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  1. I think they should be nice and give us 10k xp as good will
  2. Hello there! i just won an battle and upon trying to leave the battle evrything stops and can't leave the scene, after i while connection timeout happened, and now when i tried restarting the game i can't login at all? and probably just lost about 1 hour of gameplay xp aswell... great!
  3. xAzDKr how do you think the servers should be paid for then? since its no monthly fees and evrything is online.
  4. So i was just wondering where is the cash shop? i mean you would make triple the amount of revenue, just look at guild wars not many people there argueing about an cash shop, this is 2016 evry game has an cash shop and thats how it should be done, you know aswell as me that the revenue for just one time purchasing the game won't keep up for the server costs in the long run... I know alot of people who could spend thousands of dollars in this game, you are missing out of this now since there is two kind of people, one kind who sit and plays 24/7 and the other kinds who have full time work and not that much time to spend on an playing so they gladly pay to keep up with the competition instead. I mean i was really suprised there was no item shop of any kind, people will seek to private parties for stuff if not something is done, the chinese farmers will take over and the future for an cash shop be gone, act now and make a few people happier....
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