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  1. http://www.hms-victory.com/restoration it seems, the old lady's new incarnation dates more to 1780-90 than to 1765, when she was more reddish, had no copper plating and probably no "front" gunports on the second deck yet... But: Yes, she is a perfect beauty, and I love the rigging details
  2. Hi! Sorry to interfere, but I have seen exactly the same issue last year on my computer (Game runs, but rendered window freezes, max load on assigned cpu cores). For me the problem was related to the near death of my GPU (a GTX1080). For the first months underclocking the GPU & memory with MSI Afterburner helped, but it got more and more problematic. I reduced all settings to a minimum and played in a ~halfscreen window and that worked somehow until I got my current 2060 Super. Other games didn't have any issues in the beginning, later some had pixel errors and it got worse up to geom
  3. for all and everyone who is interested in the topic itself, open to the entire world.
  4. As this topic is spanish "national chat" and not only language specific, I allow to post in english, as I do not speak spanish. I agree to the initial post, that we should not want any confrontation with other nations, as "fights" could only end in trouble for everyone. Our clan [RWC] (german language) with only a few active members currently resettles from Baracoa to Nueva Barcelona (50pt), where we started to invest. Nearly all our ressources (douplons) currently go there. In future we plan to expand to Piritu and maybe to Cumaná for mats. In my humble opinion, we cannot hold
  5. ich würde da auf eine Firewall (windowseigene eher nicht) tippen, die die Verbindung kappt.
  6. [RWC] mit Sitz im zentral gelegenen Baracoa. Wir sind ein gemütlicher, lustiger Haufen ohne Verpflichtungen, helfen gerne und kämpfen gerne gemeinsam. Hab Dir ne PN geschrieben
  7. Am PvP funktionierts (und ist begrenzt sinnvoll), am PvE gibts die Missionen einfach nicht.
  8. Frage: "Clanressourcen" werden min in einigen Häfen angezeigt. Wie kommen wir zu denen?
  9. Ja, ab und an. Schient aber an den Providern zu liegen. Andere im Clan haben zu anderen Zeiten Probleme.
  10. I love the idea! But I would extend it to something like: "The Admirals Daughter DLC" as a 5,- update to the Admiralty Connection or integrate it to it for free. Either a flexible upgrade to the DLC (player can choose what to increase) or a standalone DLC. 4 Additional Outposts 16 additionally added (on Admiralty Connection) Warehouse slots 10 additionally added docks 4 extra building permits and a (much) higher Limit on Clan Depot, that fits the number of items to store / storable items
  11. Well, regarding the changes after the napoelonic war: I didn't bother about any new or realistic weaponry. Just the ship models and design, as later builds seem to be better documented and the smaller nations still had their older ships finished in the later years (ottoman and greek, russian, nordic etc.). In the loading screens we do see several ships from that time (around 1815-1830).
  12. a bug here would explain much. I also wonder where my doublons always go.
  13. I post my idea here, because it are SOLs that are missing. We have lots of frigates and smaller or unrated vessels (even if not enough, you can never have enough) and a few 4th rates, but are missing some variance in the higher fleet ranks. 3rd rate became filled with frigates (U.S./Constitution) and Wasa, where we basically only have the Bellona (in two variants) as real 3rd rates now (64s are rated 4th). In the upper ranks we only have three of each rank (Thanks for the Christian). So what i am missing are more ships of the line. I guess they are already WIP, as we already intensiv
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