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  1. yes with our numbers tbh , a Nation is nothing more than a Clan
  2. Many reason to put a port neutral , but a good solution would be if a clan makes a port Neutral then the daily maintenance goes up X %.
  3. #Salt It's not the destination it's the journey! I see many people online and it feels good. Many people enjoying the journey!
  4. Sorry for double post but this link has some Nice pics plus a short description , history of some early US fishing and trade ships and yeah most were caught at some point by the British https://americanhistory.si.edu/onthewater/exhibition/1_2.html
  5. Some very cool looking early 1800 - late 1700 fishing schooners. The square-topsail schooners in particular.
  6. I changed my review from Neg to Positive. The reason I did this was I found myself getting on the " hate the Dev's band wagon " Now I am not saying whether or not some of the decisions they have made were right or wrong all I am saying as far as the game itself goes, its good. Is it perfect ? No, and it's not for everyone but it plays well don't have game breaking bugs, It looks amazing and for the most part has a good core group of players. I have faith in the game and Dev's. I am glad they hold true to their plan , ideas regardless of the rage we give them. Right or Wrong they did make a pretty cool game. Only 300'ish hours playing atm but back now and just wanted to say thanks for the cool game.
  7. It's not that hard for me to understand that the Dev's need to pay bills and I for one like the DLC ships. I don't think they are to OP. Have seen the Herc and Req both die in fires more than once and have also seen people kill others with just a snow. If it was really OP you would see a lot more of them. It's a great way for people that might only have an hour or two a day to play to jump on and enjoy the game.
  8. Anyone have some cool screenshots of any ships they have painted ? I thought about buying this DLC just didn't know how well the ships would look afterwards.
  9. Maybe now with this last patch ship prices will start to come down as everyone having to craft ships for XP. Guess there is bright side to everything.
  10. I don't envy the Dev's on trying to balance the game / economy. Some Games have hired real world economist to keep their game economies balanced. Don't think this is an easy thing to do.
  11. Here is my take on having a good grind in this game , the more people out sailing the more fun there might be had. I understand some people may not have the time that it might take to earn 1m or more from doing missions in a day but you can only do your part. Try and find that happy place where you enjoy it , talk to friends , chat in nation chat or what ever else you can do while out sailing. Although I do hate this new crafting XP nerf.
  12. Returning Player, Not even sure posting about this will matter but yeah this is a bad move.
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