrate it to it for free. Either a flexible upgrade to the DLC (player can choose what to increase) or a standalone DLC. 4 Additional Outposts 16 additionally added (on Admiralty Connection) Warehouse slots 10 additionally added docks 4 extra building permits and a (much) higher Limit on Clan Depot, that fits the number of items to store / storable items
  9. One idea about the timers: Would it have very bad impact, if daily redeemable dlcs would get a 20 hour timer?
  10. Well, regarding the changes after the napoelonic war: I didn't bother about any new or realistic weaponry. Just the ship models and design, as later builds seem to be better documented and the smaller nations still had their older ships finished in the later years (ottoman and greek, russian, nordic etc.). In the loading screens we do see several ships from that time (around 1815-1830).
  11. a bug here would explain much. I also wonder where my doublons always go.
  12. I post my idea here, because it are SOLs that are missing. We have lots of frigates and smaller or unrated vessels (even if not enough, you can never have enough) and a few 4th rates, but are missing some variance in the higher fleet ranks. 3rd rate became filled with frigates (U.S./Constitution) and Wasa, where we basically only have the Bellona (in two variants) as real 3rd rates now (64s are rated 4th). In the upper ranks we only have three of each rank (Thanks for the Christian). So what i am missing are more ships of the line. I guess they are already WIP, as we already intensivley talked and voted about Téméraire-, Wreker- and Montañés class, etc. For the "big players" there also are (were) great proposals here. St. Ana Class, Brittania or Royal Sovereign, Indomptable, Barfleur, Namur, Purísima Concepción, etc. but what we are really lacking are 3rd rates from other nations. Dutch, french, spanish, italian, russian, swedish, norwegian etc. navies had a lot of very interesting vessels with 64-80 guns and the 3rd rates filled all battles. I guess the stern galleries and bowsprit are the worst part in design-work (besides rigging), but as for most vessels there are no detailled (and realistic) plans of hull and rigging, there could be some copy/paste, stretch and scale work on existing models. Another thing that would greatly allow to improve variance in game, would be to extend the time frame just by a few years, as many ships around the world were launched after 1820 (I'd suggest to extend the range to ~1825-1830 at cost of a few years in the past (I think Ingermanland 1715 is the oldest vessel, and thats fine for me). And not to forget: we need more dock space (e.g. adding additional 5 per outpost^^) thanks:)
  13. oh lord, I'm so excited, but I won't see it until tomorrow;(
  14. Historically the ships were refitted. Usually several times suring their service time. And they were improved and updated to be state of the art again. So, whats the problem with having a "refit", "overhaul" or whatever at the cost of ~ 200.000 reals, 1000 Oak, 500 (planking), 500 iron and 500 (whatever) to at least get the chance of getting it better (incr. Port Boni, Refit, increasing craftquality,...). On the other hand, when having this feature, it could be easily fitting gameplay to have green ships built and grey ones captured. And over time they may be upgraded to blue, purple or golden ones with diffent boni (that may be manually/optionally removed/overwritten during refit to get room for another one. This doesn't need to come cheap, if it comes at all.
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